Schedule Instagram Posts Guide

Author: Instagram Specialist20 May 2020
Schedule Instagram Posts Guide

Instagram scheduling gifts you with an opportunity to save time, increase your productivity and remain in contact with Instagram account followers, while you have no need to be online. Publication planning remains pertinent for business: it allows you to automate the process. Apart from that, it is very comfortable feature for those who hold several accounts in different social media.

Subscribers appreciate publishing on a regular basis and scheduling is one of the best tools to achieve this goal. This manual includes schedule composition for IG posts with the help of free scheduler. Such tools can be found in the Web, just to name a few - Later, HubSpot or Bufer: most application features are free of charge. Such planner usage for publishing in Instagram is quite handy. Three sections hereunder clearly show why.

Why it is a good idea to schedule Instagram publications

1. Time saving – upload posts directly from a desktop

Schedule Instagram Posts Guide

If you use stand-alone camera for creating Instagram photos instead of iPhone or Android smart phones, it’s highly possible that you process photos on your desktop computer.

A free Instagram planner gives an opportunity to upload messages to Instagram from an entire laptop or PC. This sets you free from transferring photographs from your computer to a mobile phone. Moreover, you are also able to move all the photos and video records to your media library and start planning in a really quick and convenient way.

Scheduler usage lets you save much time at posts publication and concentrate on their planning.

2. Create an attractive caption with scheduler

Schedule Instagram Posts Guide

It is a really hard quest to think of a persuasive high-quality caption to the photo, especially if you wish to make everything quick. So, it’s better to sign photos in advance from the dashboard of your iPad or desktop computer rather than perform this action daily. In such a way you can create captions to publication in a few days before.

It is also possible to share some content from Instagram on other social media platforms. Except for this, you have an opportunity to save hashtags: you will no more need to write them down, you can even create several lists of hashtags which you use frequently so that in prospect you put them down into a photography caption in a few clicks.

3. Scheduled publications are aesthetic publications

Schedule Instagram Posts Guide

When someone sees your profile, he has few seconds to get interested by you and wish to subscribe for your channel. That’s why Instagram aesthetics is essential. Sequential beautiful publications with filters of unified style do attract attention. Thanks to a scheduler you are able to create several publications of corporate design all at once. Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to check whether you post sufficient volume of photos and not overuse advertisement.

Do you share our conviction that scheduling a publication with the help of a special app is useful? If yes, the following sections wait for your attention. They include step-by-step algorithm which shows you how to schedule Instagram posts.

A correct way to use Instagram publication scheduling

You have to consider some defined rules for your posts scheduling bring as much use as possible. They are related to both schedule preparation and content.

Rules to schedule instagram posts:

1. Publish when your audience is most active

Schedule Instagram Posts Guide

One has to know the target audience really well to find out the best moment to publish posts on Instagram. It’s necessary to learn when the greatest part of your followers is online and most active: leave comments, click likes and things more frequently. The trick is that the more likes and comments your publication captures, the more Instagram users see it in their news feed.

It is possible to recognize when your audience is most active on your page by means of Instagram Insights – a service available for a business profile. It gives you an opportunity to look through the rates of your audience.

2. Think of an interesting content for Instagram news feed

Schedule Instagram Posts Guide

When you know the time, your audience is most active, you can start gathering content for publishing. A good way to realize this is to dedicate a day (or several days) to shooting and processing photos. It lets you gather loads of images and video clips which demonstrate your product, services you offer or your company inside life.

Hack: you need a full-scale marketing strategy for channel promotion in Instagram to realize the kind of content you will download. You have to know your audience really well for this, as well as to define the target you wish to reach.

It is a good idea to collect all images and video in one place to keep up to aesthetics: if you do, you will be able to review all content before publishing. You may use the option of search and repost by hashtag to collect users’ content from Instagram quickly and easily. It gives an opportunity to find content in your community in a quick and convenient way.

3. Schedule your Instagram feed

Schedule Instagram Posts Guide

As it was said before, your feed’s outlook plays a great role in attracting attention of people. Attractive feed design simplifies the boost of outreach. With the help of a free scheduler with integrated graphic editor, for instance – Later, you can drag photos and set their order to see how they will appear in your news feed.

Thank to this opportunity you will spend far less time to create a channel of proficient level with publications in corporate style.

Ideas for correct photo placement:

  • Upload a single image and have an overall look on your Instagram news feed. Make sure that all photos are placed evenly and fit each other. The best channels demonstrate various items which are situated smoothly and are well balanced in lighting and depth of field.
  • In case you upload picture with a lot of items, it is a good idea to balance everything back and locate it next to an image with much free space.
  • Don’t situate similar shots too close to each other. Photos which are located as neighbors should be shot at different angles (for instance, one vertical and another horizontal) and reflect different content.

4. Schedule posts in Instagram

Schedule Instagram Posts Guide

Plenty of free schedulers have a feature which is sort of a quick scheduler. It allows to make up a queue of posts for Instagram depending on the time which is best for publishing. Later you will easily compose schedules for multiple messages at once. This action does not take much time: queued publications will be automatically placed at the time you set.

Tip: don’t publish at good round hours. Content placed a bit earlier or later, for instance, at 10:03 or 9:58 instead of 10:00, gains more attention of users. The point is that it makes you more humane in the eyes of subscribers.

5. Optimize hashtags and captions

Schedule Instagram Posts Guide

A personal Instagram channel, as well as a business one, is not only intended to attract with its beauty but also should be interesting. In this scope, both the content of publication and a caption to it play key role in promotion. People are always interested to visit backstage: learn something new about the team of your company or how the product is manufactured. One should consider this preparing the very content as well as planning captions to photos and video clips.

It’s also possible to prepare captions in advance by means of applications with scheduling timetable. Quite a part of schedulers is also capable of assisting in picking up relevant hashtags. It’s not about how to make up personal lists as it was mentioned before but it’s about the hints of the entire application. For instance, some apps give you an opportunity to set a single hashtag and then choose similar hashtags on their own, sorting them by relevance. All you have to do is to choose the most appropriate options out of the program’s suggestions and insert them in your publication.

6. Auto publishing Instagram posts

Schedule Instagram Posts Guide

There were times when integrated Instagram scheduler, which delivered push notifications when messages were sent, was the only really safe way to plan publishing on IG. It meant that it was impossible to use third-parties’ applications to autopost. Now things have changed and business accounts on Instagram are able to schedule publication of single photos, as well as video posts, without a need to use push notification.

However, limitations are still here. Firstly, notifications may appear necessary for certain kinds of publishing, for instance – to publish a carousel message. Secondly, only business profiles are able to use the feature of autopublishing without notifications, in other words - account attachment to Facebook is also necessary. Apart from that, Instagram business profiles receive access to the data about network followers’ activities, their geolocation, gender and fields of interest. Additionally, business accounts are granted with posts promotion possibility with the help of advertisement and the opportunity to attach hyperlinks to stories.

Switching to a business profile is easy:

  1. Click a button with a multidrop line in an existing Instagram profile and click “Switch to business profile”.
  2. Choose the page of your company on Facebook (your username must have administrative rights in Facebook profile to do this).
  3. Make sure that your Instagram account is not hidden and all your contacts, including login, email address and cell phone number, are correct.
  4. Confirm the action.

7. Don’t forget about live communication with the audience

Schedule Instagram Posts Guide

It’s more than likely that if you are scheduling publishing on Instagram in advance and place posts by means of automation you will not be online when subscribers reply to your publication. It means that you will not be able to reply to a comment immediately.

In any case, interaction with subscribers is an integral part or holding the community: the higher involvement is, the better everything is. Therefore, find some time to read the comments of followers and answer them. Don’t hesitate to click likes in return and comment other posts either.

Tip: it is possible to buy IG likes cheap to promote Instagram page quickly. Nevertheless, a well-tuned strategy and promotion with consideration of audience’ preferences are essential in any case.

8. Edit your messages

Schedule Instagram Posts Guide

Mistakes can happen even to a bishop, and the chance to make an error increases within scheduling of a great bulk of posts. A simple misprint (in case it is single) is not that dangerous: the worst can happen is that followers would laugh a bit at your negligence; however, it also harms brand authority.

Yet there happen far worse mistakes. For instance, you might spell the message in such a way that you accidentally insult followers and call for their indignance. All you can do with this is to devote some time to revise all scheduled publications. You can either reread them on your own or show to a friend or a colleague.

9. Respect your followers

Schedule Instagram Posts Guide

Even in case your promotion strategy understands frequent posts publishing, do your best to not intrude your followers. For instance, publish photos related to each other as photo albums but do not place photos one by one.

Do not spam: advertisement overuse means that you lose the love and respect of your subscribers. When you are about placing advertising content on your Instagram channel, remember about the great 80/20 rule: in 80% cases you have to inspire audience, tutor subscribers and place funny posts and the rest 20% are promotion and self-brand advertising.

10. Don’t schedule too far in advance

Schedule Instagram Posts Guide

When you schedule Instagram posts you may meet temptation to set a timetable for two or more months ahead. It’s not a good idea. Firstly, you leave no freedom for yourself to follow trends and affairs in time. Moreover, you stand a chance to get into a more serious trouble: for instance, your scheduled joke can be published when some tragedy has just happened.

All these situations are a direct way to unsubscribes and audience loyalty loss, as far as your brand would not seem true to life and would lose people’s confidence. Such situations can cast you in a negative light as if your company doesn’t care about what happens around in the world.

11. Remember about analytics

Schedule Instagram Posts Guide

The more publications you post, the more information about your efficiency you receive. Regular analytics lets you tune up your strategy timely, remain in trend and recognize the needs of your followers in time.

There is nothing complicated in receiving access to Instagram integrated analytics: all you have to do is to switch to Facebook business profile. Apart from data about geolocation, age and gender info and fields of interest of your audience, you will gain the opportunity to monitor subscribers’ replies to your publications.

For instance, you can check for involvement level to tune posts content in the best way or learn outreach rates to change settings and rectify publication frequency.

However, you can still use third-parties’ tools. For example, some schedulers deliver analytic data about followers. Furthermore, some applications provide notifications about the most appropriate time of the day for publishing. It is important not only for your messages to be seen by as much people as possible but also in scope of reasonable financial expenditures dedicated to promote publications.

What scheduler to choose

Schedule Instagram Posts Guide

You should have already prepared promotion strategy to make up publication schedule. Additionally, you will need a scheduler application of the third party. There exist multiple applications with free-of-charge functions, choose the one that mostly fits your personal demands.

  • Later — an application fully dedicated to Instagram platform. The scheduler contains full calendar of social content, as well as publication planning by drag-and-drop and the opportunities for auto publishing. Also, it contains hashtags auto fit and user-friendly media library.
  • Bufer — apart from Instagram, also gives an opportunity to schedule publishing in Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. All social media platforms can be run from a unified control panel. There exist mobile applications for iPhone and iPad, as well as for Android OS gadgets. Additionally, it has extension for browsers.
  • HubSpot — similar to Later. It allows working on the desktop or in a cell phone application. The scheduler makes possible planning publishing, placing hashtags. However, automated posting does not work here for advertising messages. You will have to place advertisement posts on your own.

Schedule Instagram Posts Guide

There are plenty of advantages in publication scheduling for Instagram. You can save your time creating and uploading publications directly from a desktop. Furthermore, creating unique brand image and keeping up to it gets far easier with the help of scheduling. Additionally, you deliver content to the followers on a regular basis.

To Schedule Instagram Posts you need to:

  • publish posts with a certain frequency (it depends on your business area specifics and demands of the audience);
  • make publications when your followers are most active;
  • remain in trend: leave some space for immediate publications;
  • thoroughly revise posts and edit them if necessary;
  • do not plan too far in advance;
  • don’t forget to provide feedback to your subscribers: reply to their comments, comment on your own and click likes, make personal reposts;
  • analyze your efficiency and rectify strategy if necessary.

Make a schedule for Instagram posts and save your time!

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