6 Steps to Set up an Instagram Business Account

Author: Instagram Specialist31 May 2020
6 Steps to Set up an Instagram Business Account
  1. Register an Instagram business acc
  2. Activate business-profile from the private one
  3. Link Instagram to Facebook business page
  4. Opportunities of an IG account for business
  5. Promote publications of Insta business-acc
  6. Insight into free promotion tools

Instagram is quite popular among various social groups: we speak about socially active teenagers, who are looking for some interesting information and long-term friendship. Insta is also popular among various creative or famous people, who want to share their works and ideas and plans for the future.

Moreover, it has a special value for businessmen, who earn money by selling their goods from their pages. This social network is no longer a fashionable whim, but is just a necessity. This instrument is indispensable, especially now, when any user can register an account regardless of its age and computer skill. There are still some nuances that should be taken into account while getting yourself prepared for this responsible step. So, use this tutorial as for the working in the IG effectively.

The first nuance is the difference between standard and business accounts. It is one thing if you are looking for some friends, and it is quite another thing if you are going to put up for sale some hand-made stuff or other your services. So, let’s start.

1. Register an Instagram business acc

6 Steps to Set up an Instagram Business Account

There are steps to create an Instagram business account:

Login to your account

This could be easily done via your FB-profile in a few seconds.

Download an application

It is better to use such trusted sources like Google Market or the official developer’s web-site. By doing so, you will keep your gadget protected against any viruses, as well as get properly functioning program.

Sign up

Open your application and select a registration method. If you have earlier saved your FB login and password on your mobile device or PC, then you’ll be able automatically sign up via this social network. Otherwise, use email or cell-phone number.

Complete your personal area

Once you create an Instagram account for business, then choose an avatar or icon. Simply follow your own taste, but try to find the captions that would be aesthetically appealing and would demonstrate the main idea of the account.

2. Activate business-profile from the private one

6 Steps to Set up an Instagram Business Account

Upgrade your current user account

Switch your instagram account to a business mode. To do that you should go to your profile and find the special reference. Then you will see a small menu – read it and press “Continue”. After that select a category of an account.

Indicate you contact details and general data

Then you have to write down your contact data and general info. It’s better to add all contact details: email address and cell-phone digits. If the business you promote is a restaurant or a beauty salon, then apply geo location function. Press “Done” when everything is completed.

Complete your Instagram business profile

Typically, such pages do not contain personal images. Just add a logo and images of the products offered. And it is quite normal to add photographs of a service delivery process, as well as some personal pictures and posts related to the topic.


3. How to Link Instagram to Facebook business page

6 Steps to Set up an Instagram Business Account

Here are some steps to connect Facebook business page to Instagram:

Select a page

Go to your company’s account settings and press “select page”. You will have to enter your FB login and password, verify it press “select page” again. If your page is public and you are not its administrator – just select it from the results. If there is no page, then you need to create another one. To do that, press “create a new page”, come up with its name, define its category and press “Done” or “Finish”.

Name matching

Once again check whether the name of your Insta page matches the name of your FB account. If it doesn’t – then, edit one of your profiles.

If your account is not linked

This linking error is not about your carelessness. This is about some particular features of Facebook’s operation. The good news is that it is quite easy to fix it. Here are some ways to do it:

  1. You can switch between the type of account: business or a personal one. Do it one more time. Remember that all your messages and posts will be lost after this procedure.
  2. Cut off your acc’s Business Manager.

 This simple procedure is also available for all iPhone and Android users. By the way, the users of other operation systems can also use it.


4. Opportunities of an Instagram account for business

6 Steps to Set up an Instagram Business Account

It is not really enough to register and complete an acc if your aim is to create a successful business. To make your page fully equipped, you should set it up properly and know how to use all available tools.

Guidelines on how to check the statistics

Once you switched your profile to a business account Instagram mode or created a new one and made your first publication, you can use an online option of statistics viewing.

Statistics can be checked both for a separate publication and for all publications at once. To check the data of a separate post, you need to use “statistics checking” button located under a publication. You will see the data about this publication time and date, impressions, involvement and total reach. If for some reason, one of categories is not clear, just use “what does it mean?” guide and see some useful data.

To review general statistics, you should go to the top right-hand corner of your private profile. There you will see a button – click on it to get to the general statistics section for your profile. This section contains data about the number of impressions and views of your ig profile for the past week, as well as the total reach of all posts. General statistics also display the info on how many clicks have been done for your web-site’s link, how many calls have been made and how many messages have been sent. And if you indicated your address, then you will be able to monitor how many times it was viewed.

Top publication filter

It serves to show what publications attracted the greatest number of followers. Choose the post time filter, post type filter (photo-video) and post purpose filter. The latter implies the selection of publications under the following criteria:

  1. Impression
  2. Reach
  3. Involvement

Follower filter

This option shows the total amount of your page followers, as well as their gender and age in percentage terms, use men/women filter. This feature allows monitoring any target audience and regulating post topics.


5. Promote publications of Insta business-acc

6 Steps to Set up an Instagram Business Account

Login on your Instagram. There you’ll see “promote” button under each publication. After clicking this button, a target selection tab will appear. For example, you’ll be able to choose among such targets as “visit web-site”, “contact a company” or “visit an office”. Choose the appropriate option. To let customers, visit your web-site, copy its web address or indicate its landing page address.

TIP: before you start promoting posts, have another read of your text and headline its fundamental idea. It will give your readers a possibility to immediately see the relevant information and, if they find it interesting, they will definitely read the entire post and give some respond.

It is also important to remember that if you change your publication’s text, you must wait for 15-20 minutes and only then start its promotion. Otherwise, your advertisement may contain an old text version.

Speaking about your audience selection – you can leave it in an automatic mode or try to configure it on your own. To do that, you have to select places, interests, gender and age of your potential clients.

Then, select a period during which you want your post to be indicated in the advertisement and pay with your card for it.

This is a good alternative to a FB advertising cabinet. The only downside of the promotion in Instagram is a limited range of settings. For example, you cannot use a filter for all followers of your Facebook page.

What if “promotion” option is not available on your smartphone?

Here are the pros and cons that may hinder you from using this option:

  • No administrator rights to access an advertised page. Request access to solve this problem.
  • Debt. In this case you should enter your personal area and pay off a debt.
  • Facebook’s fails. Sometimes, this social network doesn’t work properly in conjunction with Instagram. If the problem still keeps appearing during a certain period of time, then try to switch to your private profile and back.
  • In case all other methods don’t help, you can use your personal computer instead of your smartphone or download Ads Manager Facebook application successfully. Its installation facilitates all procedures with the advertisement.

It is necessary to learn all advantages and disadvantages of the mobile promotion before start placing the ads.


6. Insight into free promotion tools

6 Steps to Set up an Instagram Business Account

If you have enough time and certain skills, you can promote insta account on your own. The following tools will help you do that:

  • Content selection. It should be interesting, catchy and varying.
  • Hashtag usage. These marks under a post can help users find your page.
  • Likes. The majority of users click the “like” option in return or at least head over to see your profile, which increases your views statistics.
  • Subscriptions and comments.

In addition, you can use the option of connecting other social networks. It will expand your targeted audience outreach.


However, the majority of people prefer to turn to professionals or to use special programs. This allows for time and resources savings, in order to pay more attention to other aspects of business.


What are the benefits of having an Insta business account?

Apart from an opportunity to expose goods and services in one of the most popular social networks, every owner of a business account gets the following benefits:

  • Advertisement quality control and its cost.
  • Absence of so-called “human mistake factor”.
  • Possibility to filter visitors and bring them up from FB.
  • Advertising timetable control.
  • No need to spend much time for set up and start up.
  • Possibility to perform self-examination of your visitors’ interests and to manage their activity.


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