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Instagram has climbed up the scales as a social media competitor over the last decade. The important use of likes, comments, and followers on this platform is very notable, and show results from presentations of products to conversions time and time again.

With 500 million active daily users on Instagram, there's no doubt why there are climbs in the amount of time people spend as well the social platform of the decade. The number of minutes has gone from an average of 29 minutes in 2020 to 53 minutes in 2021. The nearly doubled amount of time is the result of the sort of people logging into their accounts regularly. Over 4 billion posts per day are "Liked".

The demographic breakdown is simple:

  • Ages are from 18 to 35
  • 80% of the people on Instagram regularly are women.
  • The most users in a top 5 count down using Instagram are:
    • USA
    • Brazil
    • India
    • Indonesia
    • Russia
      • Female percentage = 52%
      • Male percentage = 48%
      • Targeted at 25-34-year-old individuals.

When you buy 5 Instagram comments with such a large user base, you're going to get the attention of your followers. If you view profiles every day, you may pick up more comments from organic accounts. Though all the peeps who would comment on your post are real as you buy them, some have a special interest. Those are the peeps that you need to focus on. Get Instagram comments and start your journey into the wonderful world of social media marketing!

If you get Instagram comments organically, it means you're touching or motivating someone in a way where it has become an emotional response. They have to react. It's an impulse. Instagram comments are important because they help the algorithm target your post. They can send your post or videos to other people who haven't even followed you. Then that's almost a view.

IG Comments

New comments help you to know that the algorithms are running around and doing the right job. It can tell you that you have possible peeps waiting to see what you have next if you have a brand awareness you'd like them to know. It would be what they should be seeing and commenting on. When you're marketing as an influencer, these things are exactly what your client needs to see. Your credibility will be proven through comments and likes. These things will give you a beginning advantage showing you're a real person on Instagram.

Fresh Prospects for Business and Conversions

Cute Instagram comments are something that people look for when you have pictures of puppies or kittens. They can be funny, or have a full-of-heart aspect of the words. The bottom line is that they're good comments.

Random Instagram comments can be anything related to your topic, or not related to the topic. They may be a long comment, or as short as a few words. The bottom line is that they still affect your audience and possible clients.

High-quality Instagram comments are the ones that hit where it counts. Normally they're from organic users who stumble on your post and put some real thoughts into their words.  

If the ultimate motivation and goal are to create a solid partnership or get to know new peeps, then you should feel good when you're reaching those folks. You're keeping them engaged, and in tune with what's happening in your world. This can draw attention to what you're selling if you are trying to unload the product at any time. Even if it's just used clothes, they may spend time looking and inquire about them.

When there's a new comment on your post, be sure to interact with that person, and invite them to follow you. Ask them what they liked on your post if you think you need more clarity, and comment back on their comment so they know you care about what they wrote. This is how you can gain more comments, and more views from other followers too. Some simply stumble on your post from the comments.


In Conclusion

If you comment on comments made or add a large description to a video you posted, or anything having to do with your posts and put up to 10 hashtags decisively created for special targeted areas or industries, then you're going to get the attention you're looking for. For more tips and tricks working with Instagram, stay with us. You can't go wrong with FollowersPromotion.com.


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