Instagram Post Ideas for Business

Author: Instagram Specialist20 May 2020
Instagram Post Ideas for Business

If you keep an Instagram page for advertising or selling goods or services, then you have possibly had thoughts about what content to fill it with. Those who have so-called lifestyle personal profile find it much easier – they may just upload photos from journeys, trips and post fine images. On the other hand, high-quality content for a business account requires long hard work. A user should present a product in such a way that followers would take it with favor and potential customers would get interested in it.

TOP-9 Instagram post ideas to satisfy and stir your followers:

  1. Whether you are goods seller – format your profile as a catalog. Choose a definite style and keep up to it. Nowadays lots of Instagram online shops use chessboard design. In case a user views posts not as a feed but as a whole block, posts with beautiful products’ picture interchange with colorful info posters. The latter may contain whatever you like, beginning from sales announces and up to famous people’s quotations.
  2. Create posts with polls or contests on a regular basis. You may ask followers what production they would like to see additionally, or their opinion about you service quality, as well as their wishes. So, you fill the profile and also communicate with followers checking for their activity.
  3. Intrigue the followers. If you are about to make a crazy surprise like some good Christmas sales, make a hint for this in a new post. This will attract attention, stick in memory, and some of those who have seen the post will come back to your page within some time to see, at least, what was that promised.
  4. At least once a year hold a giveaway contest. In Europe they are considered cool Instagram post ideas. The point is, the profile’s owner offers a product or service free of charge to a random one from among those who liked, commented or reposted your publication. It is an extremely effective way of promotion for photographers and beauty masters. After a giveaway a lot of likes, comments and followers shoot up. When your IG followers share your post with their subscribers, those one become your potential customers.
  5. Upload a brief video about a product or the whole company. It will definitely make a greater effect than ordinary photo. Tell about some benefits, answer followers’ questions. Also, you can make a broadcast. Instagram features let you do this in few clicks, just keep in mind that this is possible.
  6. Tell about how the brand’s or company’s history began, or how you went into this business. It increases users’ confidence.
  7. Do not hesitate your failures, tell about them. Such topic is quite popular among advanced proprietors. People share their fiasco with the others and tell what errors they’ve made and what lessons they’ve got. A post of such content will be sufficient for a freelancer or a PR expert.
  8. Post an example of product’s use. In case your brand is not strong and advertising budget is limited, you may post the amazing reviews of your own. In such a manner you will show to subscribers that you use the offered product yourself and rise your trust level.
  9. Film an interview or apply to some quite famous blogger who accepts barter.
  10. Dissolve business style with season’s greetings. Funny Instagram posts ideas can be picked up for almost any matter. Keep in touch with your audience and the posts will collect a lot of comments and likes, gradually moving to the TOP.

And what’s the main – never forget to put necessary hashtags!

Peculiarities of managing a business account for Instagram

Instagram Post Ideas for Business

The style of a business acc depends on the project objectives. However, marketing tools provide some common recommendations for business profiles:

  • Set a high-quality sharp caption which clearly conveys the page’s business area.
  • A simple and clear page name or username. Project theme should be easy to understand for any client, clever or not.
  • Briefly and distinctly describe your advantages. A target customer should understand what you offer before he sees the image of the post.
  • Set your contacts info.
  • Publish new information on a regular basis. But don’t overdo this: in case your goods appear too frequently in a news feed, they will harass followers. The optimum quantity of posts is 1-2 a day.
  • Define the time when posts gather the maximum of likes. It might be morning, when users scroll news feed over breakfast, or evening after the working day. If time counted correctly, the posts will capture the most of likes and views possible.

As for the contacts, in case this is a shop’s page, you should set its address, phone number and email. In a business acc it can be realized via three buttons: “Call us”, “Email us” and “How to get to us”. Whether you offer personal service, better mention only an email, for confidentiality purposes.

Additionally, it’s worth to mention that a business account, unlike the private one, allows sorting the audience according to gender, place of living and age. If you use this option you can define the target audience and make up the posts in compliance with its preferences.

What is the point of Instagram post ideas for business?

Instagram Post Ideas for Business

First of all, you should understand that keeping a business account is different from a personal profile content filling. A business acc offers enhanced features, special audience and a different level of information capacity. Thus, some people hire specialists to lead a profile and decorate it on a corporative level, as far as in this case they need to care not only about active followers’ quantity but also about sales level.

Whether business accounts’ owners devote enough time to this, revise page style, promote posts and develop a creative strategy, then soon their efforts will be rewarded with the following:

  1. Followers’ quantity will increase, and there will be no need in ordering an advertising campaign or artificial promotion with the means of Insta-bots. Whether an account is popular, it reaches the TOP and is seen by crowds of users. As statistics states, after the profile gets followed by more than 1000 live and active subscribers, the daily increase is estimated at 2-3 persons, and the owner no more needs to buy Instagram views or recourse to alternative methods of artificial promotion.
  2. The confidence level of potential customers will increase strongly. People will see numerous likes under the posts and will treat the company or the profile’s owner well.
  3. The previous two points result into increasing sales rate.

Finally, a professional business account offers you a worthy option of stats view. It allows you track followers’ activity, media outreach, show rates and audience involvement. Stats are available for each very publication as well as for the whole account.

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