15 Ways to Get More Real Instagram Followers

Author: Instagram Specialist01 February 2020
15 Ways to Get More Real Instagram Followers

All of us, in some point of our social life, have wondered – why I don’t have as much followers as those popular influencers? Their content isn’t that much interesting, how did they get so many followers? What should I do in order to reach the same heights? Here, we will tell you the best tactics and strategies on how to get more followers on Instagram. There are lots of different ways to achieve this goal. We will tell you about 15 the most popular ways.

1. Share with the world:

First of all, you need to start with the basics – you need to publish photos and videos, which will be interesting and relatable to other people, who, if interested, will become your future followers. Usually, it’s nothing hard. You just need to create unique content and make sure that it is high-quality content.

2. Be active and post regularly:

All people check Instagram in order to have updates of blogs of people, who they follow. Thus, all of them are very eager to see new posts. Therefore, you need to show them that you are active and you have new content for them. Make 1-3 posts regularly and you will achieve what you are looking for.

3. Your bio is the first thing that people look at on your page:

Yes, bio is what people will look at on your page firstly. Make it short, yet funny and unique.

4. Your profile picture is the first thing people will look at:

Your profile picture is the most important thing on your page. People will decide if you are good for them by your profile picture firstly. So, make yourself a nice photo of yourself or create a unique logo.

5. Username is the second thing that people will check:

Do you know how to get more followers on Instagram? Simply, make your username short and smart and it is all you need to have. Just look at some most popular username and you will understand how to make your own.

15 Ways to Get More Real Instagram Followers

6. Timing is very important:

In most cases, a post that you make has a few hours, 4 at max, before it is fat down in the news feed of most users. In order to prevent this, you need to try and post at the time, when the most of your audience is active and has access to Instagram.

7. 2020 is the year of videos; use them in your blog. IGTV is your buddy:

All social media blogs tell us that video content is becoming the most popular type of content. You need to keep that in mind and make sure that you utilize it. IGTV is very underestimated by most of people on Instagram, yet it is the most profitable.

8. Do not underestimate Instagram stories:

Instagram stories are the most underestimated part of Instagram. All people on your page can check your short stories feed. If they find some interesting content there, they will surely want more of it and follow you.

9. Don’t forget about hashtags:

Discover for yourself, which are the top Instagram hashtags 2020 for your type of content and use them at free will. However, even though hashtags are a very useful asset when attracting new followers, you should be careful and not go overboard. People will find it horrible, if a person add tons of hashtags in the description and comments of a post. Better try to use a few of them, 5 at max, per post.

15 Ways to Get More Real Instagram Followers

10. Respond to people’s comments:

People like when you give them your attention. You need to have a constant contact with your followers via comments section on your posts. This will show other people that you care about your followers.

11. Host different contests:

Contests, such as ‘the most active followers of the week will get a free item’ or ‘the most creative comment under my last posts will get 10$’ will make people interested in your page.

12. Follow other people, but don’t overdo it:

Standard, yet the most effective way is to follow other people, people, who may be interested in your content. It will 100% make them check your account and will give you a small % that they will follow you back.

13. Use apps, which can help you to increase quality of your posts:

There are tons of apps, such as Snapseed, that can help you make your content more attractive. Just google apps for Instagram and you will find tons of them. Some of them will even bring a light on you on how to get more followers on Instagram 2020.

14. Connect your other social accounts:

You should connect your Facebook account with your Instagram. Twitter and other social medias will also bring you more traffic to your Instagram account. Thus, it is recommended to connect them.

15. Use free and paid promotions which will help you boost your following:

There are tons of services that offer you to get free Instagram followers or even buy followers. We recommend you to use FollowersPromotion.com, but you can choose any of them. But, be careful, as some of them will try to cheat on you.

15 Ways to Get More Real Instagram Followers

All in all, Instagram algorithm 2020 is changing drastically. However, the people on Instagram never change. You will always be able to find someone, who will be interested in your content. And if you follow our guide, you will get even more. Good luck!

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