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Buy 200 Instagram Automatic Followers

Being that you’re looking at buying 200 Instagram automatic followers, you’re probably just beginning to see where you can go with the big IG world. Where you go, depends on what you want to do. Are you a marketer testing the waters? If you are, FollowersPromotion.com is one of the best sites to buy real automatic Instagram followers for a few different reasons.

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  • We have some cool monthly packages that don't quit. (it's so cool that our competition doesn't even do this. They're not so cool!) we'll sell you followers, likes, views, and comments with a full package to automatically fill within 30 days.
  • If you’re our member, we can split your likes, views, comments, along with putting them on both photos and videos if you order over 1,000 or more likes.
  • Making orders has not ever been easier. If you don’t know how to buy automatic IG followers, we have videos, and explanations to help. The process usually takes about 2 minutes to give or take a minute or two.
  • Followerspromotion.com will never ask you for your password or anything that would threaten your safety. We only need your email and user name for Instagram.
  • If you're an active member of FollowersPromotion.com, we offer lower prices regularly.
  • Our payment methods are as easy as our policies. You can pay by:
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    • And other variations
  • Our team is standing ready to help. We’ve got over 6 years of KNOW-HOW and specialize in many marketing and promotional methods with Instagram.
  • For extra advice and tricks to use Instagram, see our articles and blogs that give you special insights with the IG Universe.

That’s just the beginning, there’s more when you get inside the FollowersPromotion.com world.

About Your Account

You’ve bought your automatic followers on Instagram. Now, what do you do?

Here’s your homework assignment:


  1. Do you have a website?
    1. If you don't get a website you're losing 30% to 50% of your business.
    2. Set up your website and learn about SEO. This will help you find your way to the tops of the search engine pages.
    3. Link your website to Instagram:
      • Link your Instagram account to your website.
  2. Are you making posts on Instagram yet?
    1. How many posts are you making each day?
      • It is suggested to make 3 posts per day.
    2. How many videos are you posting each week?
      • It is suggested to post 3 videos per week.
    3. Do you know how to use hashtags?
      • Research hashtags to learn how to engage your new peeps.
    4. Do you know what the @ symbol is used for?
      • Find out the importance of using them and the best ways to do it. (It's interesting)
  3. Can I buy real automatic Instagram followers?
    1. Of course, you can, you're with one of the best places to buy automatic Instagram followers on the internet. (Just in case you didn’t know :) )
    2. What kind of goals do you have in working with your account?
      • I suggest you use a notebook and write some of these questions down and get to work.
    3. How many followers do you expect to have, or are looking to have?
      • The answer is easy - As many as possible real followers.
    4. How do you plan to keep track of your peeps?
  4. How long have you been on Instagram?
    1. Do you know anything about working with Instagram?
    2. Do you know anything about Instagram tools to help you?
    3. So you know any other entrepreneurs like yourself who work with Instagram?
      • It may be a great time to get involved with influencers who can help guide you a bit when your buying followers, viewers, and likes.
  5. Do you know how to utilize your new peeps to your best benefit?
    1. Do you know how to effectively engage your followers and viewers so that they interact with you?
    2. Have you taken a close look at heavy influencers and tried to figure out how they work on Instagram?
  6. What’s your “Angle of Attack”?
    1. (Angle of Attack), is known as a strategy that gives you an edge on working with Instagram or any other social media that you can use for your marketing.

These are some real questions you should be able to answer before you really do anything with Instagram. DON’T WORRY!

If you’re still reading, you have answers already!!!

Check out our other articles and blogs to see where you can use tools, peeps meaning followers, and viewers. We give you tips and tricks to help you navigate through the Great Instagram Universe!!!

Have FUN!