How to SEARCH and USE Instagram Hashtags

Author: Instagram Specialist20 May 2020
How to SEARCH and USE Instagram Hashtags

Insta #Hashtag is a kind of label indicating the upshot of a post. It also helps users in finding posts on a specific theme.

Millions of people visit Insta every day. But its search capabilities are quite limited: if you are minded to finding something, you have 3 options to search by: name, position or hashtag. Thus, tags are often used to advertise and promote an Insta acc or goods and services you offer.

There are a lot of tips to use Instagram Hashtags:

  1. How did #Hashtags Become Popular?
  2. Guide for using hashtags for followers
  3. How to search for the Insta #hashtags?
  4. Hashtags Which are not Allowed
  5. How to use tags to get to the TOP on Instagram

How did #Hashtags Become Popular?


The first #hashtag appeared on social networks in 2007. Its idea was to create a conversation and follow its progress. Its story began when Twitter user Mr. Neit Ritter put a hash in front of the post about a wildfire. Afterwards, Mr. Neit explained that he had placed it in order to attract as much attention as possible to the event. And his post became the most popular. The discussers were actively sharing their impressions on social networks. #sandiegofire tag was associated with a disaster movie and a reality-show at the same time. Thus, the goal was achieved and the media became interest in the situation with fire victims. And, as a consequence, such a strategy of attracting people’s attention became very popular among users.

Today, wishing to increase the post rate, the users of insta need to come up with some pretty interesting tag. But there's more! You must promote your tag to get it among the best instagram hashtags. And only then you will get a popular tag that can be used for likes and followers increase.

Now, #hashtags serve not just for navigation and searching of comments and posts. They have become a powerful advertising tool.

Guide for using hashtags for followers

Many people ask how many #hashtags they need for promotion. The main thing here is not to overdo it - followers do not like too many tags under the photo or video. But a few tags are not very good either. The optimal number is 5-6 for one post — they won’t go unnoticed or lost in the text, and will definitely not be annoying with a large number of letters. 

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Advertisers still cannot give a straight answer which is better: a great number of hashtags that will reach a huge piece of customers, or several aesthetic marks for a narrow group. This choice depends only on the user's preference.

The content of the hash marks is also important. It should reflect the keynote of the publication and be popular. For example, you can use such tags as the name of the city or the exact street, #shoutout, #photooftheday, #pleasefollow, #liking, #likeback, etc.


To attract the users to a post in Instagram you should use top hashtags, which are interesting for other users. This will definitely help to get followers.

In order not to be confused in the tag types, you need to learn their varieties:

  • IG hashtags for followers. They suggest instant mutual following. They look like invitations to follow. The main function of such tags is to attract as many followers as possible.
  • Tags for comments — used to create deep contact of the authors with the other Insta users. They encourage subscribers to post comments under your photo.
  • IG hashtags to get likes - mean that users will like your photos in response to a like from your side. You can post them under your photos without further action, but the returns will be much higher if you follow the “mutual like” rule, that is, view and like the users' photos on these #hashtags.

There are also high-frequency (HF) and low-frequency (LF) hashtags on Instagram. The first are used to create an increased interest to a photo. A hashtag obtains a high-frequency status and is marked as effective only after it got over 500,000 views. It is not very easy to use your own hashtag and to get so many views. That’s why you should know the specifics of using these special tags.

Other, less popular LF #hashtags, are those that have been marked less than 500,000 times. Just use these tags to get more followers on instagram or to reach a narrow target audience.

The tag feature for the targeted audience is that they attract only those people, who are interested in a definite topic. As a result, with a low number of views, a page gets fast growth of useful followers.

How to search for the Insta #hashtags?

How to SEARCH and USE Instagram Hashtags

It is very necessary to learn the ways of searching for the best instagram hashtags for likes and followers if you are planning to promote the business in this social network because you should know how the people search for the posts and what topics are of their interest.

  • People search with the help of # using the search bar at the top of the screen. Click “Search”, and select users or #hashtags from the list.
  • Ig has a hashtag subscription feature that gives users the ability to keep tracking the topics they are interested in and stay up to date with all the news. If you are deeply in sports, then subscribe to # fitness, weightless or befit. If you like cooking just type in the search bar - food, receipt or smth like this with the special symbol #. For those, who are in fashion or beauty are the same rules for the search with the help of hashtags.

Hashtags Which are not Allowed

Sometimes it happens that you post a photo, put hashtags, but it does not appear in the common news feed. This situation can happen because you used a forbidden #hashtag. To check this, ask a friend to go from another account to yours and see whether the post is visible or not.

Instagram hides posts with such hashtags as:

  • profanity;
  • insults;
  • demonstration of violence and other non-ethical expressions.

Insta also hides a post in such cases:

  • many hashtags were used instead of text;
  • frequent use of very popular hashtags on a new page;
  • user made several posts in a row with the same list of tags.

How to use tags to get to the TOP on Instagram

How to SEARCH and USE Instagram Hashtags

If you have a business acc in Instagram, you can use it to advertise your own business. To promote it using hashtags for getting the popularity, you can do the following:

  • Identify the 50 primary tags you will use. If this is a problem, look at what hashtags your competitors use. Divide them into 3 groups: high-frequency - 30, mid-frequency - 15 and low-frequency - 5. First off, mark the first group of tags in the publication. After 10-15 minutes - replace them with the second group and after another 10 minutes, enter the third group of #hashtags. Popular hashtags will collect a lot of likes and views in the first minutes. And less popular will gradually attract users over a long time and increase the number of followers.
  • Think up 90 tags and divide them into three identical groups. Prepare three posts with high-quality photos and interesting content.  All of them should be better than the posts of competitors. Publish all three posts, with a time interval of 10-15 minutes using each of three tag groups. In this case, the coverage will be affected by 90 tags published at the same time, instead of the allowed 30.

These simple methods will help with the increasing of the number of followers, likes and views. This will gain the popularity of the page.

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