How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Author: Instagram Specialist20 May 2020
How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Today Instagram business account is likely to become the most efficient channels to promote your brand. Correct account development gifts you with opportunity to pick up loyal audience which will enhance together with your business growth.

Your purpose is not just drive up more IG followers but to attract people who will be active, visit your page and interact with the brand. In this article we give you some steps and hacks which can help you realize this.

TIPS to get more followers on instagram instantly:

1. Use strategy

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Actually, all social media which are not private accounts use strategies. Absence of a plan means absence of efficiency and resources loss. To enhance the audience and create brand fans, a well-developed strategy is essential.

How to create strategy:

  • Define the targets: brand recognition improvement, sales rate increase, engaging website incoming traffic etc.
  • Learn who your audience is: what is its average age, where these people mostly live, what are the ways and time they use Instagram, what are their wishes, what issues they face.
  • Depending on the audience, decide what you want to say to these people. Perhaps, it is a good idea to show some backstage to them, for instance – how you create your clothing, assemble cars or cell phones. You may show the ways your employees and clients live, image their lifestyle.
  • Think through aesthetics. Your Instagram account should have its identity: visual effects, filters – all of these have to be single and unique, so that people recognize your publication at once they see it.

Tip: you can buy IG followers to receive a lot of followers instantly but you still need to hold the audience. So, follow some recommendations from the tips hereunder.

2. Download fascinating content

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

A good content for promotion is not that you are interested in but what your followers are. High-quality content in Instagram makes a follower get active: put likes, leave comments and share publications on their pages.

This is why you need your target audience description which you have defined in your strategy. Each your post should be interesting, be fun or inform people on something. Pictures should be not only of fine quality but also persuasive and the captions to them should attract attention.

3. Advertise you IG account

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

To gain more followers in Instagram, your account must be easy to find. It means that you shall make your profile as noticeable and accessible as possible.

In case you own accounts in other social media, inform that audience that since now you are also available on Instagram: share a hyperlink with your subscribers, highlight some cool publications in other social media. Additionally, you can improve the effect if you purchase advertising from famous pages connected with your brand. This will help to boost the amount of people quickly.

Apart from that, you can share the hyperlinks to your Instagram account by means of other messages, including offline. Make sure that the link to your Instagram is present on your website, in your default email caption and newsletters. In case you have business cards, add the profile’s link on them either. It will also work on goods package and shop fronts.

It is also a good idea to insert a hyperlink to your page in blog publications. If people search for your blog via search engines in browser, they will also be able to learn about your profile in Instagram.

4. Put relevant hashtags

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

A relevant hashtag helps people searching for content related to your business discover your message in an easy and fast way.

How to get more Instagram followers with the help of well picked hashtags:

  • Use Instagram search service to find hashtags which are popular and connected with your services, goods or activities. Then keep an eye on the content with this caption in IG.
  • Create your own motivating hashtag encouraging your followers to share photos related to your brand.
  • Do not leave tons of hashtags: it distracts attention and makes you looking desperate, except for this it is often treated by the audience as spam.
  • Do not cheat with hashtags sort of #tagsforlikes or #followme. It will work for a short time and in an undesired way for your company: such attitude will capture spammers and plenty of people who are used to mutual likes. It does not lead you creating active audience which is loyal to your brand.

5. Don’t forget to set geolocation

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

In case your company has physical location, always leave geotags and recommend your customers do the same. With the help of this tool all the photos shot in your office, cafe or shop would be available to the users who click the tag.

Geotags can also be used as PR exercise. For instance, suggest your followers check-in at your shop or restaurant for a discount or a free drink: in such a way more people will hear about your company.

Don’t forget to set location if you hold a seminar or are a participant of an exhibition or conference related to your business area.

6. Subscribe for other users

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

These can be companies as well as private persons whose feed reflects their interest to goods and services similar to those of your company. When you subscribe for somebody, the user usually checks this channel through and in case the content has a connection with his interests he is very likely to subscribe in return.

7. Publish content on a regular basis

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

To build up an Instagram account it is essential to both capture new followers and keep the current ones. Your followers are awaiting content from you: satisfy their expectations but don’t be patternless. Content should be posted with a constant frequency, for example – 1 publication a day or 2-3 posts a week. Publication frequency depends on your resources and audience.

Regular publication of interesting content keeps your account alive. One might as well say that this is the best way to get more Instagram followers: your followers comment publications and click likes and their followers see this either. All this leads to audience enhancement.

8. Publish posts at the appropriate time

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Monitor, when your audience uses the app most actively and publish posts at this time: in such a way you get a maximum feedback from your followers. Create a schedule of posts publication to manage preparing and uploading content on the profile page in time. You can place everything manually or buy some service for auto publishing.

9. Use relevant Instagram filters

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Apart from hashtags as the keywords, you can use photo filters which Instagram users like. There are some investigations on the web, held by various companies, which define several most popular filters. However, the thing is not what all Instagram users like most but what photo filters your audience prefers. It is possible to find out what’s the best for your subscribers by way of trial only. You can analyze your audience treatment of different filters by means of dedicated Instagram tools. A personal investigation requires some time but it’s worth the time spent.

10. Create persuasive captions

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Although Instagram is a visual platform, photography captions play an important role here: they help to improve involvement.

Ways to choose an IG caption:

  • Put ahead the most important words: in the users’ feed captions get cropped after several lines.
  • Conduct a survey: it will give your audience a chance to comment photos and let you make the account visible for a greater quantity of application users.
  • Use smileys: they help to capture Instagram users’ attention and fit almost all account kinds. Yet, do not overuse them: an enormous number of smileys looks bulky and distracts users from the core of publication. Emoji should fit caption text organically.
  • Play around with caption length. Instagram gives an opportunity to write captions of substantial volume so you can publish small stories with details if your publication requires this. In case the visual effect is the main emphasis and the photo is self-explanatory, the best choice is an ultra-short caption.

11. Take care about profile and biography

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

A meaningful profile is a basis necessary for your audience growth as far as no one would like to subscribe for an unattractive or entangled profile.

What an IG profile includes:

  • Your name: as far as you can input up to 30 symbols, you can also write down a keyword so that it would be easier to find your account. At the same time, make the username same as on other social media and channels so that your subscribers don’t get entangled and can easily find you.
  • Your website: except for paid publications, it is the only place in your profile where you can put a clickable hyperlink.
  • Biography: lets you show what your brand is good at.

12. Tag other users on your channel

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

If there are other Instagram users on the photo you have published, tag them with the help of @-reference or a conventional tag. They will receive a notification on this. Such attitude may introduce people to participate in the publication: to share the photo with their followers. You can also suggest your followers mark their friends in comments. For instance, “Tag a friend who adores coffee”. Be sure that it is a safe method: users will not consider it intrusive.

One more way to induce people to tagging friends in comments is encouragement with a reward. For example, you can offer some prize to compete for. It allows you gain Instagram followers more quickly.

13. Hold contests

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Contests conduction can not only enhance the audience but also engage traffic to your website. Apart from that, this can help stimulate sales. Ask people to subscribe for your channel so that they could take part in a contest or ask them to leave a comment, share a publication on their pages or to click a like button. This method works for both large and small companies.

14. Publish Instagram Stories and live videos

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

According to the data provided by Instagram, one in five stories lead to a direct message. Furthermore, companies’ stories compose one third of the most viewed materials. The popularity of this tool is explained by the fact that people have got tired from intrusive, mannered and artificial advertisement and the stories look naturally.

Surely, stories should fit the overall style of the profile. Channel aesthetic must be worked out at the strategy build stage already.

Bear in mind that stories are available on Instagram for only 24 hours so the content of such kind should be really fascinating.

One can upgrade Instagram channel with the help of videos snapped in real time. Nowadays such trend has gained much traction in social media. Live video can be published to inform on conferences, public events, workshop sessions, promotional events in a shop, restaurant or a club.

Such videos are published as your channel stories. It means that when the video ends you can either delete it or leave for 24 hours. Don’t worry for your followers leave a live stream aside: they will receive notifications when you are on air.

If you want to involve as many followers to live video stream as possible, publish a post where you define the date and time of its start in advance. For greater show you can attach a countdown to a photo. By the way, such countdown is useful when you invite people to events.

15. Be friends with other communities

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

As well as with other social media, interaction with other communities related to your business area is an excellent way to enhance the outreach of your audience.

However, you have to find these communities first. A method called social audition can help here: you can find discussions connected with your area or directly with a brand.

Your next object is to define influential users and start interaction with them: Subscribe for these accounts, click likes and share their channels’ content on your page. As a rule, you will be rewarded back if they like your publications. Apart from influential persons, you can also trace relevant keywords, geolocation tags and hashtags.

16. Use Instagram advertisement

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Advertisement purchase in Instagram is an excellent way to attract new followers. It is oriented to demonstrate the content of your channel to those people who would not see it otherwise. Set relevant identification points: geographic location, age, behavioral features and interests of your target audience. Advertisement can be placed not only in Instagram news feed but also in Stories, as well as to make small advertising posts in other communities related to your business activity or your target audience interests.

17. Use Instagram analytics

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram analytics is an essential part of promotion. The tools for account analytics grant you with more than an opportunity to observe information about display rates for each post you publish. By means of analytic tools you can monitor involvement, outreach, see the most popular publications, to mention but a few.

Except for this, Instagram analytics tools help you understand you audience better: you can see information about gender, age and geolocation of your ffollowers.

If you keep an eye on this information and check it on a regular basis, you can timely tune up your promotion strategy and capture more followers, and also make your audience more active.

One can use free applications offered by Instagram service to increase the quantity of followers and feel his audience better.

Free applications for Instagram:

  • Followers for Instagram
    Can show accounts who unsubscribed from you or similar to yours accounts. The application allows you define what content your target audience likes. And when you see who has unsubscribed from your channel you can ask questions to these people for the reason of unsubscription and rectify your strategy.
  • Crowdfire
    Is useful if you want to improve the involvement level and capture live followers. This application defines who of your followers are spam accounts or simply inactive. Additionally, the service helps you find new subscribers and notifies you on unsubscriptions.
  • Get Followers & Get Likes
    A free service whose object is to increase the number of followers and likes. It gives information about hashtags and followers which is useful in target audience analysis.
  • Instagram Tracker
    Is useful to monitor accounts with massive audience: the app delivers analytic data which lets you learn the ways your followers interact with your channel.

So, you have learnt some working methods which help to receive and hold followers on Instagram. Business account promotion is not a quick thing but good beginning is half the battle. Once you receive first 10 thousand followers you will have to simply keep it going: their quantity grows organically. The main things to keep in mind are – don’t forget to monitor the interests of your audience and don’t leave people bored, and finally your Instagram channel will become an excellent tool for your business promotion.

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