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Here's where the rubber meets the road (It's beginning to get serious). When you buy Instant IG comments, you're committing to something of an endeavor. Don't be afraid. We have a team that will help you along the way, finding all the best tools to keep you going and motivated.

What We Do

FollowersPromotion.com has a mission. We are dedicated to helping you find the best tools possible to keep your Instagram account moving on a good level. It's your job to use them to your best advantage, but we also give you tips through our blogs to do that as well.

Some Insider Knowledge About FollowersPromotion.com

In case you didn’t know, you can get cheap 200 Instagram comments from FollowersPromotion.com. We can target your market needs just as you use them. If your posts deal with feminism, you can buy female Instagram custom comments ready for you to engage with.

People always like to read something that makes them smile or laugh out loud. FollowersPromotion.com can offer funny comments for Instagram any time you’re ready to keep the flow of interaction going with a bit of finesse and style.

Certain people simply want something to read as they check their smartphones while they wait for a meeting or get ready for lunch. We offer nice comments on Instagram for more of your marketing needs. This keeps your peeps engaged with you and your work.

As you see, you can get comments on Instagram from us just a few clicks away. Don't worry about anything. We've got you covered. You'll soon see.


Our Team

When you buy random Instagram comments from FollowersPromotion.com, our team goes to work finding the best-fitted comments for your post indicated by you.  Our team has a more than 6-year experience record so you'll have an ACE team standing with you as you go through the Instagram Universe!

Who’s the Best?


There are several sites out on the internet that offer some of what we offer as well to our members, but they can't offer everything we can. That's just the bold truth. We have a set of experienced team members here in our support group that keep on pushing the limits in doing all they can so you can do all you can. We've got the idea that we're among the top best you'll find here. We've got the best prices and the best service.

24/7 and More!

When you buy Instagram comments from real users, that's exactly what you get. No fake add-on comments to your posts. All account users are real and genuine. There are no worries as to the "IF" factor and wondering if it's all real: It IS real. We’ll be here for you and your account on a 24/7/365 basis. When you have a problem, we can jump on it right away.

A Sweet Service Quirk

As dedicated as we are, we will take it a step further. At times in your campaign, your followers, views, or other things can drop off your account for any reason. We reserve the option to refill your account so you can keep moving, keep growing, and not worry about the fall off. (Other guys don’t do this)

Safety for Instagram Accounts and FollowersPromotion.com

As a dedicated partner in business, we will always guarantee your account safety. Your account is protected. However, you choose to buy from us. This is a guarantee from the top of the chain to the bottom. As said before, we're there for you. We don't ask for your password at any time. We only need your Instagram identification username and your email. We do the rest.


That's right, we do the splits! (well, not literally :) ).  One of the things our competitors are still trying to figure out is how we can split your likes, views, and comments with your videos and photos. If you order 1,000 or more likes, we'll make a point of helping you by splitting up your order to what suits you.


Ease of Ordering from FollowersPromotion.com

Buy cheap Instagram comments instantly. You'll find it's easy to order. We've created videos to help you get through the whole action. There won't be any problems.

For more information about buying Instagram comments and other tools, consult our blogs and articles. You can find little tricks to keep you motivated and working on your IG account.


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