How to Add Music to Instagram Story

Author: Instagram Specialist20 May 2020
How to Add Music to Instagram Story

Except for post publishing, everyone can share occasions of his daily life in a special section of Instagram social utility – the Stories. When you enter the news feed you see a block of circles above – these are the stories of users or groups you are subscribed for. Stories are handy for they are always in the upper part, attract attention and remain in sight of users round the clock. After 24 hours have gone you it is possible to update them or move to highlights and they can be found later in the upper part of your page, the user will be able to look them through whenever he wants. At the same time posts get scrolled away and replaced by more lately records.

What are stories intended for? The developers of the new option consider it to be useful for information exchange in the daily life. It’s not necessary to upload cool high-quality pictures and think of an engaging text. Simply share some fine video shot on your way to work or while walking. Optionally you can even add music to story on Instagram to create a mini-video or turn a photo into something sort of a clip. In case you are the owner of a small business, you may advertise your production or tell about promotion sales in stories. So, how to add music to your instagram stories? Read on to see how it works.

How to Add Music to Instagram Story

The feature which allows adding music to stories has appeared in June 2018. Initially this function was available only in several countries, today it is accessible to users from at least 51 country. The only drawback is that you cannot upload your own track, that’s why users select music from a special audio library offered by social utility. All the music in the library is classified to several categories: popular, style and mood. In excuse of the limitation, it’s worth to mention that the album is quite diversified and contains a great number of popular tracks. It won’t be hard to choose perfectly fitting soundtrack so that video, photo slides or surveys in stories were pleasant to see and use.

10 simple steps to attach music to stories:

How to Add Music to Instagram Story

  1. Launch the app on a cell phone or another gadget equipped with a digital camera.
  2. Proceed to the section where stories are published.
  3. Select Music pictogram from the list of offered formats of creating stories.
  4. Wait until the list of all available audio records appears on the display.
  5. Sort the music by such criteria as popularity, style or mood.
  6. Listen to the offered and pick up the necessary track.
  7. Specify the method of music playback. You can make it a background for an image or crop the track and use the defined part for stories.
  8. Start writing down the Stories.
  9. If you wish the users to recognize track name and artist, attach special sticker to a picture or video.
  10. Publish the complete Story.

By the way there is a small trick to increase users’ activity – simply ask users in stories what track is on the background. In case the melody is popular you stand a chance to collect many comments.

This is the most simple and convenient way. However, how to add music to instagram story in the case where such function is unavailable in your country or the icon does not work? Proceed with reading to learn more about this!

How to attach music to stories on iPhone without an icon?

How to Add Music to Instagram Story

You can still do this by following a simple algorithm:

  1. Open the smart phone application which you usually use to playback music, for example iTunes, and choose your favorite song. Turn on playback and pause it at the necessary moment.
  2. Log in to your social media account.
  3. Tap to use camera.
  4. After the camera is turned on switch to “Control center” section and proceed to “Music” section.
  5. Turn on the selected track.
  6. Shoot the video clip with the playing track on the background.

After the record is ready you can edit it, apply filters, attach text and publish on social media.

Alternative options to add music to stories

How to Add Music to Instagram Story

It might happen that “Music” icon does not function in the official application or is even absent at all. In this case you can add soundtrack by means of video editors and other special third-party applications.

  1. StoryBeat
    You can download it either from App Store for iOS devices owners or in Google Play for the owners of smart phones based on Android operating system. The application allows adding small effects and music to videos and photos. Also, it is possible to create music slideshow, make voice overlay on stories or make a slow-motion video. StoryBeat has Spotify library inside.
  2. InShot
    InShot application lets Instagram add music to story from the gadget’s gallery, and as well it can crop unwanted frames and reduce noise. Also, the program adds funny stickers, text and even lets you compose a small video out of several clips. The only drawback is that soundtrack choice is limited by gadget library. Also, InShot is available to the owners of iPhone and Android in App Store and Google Play respectively.
  3. PicMusic
    Some of the main advantages of this application are the opportunity to easily cut and process video, add audio tracks from device library and make a text or voice overlay on the ready record. However, availability only in AppStore is a drawback.
  4. VivaVideo
    Extremely useful application ready to work with camera, as well as with current video files. Once you record the video clip you can directly edit it, apply filters, add some effect and soundtrack.

It’s also possible to attach soundtrack to social media stories with the help of graphics editor like After Effects or by means of screen capture.

Music adding with the help of AfterEffects has plenty of benefits. This simple yet extremely useful application gives an opportunity to create animated story and pick up soundtrack that fits it. It is done in the following way: firstly, you edit visual components and afterwards sound track is applied to it. Prepared material can be published in stories as a simple video clip or a photo. In such a way many bloggers and famous artists present their new works.

To apply soundtrack to stories by means of screen capturing you have to do the following:

  1. Go to the recording. If you have an iPhone, go to Settings, proceed to “Control Center”, go to “Customize Controls” and select “Screen recording”. The algorithm varies for the owners of devices based on android operating system and the location of necessary features activation depends on the phone manufacturer.
  2. Edit the photo or video record you have shot or prepared. You have to select such parameters as aspect ratio, resolution and length (for video). In 2018 ig social media cancelled former limitations for the parameters of published photos and videos. So, today, if a picture or footage have less size than the optimum for the application, Insta will automatically align it and add margins.
  3. When you finish video record processing, publish it in stories or use the function of pending stories. You can realize this with SMMplanner application.

As you can see, a story music scoring is not a complicated issue for any operating system. In case you have the working icon in insta, simply use library, if not – record the screen or use special applications.

Finally, don’t forget to keep high content quality apart from filters and processing if you want your stories to remain popular and the users to like them. A correct choice of the soundtrack is half the battle. The rest 50% depend exclusively on originality of the idea, quality of the shot video and its post-processing.

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