How to Monetize Instagram Account

Author: Instagram Specialist20 May 2020
How to Monetize Instagram Account

Up-to-date technologies give an opportunity to get income from almost anything and make money from thin air. Such trend did not leave aside a popular social media network Instagram. Initially this web resource was intended for communication and photos interchange. However, with the course of time its popularity grew swiftly, so nowadays Instagram can be used as a powerful marketing tool, as well as for account monetizing, otherwise saying – to make your page bring substantial profit. You can learn how to monetize Instagram and earn money by simply keeping your page from this article.

How does it work?

How to Monetize Instagram Account

As it was already said, Instagram gives you an opportunity to earn a lot of money even in the comfort of your home. To monetize your Instagram you should be creative, have a good sense of style and be able to work with photo and video sequence editors.

After your account reaches over one thousand followers you will become an object of interest for potential advertising.

Partnership with a certain brand or company looks like following:

  • you receive a free of charge product or get an offer to try on a service so that you leave a positive feedback;
  • you are invited to visit a premiere of a press conference so that you would write your opinion or something about your event experience;
  • you are offered customer’s gold card or a substantial discount for goods or service in change for a positive feedback;
  • you are offered financial reward for positive reviews or feedback.

The price of advertising depends on how many active followers you have and how popular advertised brand is.

What are the ways of Instagram account monetization?

How to Monetize Instagram Account

There are several options how to monetize Instagram account:

1. Sell the existing account

This practice is rather widely used in the USA. If you are the owner of a hyped-up e-commerce page you can sell it for a large sum.

2. Start blogging

In case your activity will be successful you will be able to receive income for advertising in your publications. Salary depends on how many followers you have and how many likes a single post collects in average. If you are a newbie with a small number of followers, dispose yourself for the fact that at the start you will be offered to make an advertisement in exchange for a product or for discount for service order. As a rule, beginner bloggers deal with young unknown brands which cannot afford substantial expenses for advertising. Alternatively, you can search for new advertisers by means of broker’s board or in direct contact. The main obstacle in blog keeping is that it is really hard to find your personal style of the page which would attract users, catch eyes with originality and distinguish a newbie from among the hundreds of thousands of currently popular bloggers.

3. Start a theme-based page

You don’t need to have the talent to work with crowd, capture insta stories or vines or deeply know Instagram monetization strategy. Direction and topic of the page can be pretty any. You are free to shot dishes photos and write recipes under the publications, upload fascinating photos from your journeys, city sceneries, handmade stuff or selfies with animals. There is a vast variety of ideas to keep a blog about, just find something you are really fond of devote your time to it. The advantage of such project is that it is quite easy to hype it up. Users can subscribe for you for the reason they are interested in the topic or simply wish to see fine pictures in their feed. The essential moment here is, if you have created an entertaining page, don’t copy the content from other social media. Those very memes from VK are not the kind of format for Instagram.

4. Create the page as an online shop or a service catalog

In this case you will be able not only to promote your own business, production or services but simultaneously get income from advertising. After some time, you can sell the popular page which has lost part of its individuality to a similar web shop dealing with related products for a substantial sum. A notable disadvantage of such action is that you are about to do a lengthy painstaking work on capturing the audience and creating interesting and high-quality content.

5. Partnership marketing

It is the least profitable way of making money on Instagram social media but at the same time it is the simplest one. Its core is in the following: for a small reward you put likes, write comments, watch videos or subscribe for a definite page. Despite on the fact that it is the most uncomplicated way to make money, you will still have to care about page’s content filling. In case it is blank or looks like a bot you won’t be able to earn much money.
One more method to make money on Instagram is administrating the profile of some company or person. They usually search a qualified specialist for this purpose, the one who knows all the features and functions of Instagram and is knowledgeable in promotion. A person who keeps a blog or a page well, even someone else’s, can make money on freelance as well as a common manager on his office work.

What does Instagram account monetization success depend on?

How to Monetize Instagram Account

Whether you will manage to successfully monetize Instagram account depends on the following factors:

1. Content quality

No matter for the boost, the page still has to have a presentable appearance. Otherwise the customer may have doubts whether it’s worth dealing with you.

2. Effectiveness of advertising tools usage

If you have already put adverts in your profile and it brought no results or its presentation called for negative feedback of the followers, this fact will keep a potential customer away from you.

3. Page style

Advertising is the easiest when you are the creator of entertaining content, share come advice or keep a lifestyle page. In these cases, you will be able to accept the orders to advertise any goods or services, even seasonal ones.

4. Followers quantity

You can monetize Instagram followers for high prices if you have 10-50 thousand of them. If less – be ready to deal with mostly cheap startups and unknown brands.

5. Activity on the page

The more likes there are under your publications in average, the higher price you can set for advertising. Consequently, if you have a lot of subscribers but a few likes, comments or views, your page is hardly likely to attract the interest of a potential advertiser.

How to make your account attractive for the followers?

How to Monetize Instagram Account

You can increase popularity to have an opportunity to earn money on Instagram page keeping in one of the following ways:

1. Increase the number of followers

The more users, here the real users meant, are subscribed for your page, the more frequently it appears in recommendations and can even reach the top. In case there are a few followers and you wish to increase their number quickly, there are two ways for you: manual boost or automation service. The former method requires spending much time to find your target audience, subscribing and waiting for mutual subscription. It is legally, it is thorough work but it lets you receive really live and interested followers. Automatic boost is the best choice when you have to add the necessary number of users within a short time. However, when you come up to the boost you have to be aware of existing Instagram limitations. These restrictions relate to the number of outgoing subscriptions and added followers for a short time. If you excel the limits, social media will ban your page. And if you want to buy IG followers safely and quickly, follow the link.

2. Work well on the content quality

You can thick of several interesting ideas for publications, make a poll or set a new topic for the entire page. In the case of correct management such activity will improve behavioral factor of existing followers of the page. Consequently, the publication will collect more likes and comments and you stand the chance that your page will appear in recommendations or even reach the TOP.

3. Perform automatic boost

You can carry this through with the help of special bots. All that is necessary for this is to download one of fast automatic boost-dedicated programs and get acquainted with Insta limits on boosting. Using bots is dangerous for the fact that the social media keeps a close watch on activity on the page, so in case you added a large number of followers and the activity under the publication is poor the post can disappear from the feed and the entire page can be banned. However, automatic driving up the numbers can be safe also. For instance, you can place the order on a definite number of likes, followers and views by means of our service. In addition to the above, all existing limitations of the social networking platform will be taken into account and the new followers will not be bots and will substantially improve the activity on your page.

4. Use hashtags

At first sight it is the most unsophisticated advice for making money Instagram. However, opportunities of these short captions should not be underestimated. Hashtags are the means by which people navigate through publications’ topics and can find necessary information rather quickly. Therefore, users attach multiple hashtags to their posts so that it would be seen by as much people all over the world as possible. These are not only subject-specific ones but also common conventional tags sort of #love, #day, #sport. Nevertheless, it’s worth bearing in mind that you don’t have to overspam the entire page with hashtags as far as it can ward off other users. It is considered that the optimum tags quantity is 10-15 for each publication. Additionally, in case you’ve already become a famous person, you can create your own outstanding hashtag which can be used by users to detect you in the network or even use it under their own captions.

5. Tag users in publications

A tag on a photo or in the text underneath attracts attention of a certain user and calls him for activity. A marked person will leave a comment, set his like or watch the video clip where he was tagged. In the best-case scenario, the user will share this publication with his friends, in such a way increasing your popularity.

6. Use mass liking

It is the core of Instagram social networking service. And also, it is one of the safest and simplest methods of account boost. The main point of mass liking is in putting likes under publications of the other network users counting on the chance to capture their attention and induce them to follow to your page. It is perfect when the user gives you a like in return. If you don’t have enough time to perform this manually, you can appeal to specialized automated services. Yet, they have a substantial disadvantage – the application likes everyone and his dog and doesn’t mind whether they are your target audience or not.

7. Arrange contests

Try to make a competition for a valuable prize or a discount for some services. Point out that the prize will be sent to a randomly chosen user from among those who have put a like, who have written the wittiest comments or tagged friends.

8. Communicate with your followers

It means that you will have to make polls in Stories and answer comments. Such behavior will let you create a pleasant friendly atmosphere on your page and capture new followers.

9. Tell about the page in Instagram and other social media

In case you have an account in Favebook or any other vast and popular community, attach the link to your Instagram there. Perhaps, this social network will make potential followers more interested than strict and business-like Facebook style.

10. Apply for the services of a famous blogger

In the very beginning of promoting your own Instagram page, while you are still not the one who makes money on Insta, you have an option to order advertising from a hyped-up account. Even a single mentioning in a publication will possibly attract a large number of new active followers.

How do they rank the news feed in Instagram?

How to Monetize Instagram Account

After the mentioned social media resource released the new “smart” news feed, the ways of interacting with the entire website have been dramatically altered. Today, you have to pay attention not only to followers’ quantity growth but also to keep an eye on your media outreach. With the new algorithms of news feed work Instagram users now can see the following publications:

  1. Publications of those people who you often communicate with in social media.
  2. Publications of those users who you “like” rather frequently, add to the saved or comment.
  3. Content of the people whose accounts you have previously searched for in Instagram social media
  4. Content promoted with the help of targeted advertising, or otherwise, advertising intended for a limited chosen target audience.

Also, keep in mind that publications of physical persons are displayed with the highest priority. Their show statistics prevails over business profiles and commercial pages.

Peculiarities of account monetization according to an “old school” scheme

How to Monetize Instagram Account

Gaining income from a famous account in the old conventional scenario looks like following: the owner of the page increases its popularity by all the means possible and publishes content on a regular basis, and then after he collects enough audience he is contacted by advertisers. Usually business terms and conditions define such points as timing terms of advertisement placement, its location and its nativeness grade. However, nowadays this scheme is used less and less because on the following reasons:

1. Users activity is hardly predictable

Up-to-date boost methods allow adding several thousand users, likes and comments in the terms less than round the clock. That’s why advertiser cannot be really sure that the paid publication with his service/product will be seen and likes by live potential clients but not the bots.

2. Unnatural nativeness

Such issue arises in the case where they ask a blogger to place an already composed publication. Advertiser has provided photo or video material on his own, given a ready text for description and the blogger has no right to introduce substantial amendments. As a consequence, paid content awkwardly stands out of the common page style and can call for negative reaction of the followers. The blogger can even lose part of his subscribers because, as for their opinion, he sold himself to a particular brand. The exception here is only for those users who have already been authorized representatives of a definite brand for quite a long time and keep the blog in relevance with its style.

3. Marketing effectiveness is hardly predictable

Really, mentioning on a page of a famous blogger costs less than a full-scale advertising campaign. But on the other hand, the advertiser pays a fixed sum and cannot predict whether such action will have any substantial effect. And to figure out how much a single customer attraction will cost to him.

As a consequence, such methods of work gradually disappear, being replaced with the modern partnership working scheme.

Features of partnership scheme

How to Monetize Instagram Account

In comparison to classis promotion methods, partnership scheme offers a great advantage for advertisers: the issue of advertising campaign is solved. A blogger receives a reward only in the cases where a defined action was performed. For instance, a new order was placed, some production was purchased, application installed or an active follower appeared. As far as the advertiser preliminarily counts the payment to the blogger into the price of advertised service or goods, controlling the capital and predicting the effect of advertising becomes much easier.

For a blogger who provides advertising services benefit is in the fact that he can select an advertiser on his own and send an application to start cooperation. This can be realized by means of one of online marketplace or simply finding a potential advertising provider in the web. Moreover, the blogger is able to choose what product to promote and how to promote it according to his own preferences. It helps to avoid artificial nativeness, looks organic and does not call for suspicion of the followers but, on the contrary, stir their interest to certain production or services. One great benefit is that such work scheme as partnership does not limit the page’s owner’s creativity and highly motivates him to continue cooperation.

One more feature of insta partnership cooperation is that you don’t need to have a large channel. Several thousand active followers would be pretty enough for advertiser. The effect is estimated not by the number of boosted followers but by the growth of advertised goods sale rates. It means that if you have only five thousand followers and 100 of them got interested in the advertised product or services, visited the website, subscribed for the page or placed an order, you will receive a substantial income for each one of them.

Work with affiliate links

How to Monetize Instagram Account

The scheme of your work based on partnership cooperation means the usage of special links with tags. With their help the advertiser traces, whose profile of advertising influencer led the new customer to him. A link placed in publication can lead either to ig page or to the main page of the website, as well as to the product description or a landing page.

Links used to work according to the partnership scheme can be classified in the following way:

1. Link to the main page

It is a simple, yet not highly effective method. Moreover, if you advertise a certain product or service, the link to the main page may bewilder a user.

2. Link to the product or service

It is simple, easy to use and leaves enough space for creativity. You can recommend, disclose the advantages of a certain product or think of alternative informational background. So, even in case the user follows this link but purchases other product, you will get reward in any case.

3. Link to the landing page

It means to follow a link to a specified page dedicated to a certain topic. Just to name a few, it can contain recommendations for colored hair care or reviews and comparing of smart watches. So that a link would look fine in a publication, it has to be oriented on a specific topic.

4. Link to a special offer or a discount

Such step looks organic and is not off-putting for followers. From outside it looks like a blogger has found an offer which is economically advantageous and wants to share it with other people.

5. Link to a shopping cart

It is rather original move which is used by only a few shops. Its core is in the fact that by means of Stories a blogger suggests you have a look what goods are already in his shopping cart on some web resource. In such a way advertising may be realized by the user telling, for instance, what cosmetic products he recommends to take with you on holidays and showing them in his cart.

Where to place the links?

How to Monetize Instagram Account

There are several options where to place a link:

1. In the profile’s description

You can rather often follow a link to someone’s page and see the description with a link leading to a blog or an online shop. The benefit of such location is in the fact that the user sees the link at once. However, here at once comes the main disadvantage – there’s no motivation to follow the link. To solve the issue, we recommend to complement it with at least few words telling where it leads and why it would be great to follow there.

2. In insta stories

This option is the best for those who has many subscribers in his account. The weak point of such placement is that stories endure no more than 15 seconds and are deleted every other day. However, you can save a story with the link in the section called “Recent” and it will be accessible for users at any time.

3. Directly on a publication photo

It is called a shopping tag. In such a way you can take pretty any photo and tag some clothing, accessories, beauty products or consumer electronics. By tapping the tag, a user proceeds to the site category with product description.

4. In an advertising publication

It can be realized in two ways – simply place a link in the text under the photo or work for a short time and join to advertising cabinet of Facebook social media.

Instances of successful account monetization

How to Monetize Instagram Account

Interested, whether presented information in the article really does work? Hereunder you can find examples of how regular users of Instagram social media platform monetized their accounts and make real cash by legit means actually in the comfort of their homes.
Start developing a new income strategy now. Are fond of taking photos, drawing or filming short clips? If so, turn your hobby into highly profitable work.

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