How to get a million followers on Instagram

Author: Instagram Specialist28 December 2020
How to get a million followers on Instagram

Even if your Instagram posts look like a masterpiece, there still remains the risk that they will not be noticed neither here nor there. Every day and night hundreds of millions of users visit Instagram. The only thing is that they see the publications of only those who they are subscribed for. Therefore, even in case you have made up a super high-quality content, with a low number of subscribers it will not reach the TOP and it will be seen by a very little circle of people.

That is the reason why bloggers, online shops and other active users come up to followers boosting. The more subscribers they have, the more likes, views and comments they get and consequently, the popularity gets far higher. That’s why many ambitious users had thoughts about how to get 1 million followers on instagram. Now, in this article we will tell you how to reach this magic dream.

How to get a million followers on Instagram

Instagram social media platform appeared in 2010 in a known application shop App Store. By December that very year the number of registered users made up a bit more than one million, and by the summer of 2011 the number grew up to five millions. The social networking service torrentially gained traction, so at the point of 2013’s beginning the number of registered users rose over 100 millions. And finally, in January 2019 the head of Facebook media platform Mark Zuckerberg who bought over Instagram declared in mass media that about 500 million users scroll through Instagram Stories daily.

Initially Instagram was intended as social networking service where people from all over the world can communicate, add each other to friends and share scenic photographs. Today it is a powerful social resource for promotion of business and receiving a substantial income.

Why do you need million followers?

How to get a million followers on Instagram

At first sight, 1 million followers on Instagram can be useful to only inflate one’s sense of self-importance. However, the things are really different. Please find hereby several reasons why followers boost is worth this:

1. Account popularization

Apart from ego boost, account popularization enhances the targeted audience outreach, which is extremely useful for public persons and e-commerce websites. The more people have seen the account, the bigger is the chance to capture new highly active followers. Furtherly, famous accounts reach the TOP where they get seen not only by the friends-of-the-friends but also by other subscribers from the worldwide. Except for this, Instagram is able to promote them to recommendations. In such a way the content becomes popular and the page owner increases the recognition and confidence ratio on the social platform.

2. Contest win

In some contests held in social media networks the winner is defined dependently on the number of followers, likes or comments under the publication. Therefore, to win a valuable prize some of us fall back on boost services.

3. Opportunity to make money

The owners of profiles with many followers and high activity on the page can often see incoming commercial offers from storefronts, clothing brands, beauty-industry masters or simply e-commerce websites. A user is offered to promote goods or services in exchange for money or free production. Multiple famous users have made this their main income source and make substantial money on advertising. The only disadvantage of such activity is that you might harass the followers with too much advertising and they will unfollow you, decreasing account popularity.

As for the prices for Instagram advertising, everything depends on the place it is located. A blogger can post an advert in publication as a recommendation, shot an interesting video clip or simply publish in Stories. As a rule, the price depends on the number of followers and likes under publications. The more likes – the higher price reaches.

Also, it’s worth bearing in mind that while a couple of years ago a blogger with an audience of 1000 followers was considered successful, today you must have at least five thousand to get just been noticed. So, the number of one million followers on instagram doesn’t look like something fantastic and unreachable.

In up-to-date Insta, popular users are divided according to the number of followers. Those who have less than 100 thousand subscribers are so called microbloggers. At the same time, those who have reached over 100 thousand followers are treated as quite popular bloggers. Well-known brands and companies deal with popular bloggers, while microbloggers have mostly startups as partners.

How to boost followers?

How to get a million followers on Instagram

When we found out what benefits a user can receive from a great number of followers, let us speak about how to get 1m followers on instagram.

Once you create an account in Instagram social media platform, you search for friends and subscribe for them. Later, with the course of account daily usage, you get followed by other acquaintances, friends-of-the-friends and online shops or beauty industry masters from nearby your location. However, with a small number of followers the growth of subscribers’ number will pass very slowly or even stop at all. Popular accounts sustainably grow more than 5 useful and active followers a day. To reach such result, firstly you have to improve the popularity of your page, to add as many followers as you can.

Ways to get 1 million followers on instagram:

1. Boost with bots

This is the most affordable and swift method. However, here the list of its advantages ends up. Bot boost does nothing more than increasing the number of followers, adding inactive profiles or pages. As a consequence, despite the fact that the number of your followers has substantially grown, users’ activity on your page still remains on the same grade. Think of this: a profile of over 5 thousand followers and only 30-40 likes under each publication does not look respectably for other users or advertisers. Additionally, you have to keep in mind that Instagram in permanently developing and even today there exist multiple limitations on the number and quality of added users. Moreover, the network has already started the algorithm which allows analyzing activity on the page and disabling the accounts with numerous “lazy” users to reach the TOP.

2. Add new users manually

By virtue of this method one can thoroughly pick up the audience and involve those people who will be sincerely interested in your page. As a consequence, you will receive interested and highly active followers. Yet, this method has quite a number of disadvantages. First of all, it takes enormously much time. Just have a look on this: you will have to search for new users manually, send them requests and wait for their mutual subscription. Except for this, Instagram provides limitation for the number of subscriptions during a certain period of time. In case you substantially overcome the limit, your page will be blocked.

3. Work hard for high-quality content

Even if you are the owner of a super famous page, you still have to watch out for publications quality. Upload fine high-quality photos, think of original or up-to-date captions. A great number of users have become famous and received a large number of followers simply because of eye-filling appearance of the page of lifestyle kind.

4. Use high frequency hashtags

Hashtags do more than just perform the role of a marker, defining the subject of a publication. It is a convenient search instrument also. Instagram users commonly find the post they are interested in with the help of hashtags. So, if you place a #cat tag under the post about your morning run, this record will be seen and maybe even liked by cat lovers who are not subscribed for your page. Yet, keep in mind not to use too many hashtags at once. It looks awkward and repels users.

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Advantages of FollowersPromotion boost

How to get a million followers on Instagram

Today there are plenty of services which offer Instagram followers boost. So, what are we different for, comparing to them, and why FollowersPromotion is the one who’s worth you choice?
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3. Quickness

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4. Effectiveness

After you buy followers boost service from our website and we add the needed quantity of them in short time, you will notice the evident organic growth of the page popularity. It appears in recommendations and many users enter your profile for a pure interest. In such a way, even after the service been provided, its affect is considerable for quite a long time. Moreover, the added users do not disappear and turn into blank pages afterwards.

5. Confidentiality

You have no need to provide the password from your page to us, to pass through a lengthy registration procedure or to disclose any confidential data. Additionally, after the service is provided, your personal data will not be recorded in anything like customer’s lists, and nothing in page’s appearance will seem suspicious for any boost being performed artificially.

6. Moneyback guarantee

We care about our reputation and the quality of provided service. That’s why in case a customer does not receive the ordered service or received it not fully within round-the-clock time, we will pay back your expenses.

7. Test trial free of charge

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How to make the first step to receive a million followers with FollowersPromotion?

How to get a million followers on Instagram

First of all, decide whether the boost will pass fast or gradually. The latter option looks more organic and does not call for suspicion from other social platform users. Then please choose a sufficient bundle of followers and place the order. To do this, you will have to pass the following steps:

  • tell us your online login so that we can find the necessary page;
  • tell us your email so that we can be in touch with you while the service is performed;
  • pay with any payment method sufficient for you.

That’s all! All you need is to wait for the result and watch how quickly the quantity of your page’s followers increases.

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