How to view private Instagram accounts and photos

Author: Instagram Specialist23 June 2020
How to view private Instagram accounts and photos

Occasionally each user has the question on how to look at private instagram photos of a closed account owned by a person it had some close relationships with in the past. The same idea comes to the conflicting parties and, it happens, management eager to know all backgrounds of its subordinates. Whatever the reasons, it is quite complicated and isn’t easy to do that – Insta is famous for its austere privacy policy.

Many people around the Web frequently offer to buy some programs or utility software for iPhone or any android device with the purpose of viewing a private instagram profile. Don’t get too excited about it, just open any forum on the topic and read the reviews from those who tried to check how it works – there is no such program or website, but you can easily catch a virus and turn your own account into a great tool for various cheaters.

However, it is still possible to find some “back-door” entrances. And this is not about any hack of an account or cyber-attacks. There are several methods that may help bypass the prohibition on view private instagram pages. And if a person does not accept your request for subscription or you just want to see photo anonymously without any verification, try one of the following ones.

4 ways to view private instagram accounts:

How to view private Instagram accounts and photos

1. Just create a new IG account

Disguise it as an advertising company or an internet-boutique. The main thing here is to select the right name and topic of your new page, so the user you are interested in will like it. Just make small efforts to bring some good content (photo, survey, interesting comments and etc.) and earn several dozens of IG followers – and you can go ahead and send a subscription invitation to the owner of the closed page or the invitation in the message. If you also attach “mutual subscription” hashtag, then it will definitely accept this request automatically and you will get an access to its page.

How to view private Instagram accounts and photos

2. Find user on other social networks

There is another way to do it, and it doesn’t even take too much efforts compared to the previous one. Usually, users do not limit themselves with the registration in only one social network. They have accounts on FB, Telegram, and Twitter. After posting a photograph in IG, users traditionally download their posts to another social networks, which give a free online access to the majority of profiles. It is therefore worth searching for the user you need on different social platforms. Most likely you’ll be able to see some part of the photographs published.

How to view private Instagram accounts and photos

3. Use your friend’s account

Sometimes it’s enough just to get an access to the accounts of your friends, who are subscribed on the private acc you are interested in. If this man trusts you, then you can monitor the activity of the person you want from your friend’s account.

4. Analyze the most active followers, who have an access to a closed profile you want to view

After subscribing on it, you can see which pictures it likes – there will definitely be one you are looking for among them.

If you are ready to spend your time on this sneaky stuff, you will get an access to a desirable profile sooner or later.

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