How to find Instagram influencers

Author: Instagram Specialist15 June 2020
How to find Instagram influencers

Partnership with Instagram users who has immense viewership, targeted type of people, to promote your message, marks, merchandises or services is what Instagram influencer merchandising is after. Influencer marketing can assist you to attain a big targeted public in order to attract and convert it to buy your production, whatever business you are, whether nonprofit or business-to-business, or business-to-consumer, or service company. Top Instagram influencers can bring hundreds and thousands of fresh customers to your business. It is important to contemplate the possibility of using them as a part of your marketing strategy.

Why do you need them?

How to find Instagram influencers

It is well-known that despite Instagram being a platform for sharing photos and videos with friends and family or everyone on the Internet, Instagram became great area for social media influencers. Actually, it beats all other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter in influencer marketing and is thought to be the highest-performing platform for them. With an average 3.21 involvement rate (1.5% on other social platforms), Instagram is surely at the top.

Moreover, one of the latest studies discovered that influencers Instagram in the U.S. earned beyond a billion dollars in 2018. And in 2019 it is predicted to be over 2 billions of dollars.

Instagram with its more then billion monthly users puts the traditional market on a far below level. In doing so, it introduces you to a new group of people through a more trustworthy source – your influencer partner.

How to find Influencers?

How to find Instagram influencers

It is sometimes pretty hard to find the suitable influencer for your brand, as it is very important not to be deceived by fake influencers. advices you these simple rules of finding the appropriate Instagram influencer:

  • You need to revise all your posts and check the hashtags you used for your posts, as you can find there the influencers associated with your targeted audience. If you discover someone interesting for your project, you can always contact them and discuss the working process.
  • In order to find Instagram influencers you can search popular hashtag or hashtags related to your merchandise. There you will find lots of top Instagram influencers, whose activity matches your activity, that you could cooperate with. Be aware of common people with huge following, who might be just a usual Instagrammer.
  • Of course, check your business rivals. Compare your Instagram accounts and look for any influencers if there are some. You can try to bring them on your side by proposing better contract than they have. This way you will both find yourself a partner and weaken your business enemies.

How to use Instagram influencers

How to find Instagram influencers

The truth is that people trust in what other people say. That is the reason why social media influencers are such an effective and influential marketers.

Before you will be able to attract people to your brand, you have to attract some influencers to it, as only they will be able to attract people to you. You can’t do that instantly, you need to show those who you think of an ideal variant as your product promoter, that your product is something that will actually have an interest. Not all best Instagram influencers accept to work with brands that have no future. You need to convince them that they will have profit from working with you.

Nowadays, the customers are absolutely different in comparison to the old times. For them everything that is said on the TV or radio, written on streets or in newspapers is no longer a proof of the truth about something they want or need to purchase. They do, however, listen to what other people have to say. It all indicates that inbound marketing is rising and outbound marketing is falling. It all only strengthens the necessity to know how to find Instagram influencers.

By recommending your brands to their following, influencers become an out-of-company extension of your marketing department.

How to introduce yourself to influencers?

How to find Instagram influencers

In our experience, the best method how to contact Instagram influencers is through a personal introduction. If an introduction is impossible, the next best method is direct email messaging and then social media direct messages. You are trying to build a real relationship, so face-to-face meetings, either in real life or through video conferencing, can be incredibly useful to build that rapport. Always follow up and stay organized.

What are Instagram influencers paid with?

This often depends on the product and campaign. It is becoming standard to offer complimentary products or experiences. For instance, in one of our most highly successful campaigns, influencers are offered a free of charge cruise in exchange for a certain amount of bookings. Another method is results-based compensation where the influencer is given commission on any sales generated through their efforts. A flat retainer, where you pay the influencer a monthly fee starting as low as $200, is an effective way to create a paid ambassador relationship.

Remember, the crucial part of building your influencer program is not to be hasty. Start small, and grow with your influencers Instagram. As the influencer further grows their following and networks with other like-minded influencers, introductions will naturally occur. As long as you are nurturing the relationships and providing a good experience to the influencers, growth is inevitable.

Choose your influencer

How to find Instagram influencers

If you know how to use Instagram influencers and you have already decided that it is what your brand lacks, then be prepared that in order to get a profit, you need to spend some money. Biggest Instagram influencers require lots of funds if you want them to push your products.

If you are not able to give away a lot of money, but can spend a little, then the best Instagram influencers for you will be influencers with a small following base, around 1000-10000 followers with, of course, interaction on the posts, because plenty of micro influencers use bot followers, which don’t actually are active.

When you find Instagram influencer that is appropriative for your marketing game plan and you are sure that his or her following is real and the content is always checked by people, you should check how they work. You can look at their previous posts, which include some product promotion and check how followers react on it. Also check the way the influencer is promoting the product. It should be creative and interesting, so that people were more likely to check the product. This will help to tell you whether they would be a good fit for your company or not.

After you are ensured that everything is satisfying you, make a contact. Small influencers will directly communicate with you, because, most likely, they manage their account by themselves. You can contact them via email, which is mentioned on their profile or send them a direct message on Instagram. The biggest Instagram influencers have their own website and their own employees through which you can negotiate about the contract and the work. All needed information usually is written in the bio on Instagram.

The main advice for you is to understand that you have partnership with influencers and you need to trust them and believe in the way they work, as they do know their own audience and how it reacts on their posts. Let them show you what they’ve got.

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