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When you buy comments for Instagram, you need to remember that you’re building your reputation and your credibility. They are very important to your account if you intend to grow your presence. Comments can breed more comments, which can breed followers, likes, and more views in the future. Responding to comments is your responsibility, and that shows that you’re a real person and not a fake account. Good Instagram comments can be fruitful to your Instagram Universe health. Comments help everything.

Coming to Terms with Comments

In other articles, we’ve touched on how likes help, how views do a bit for your account, and how videos get attention.

Comments are special. They require fierce attention to keep up with. If you don't keep up and get back to those who comment, then these peeps may stop watching for your posts. That can be either life or death. Don't take comments for granted. Something called comment management is a good thing to use, we'll get into that in another article, so stay tuned. You should already know how to buy Instagram comments, and if you don’t, please consult our video on the buy comments pages.

Working with FollowersPromotion.com, you can find ways of gaining an advantage with comments. Get custom IG comments and use them to engage with other followers at the same time.


Strategy for IG Comments


We’ve written about different ways and strategies on using what you buy from FollowersPromotion.com as well as some of the benefits, but comments should be in a separate category.

The value in posting attractive, compelling content goes unsaid. Results are shown within a few days by your active followers as to their likes. When your peeps make comments, that's a real reward because technically, it helps the algorithm matrix of Instagram locate and find those of interest to your post. However when you comment back, and make a clarification on your product, or add to the conversation, you're not only proving yourself a real person, but you're keeping up with some of the bigger brands on Instagram. There are large companies that keep up with every comment made and make sure that all comments are replied to. This puts them in what I will coin as the "comment algorithm bracket".  It's that part of the engagement that you can't do without if you're serious when it comes to working with Instagram. Social consciousness and responsiveness can't be stressed enough. Make a plan and follow it.

Even a Partial Strategy Helps Get Things Going

When you get real IG comments, then work with them. Being an integral part of your campaign of promotion in whatever you’re doing, they can prove to be invaluable. The comments you either buy or get from others is valuable enough to add a hashtag to when you can. So get back to those comments. If nothing else you can say a big “Thank You” to the comment.

Gain a Cult Following

Those who follow you religiously can be a good thing. It means they value your posts, as you should take into account their comments. Always encourage sharing, and commenting. Continue to engage those peeps on your page until it's time to take it to a new level. This is an inevitable concept if your followers are enthusiastic about what you have to say or sell. Some brands inside the Instagram Universe have a devout and loyal following. When that happens, you can use those comments on your website as a sort of feedback or testimonial.

Be Aware of the Stats

When there are 80 million posts per day, it's sad that only 15,000 or so posts get liked on an average. That's hard to hear but it's also exciting to know that there's room to grow for your business or brand. Get going and create original content that's so unique you get shared, liked, and commented on.

Remember that Image posts can get more attention. With more than 1 billion monthly active users, and more than 25 million business accounts working on the social platform, Instagram has projected 14 billion in revenue for 2021. This is something that you can't shake a stick at when it comes to profit.

Stay Motivated:

Catch the wave, and ride it.
Form strategies for your passion and create great content.
Have an exciting website and connect all your Instagram posts to an interlinked version of versatility.

This is one of the things that get you places on one of the largest crowd formats that have been created.

Have a great time in the Instagram Universe!



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