Best Instagram BIO Ideas of 2019

Author: Instagram Specialist20 May 2020
Best Instagram BIO Ideas of 2019

The biography in Instagram is the first thing a user lays its eyes on when entering your profile. In other words, this is the description and the design of your page. You should fill up the description to give any user a possibility to get more information about you. This is particularly so for those, who use their Insta access for promotional purposes. In this case, the description should contain all information a user may require, including your contact details.

What content should the best IG biography include?

If you want your profile to create a good impression, then you have to follow these advices:

  • Be sure to indicate the name of your company. In the first case, you need to do this in order to promote your brand, and in the second case – to increase your own popularity. Nameless profiles arouse mistrust among users and differ from other ones for a small number of followers, even if such accounts offer some interesting content;
  • Write clever description and always watch your grammatical correctness. Bad grammar discourages followers and may destroy the image of your profile;
  • Try to do your best to make the description of your account look attractive. If you hold an authoritative post or have some interesting hobby, then go ahead and tell about this. Think on how to make your account presentable and dissimilar to other pages and at the same time;
  • Tell what makes your activity different from the activity of your competitors and what special events take place in your life;
  • Remember that the majority of users go to Insta just to have some fun. So, try not to make your biography too formal. Any service or product (even the most serious one) can be presented with fun and in a playful way;
  • Don’t forget to use key words when drawing up the description for your profile. This could be some words related to your line of business or to your way of life. These words will help users find your page using “People Search” option;
  • Do not clog your description with a large number of hashtags. It would be even better not to use them in your description at all, of course, unless you want to promote a certain unique hashtag. The point is that hashtags under posts is a quite effective instrument, but consequently they are not clickable in the description and, therefore, completely pointless;
  • Do not use your description from any other social network for your Insta-profile. Even if you have a page on Facebook, Twitter or any other online-platform, there is no need to copy information out of there. Instagram stands out among other social networks for its special culture. So, you better spend your time to study and analyze the description of profiles of popular bloggers or hyped-up online stores;
  • Do not create huge text boxes and make your description readable! You can use Instagram BIO ideas with emoji or split the large volume of text into two lines.
  • If you possess your own website, internet-store or any other resource that will be useful for your subscribers, then you may add its link to your description.
  • Aside from that, take care of the general style of your profile. Today it is a popular trend to decorate it in the same color scale. There are some proper filters to help you with it.

How should an ideal Instagram profile look like?

Best Instagram BIO Ideas of 2019

There are no clear Instagram BIO ideas for girls or Instagram BIO ideas for guys. So, you can use your imagination and try to be creative in order to do things on your own.

Well, BIO is the first impression any user gets when visiting your page and you definitely must try to do your best to present yourself in the right way in order to make it positive. At first glance it is very difficult to do that in few lines, especially if you are an all-round man having many different hobbies. Nevertheless, everything is possible! First of all, try to build up the description so that it gives the answer to three main questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What do I do?
  3. What useful and interesting information can users find in my profile?

If you create a page to promote some services or products, then we recommend tooling your description for a search.

There is step-by-step preparation to create cool Instagram BIO ideas:

Enter your username

It is pretty easy at first glance. But Instagram has a huge number of registered users and it is quite possible that the nickname you want is already used by somebody else. So you should come up with some unique nickname. There is only one thing you shouldn’t do: to apply such old concepts like using many capital letters, writing nicknames that contain digits instead of letters and indicating your birth year in the beginning or in the end of your nickname. Let’s do it a bit easier. If you use your profile to promote yourself or your own business, then it is better to indicate your line of business in the nickname. For instance, or john.translator. In this case, your nickname will not only help users understand the form of your occupation, but also will be displayed in the search results on these words in “People” category. If you create a nickname for a profile of some brand or company, then just use your own name in a suitable for Instagram format. In case you create a page as an entertainment public, then use some theme-based words in your nickname: cooking, chill, wildlife, etc. And one more thing – remember that accounts with such names like “car sale_London” irritate users;

Come up with the name of your profile

This text appears in boldface and, therefore, becomes more notable for users. The name of your profile must contain the name of your company, brand or your own first name and last name. Beyond that, you can use any symbols, emoji and put spaces when creating your profile’s name. The profile’s name is also engaged in the search results of Instagram;

Fill up the description

Now it starts getting more difficult and you must sum it up in 150 symbols. The description in your profile should carry out three following tasks: motivate, trigger emotions and call for actions. Ideally, users subscribe for your profile or scroll through your page and like your posts after reading the description. The most important thing is not to use hashtags in the description. They are totally irrelevant and have no impact on the search query;

Come up with your creed or some slogan for your company

This must be a short and catchy or funny phrase. Don’t forget about the right design, word spacing, text alignment and emoji.

Clever way to use stories when creating your BIO

Best Instagram BIO Ideas of 2019

On top of the aforementioned, you can also use pinned stories. They do not disappear after 24 hours and you can publish in them a lot of information about yourself, your page, your business and products or services you offer. For instance, many storefronts use such stories to publish their menus and price lists of services they provide. You can also post stories containing your answers to the most asked questions of your customers – this way you may save your time and clear the direct.

Moreover, the number of views your stories received directly affects your account’s rating and hence your chances to earn money on advertising of goods or services.

What does a user get from well-composed BIO?

  • It becomes easy to find you using hashtags and “People Search” option. And this means that new customers are forthcoming;
  • Well-composed description creates the right impression about you;
  • Users inclined to place more trust in beautifully designed and well-written descriptions. The logic is quite simple: if a man is serious about the design of its page, then it definitely uses the same serious approach to its business;

If your profile is designed in a right way, then it sparks interest among users and the number of Instagram likes and followers grows. This is extremely useful both for those users who sell products and services and for those users who operate their own blogs.

What if you don’t have cool Instagram BIO ideas?

Maybe you want to create new description or edit your existing one, but have no ideas in your head? Then we offer you five resources to draw inspiration from:


Take a look at some beautiful accounts of popular bloggers, painters and artists

You can also check the way Insta-girls and SMM specialists designed their accounts;


This is not about going to the Maldives or taking a tour around Europe. It is quite enough just to go to the countryside or visit your friends in the neighboring city. Such little trips not only help to get your brain reloaded, but also give a possibility to take a lot of new pictures;

Try to change your profile’s color scale and its design

You can easily do it by using special filters and photo backgrounds or by presence of same-color objects on them. On top of that, you can try to set various frames with the help of the following applications: Instafit, Diptic and Frame Swagg;

Do things you like

Unless it is not about the creation of your BIO in Instagram. Listen to some music, watch some movies or read some books. By the way, this may become a source of new quotations;

Remember that your profile should correspond to the direction you chose and inspire trust among users.

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