Get Verified on Instagram

Author: Instagram Specialist18 October 2021
Get Verified on Instagram

Get Verified on Instagram: How-To

Getting verified on Instagram is beneficial, and it's definitely not an easy task. The process can take weeks or months depending on how quickly you grind through all of the steps involved! But don't worry because we've got everything laid out for you here in this helpful guide so that you'll have yourself a blue checkmark in no time. 

Who Is Eligible To Get Verified On Instagram

Anyone with an active account can become verified and show off their latest updates in style! But getting this coveted badge takes some work-you'll need to ensure that your profile meets all community standards before even thinking of filling out the application though especially since it's not given out easily.

How Many Followers Do You Need To Become Verified?

Many assume or say that number to get verified on Instagram is 1 million or more, However, it honestly doesn't matter - as long as your account has engagement. Accounts with large followings can still be unverified and those who only have 100 followers might find themselves eligible and given a profile upgrade.

How To Get Verified On Instagram For Free In 3 Easy Steps

If you need to get verified on Instagram, it's not necessary to make any payments for approval. In fact, there are no fees and absolutely NO payments of any kind! It can be intimidating when an unknown person approaches asking if you want an easy way to upgrade or verify your account- but don't fall for the trap! Instead, follow our three-step procedure today.

  1. Meet Instagram’s TOS

You'll need to meet the TOS before submitting your account. The requirements include:

  • Make sure to upload at least one post. You'll also need a picture on your profile and a complete bio, which should be a minimum of 3 lines.
  • There can only be one account representing the business or person, so if you like to have multiple business accounts you'll need to reduce it down to one.
  • Your profile has to be a business or person meaning that you can't pretend to be Fergie or another popular person when trying to get an approval on your account.
  • It's important to have the profile you mainly use to stand out and be noticed or discussed in news sources so people will know your status, who you are, and seek you out on Instagram.
  1. Request Verification Through Your Instagram Profile

To request your account verification, simply open up the drop-down menu on your profile page and select "Settings." From there you can find a link labeled 'Request Verification" which will take you through an application process. You'll need to provide some information like usernames, full legal names (or nickname if preferred), category of accounts desired with details about them as well what type of ID is included in order for it be processed promptly!

  1. Wait To Be Approved

Now, you just wait for a notification! If accepted, you'll receive information to authenticate your profile and complete the process. You can also apply again after 30 days if denied in order regain access or modify any missing details like an email address

How to Get Verified on Instagram Trick and Tips

Do you recall the sensation of applying for something and discovering it doesn't work the first time? It's frustrating, right? This may happen for a plethora of reasons and could be something that you are or are not doing. To ensure getting verified from Instagram again with ease try these suggestions.

Build Popularity

Building on Instagram is all about having high levels of engagement and following. To get this coveted blue checkmark, your account must have some followers who engage with what they see from time-to-time through likes/comments or stories posts--not only does increasing follower count help but also shows that people are infatuated by what you have to say.

Upload on a Regular Basis

Instagram's algorithm is based off of three things: quality, consistency and frequency. If you want the chance at being verified again, you'll need to clear out some time for this task. You can't upload once a month, or someone else will probably take that slot. You don't have to upload every day, but you do need enough content that people will want to view and stay for a while.

Keep It Personal

Getting verified on Instagram can be an arduous process. Luckily, there are tricks to make it easier as well as faster! So if you need approval for the platform (which everyone wants), add a personal touch- make captions fit your personality instead of sounding like every other person or brand out there. This simple step can mean all the difference between getting accepted right away vs rejected later down line-- don't forget about those important details when securing yourself as authentic in these digital times. 

Use Popular Hashtags

Need to get your posts and videos noticed on the platform is to use relevant hashtags. Popular tags attract more followers, which will help you get the verification faster than before! Make sure not just use any old ones - make certain they are related specifically to what it seems like that interests or relates back towards said subject matter instead.

Earn News Coverage

Finally, getting media coverage can be a great tactic to get verified on Instagram. Whether you're being recognized for your business accomplishments or mentioned in breaking news because of how popular and reputable sources have seen what the account has been able to accomplish.

Use These Tips To Get The Verified Badge On Instagram

It's easy to finally get the verification you're looking for by following the right information, even though it might seem daunting. Ensure your account follows all of the rules you're consistently posting in order for it be successful! 

When you are ready, apply directly through Instagram. However, it's important to remember that your account can get denied for any reason so don't feel discouraged if on the first try of applying with no success! Persistence will help and putting effort into building up an awesome following may be helpful too; just make sure not use these platforms in spammy ways because they're strict about this type of marketing over there.

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