Steps to Promote Photography on Instagram

Author: Instagram Specialist28 December 2020
Steps to Promote Photography on Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media network whose main peculiarity is visual content prevailing over texting. Initial destination of Insta was in creation of publications with fine photographs which can be seen by people from the worldwide. Primary interface of instagram for photographers was pretty uncomplicated and had a small number of filters and settings. However, further on the network started gaining traction rapidly and nowadays it is used by more than 500 million people daily. Obviously, today it is something more than just a simple service where you can publish a photo of your food or a selfie. Instagram has entered the list of the most promising platforms for business promotion. The fact that this social media is accessible via a cell phone as well as via PC, which is essential for modern pace of living, played a great role in this rise. So, how to promote photography on instagram and what is the purpose of this? We will tell about this in an article hereunder.

Why is it a good idea to promote photos in Instagram?

Steps to Promote Photography on Instagram

Publications promotion in Instagram is necessary in case you:

  • are a professional instagram photographer and search for customers via the social media;
  • offer services or certain goods in IG or on websites;
  • gain income from advertising and marketing;
  • administrate communities or accounts and wish to enhance the audience outreach;
  • have an intention to improve recognition and become a famous blogger.

Increasing the number of likes and other activity on the page, income of live followers and, in the ideal case, reaching the TOP is an indicator of the fact that your page is successful, developing and getting more popular.

What’s the TOP? It is a ranking of the social media network where all the most popular publications are collected. The ranking is something sort of bestseller’s list in a shop. Yet, nothing good lasts forever and within some time the publication disappears from the list. It is simply superseded by other publications that reached the record-breaking number of likes.

In any case, posts and page promotion increases not only self-attitude but also a chance to make substantial money by simply doing your favorite business.

What does display of Instagram photos depend on?

Steps to Promote Photography on Instagram

At first sight, the question has no point. As far as you can just make up a great publication and that’s all, further on everything will go at the touch of the button. However, because of the huge number of users, bots and drive-ups of all sorts Instagram has introduced strict publications ranking. So there remains a great risk that IG photography will not reach the news feed of the followers.

A new “smart” feed tracks the indicators of publication popularity and, depending on the number of likes and comments left, promotes or downgrades the publication in the ranking. Therefore, if you wish all of your posts to be seen by all your followers, we recommend you pay great attention to such things as “outreach” and “involvement”.

What’s for the audience outreach, it has been noticed on Instagram that many users confuse it with displaying. Yet, these terms are totally different. Displaying is the quantity of times your post has appeared on the desktop of one user. And it does not depend on how many times is was seen by a single user. The same user can watch through the publication six times and each time he will increase display rate by 1.

Outreach is a number showing how many unique users have seen this or that publication. Involvement is the total number of unique users who gave proceeded to your page, liked a post or left a comment.

The dynamics of views and activity under publications is also taken into consideration. Swift likes capturing is great but if the system notices the fact of adding thousands likes within first minutes after publication, the platform will deem it as artificial boost,

10 tips to increase photo displaying in Instagram

Steps to Promote Photography on Instagram

Here you are with 10 tips how to get your photography popular:

1. Artificial drive-up

This method is a simple and fast way to increase the number of followers, likes, comments and views of publications with videos and stories. For a pity, an incorrect or low-qualified boost can bring more harm than good. Lots of users do not bother and decide to increase the popularity of their page with the help of bot’s automation. However, such kind of boost gives a very short-time effect and exposes the page to danger of being banned. Insta system is known for its intolerance to bots and bans for limitations overcome. That’s why, if you wish to give a boost to your page, the best decision would be to take no risk and apply to our service. FollowersPromotion provides secure and high-quality services for affordable prices. You can order free instagram views, buy followers and likes from our service.

2. Pick the right time for publication

Usually there is so-called “prime time” of users’ activeness. It is the name of time of the day when a great number of users enter the social media at once, scrolls through the news feed, puts likes, writes comments and publishes their posts. Prime time depends on the region you live in and national peculiarities. For example, in most countries the peak of users’ activeness comes at morning hours and lunch time. That’s the time many of them come to look through the feed while breakfast or lunch. So, find out the time when most of your followers are online and go publishing.

3. Communicate with followers

Feedback is still essential. Write enthralling captions for publications, motivate users to reply and write comments. We recommend you come into dialogue with users, communicate with them under publication and create a friendly informal atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to answer questions and write your own opinion.

4. Work hard on content quality

In this case we mean not only the quality of photos but also the captions to them. Surely, photo and video should not be shot in low quality. The only exception admissible is in case you have occasionally shot a very funny or interesting video clip you cannot leave aside your followers. Also try to make publications interesting and useful, search for new ideas. In this case a user will not only put his like but also can add the post to his save list – which is an efficient way to reach the TOP.

5. Arrange contests

It is recommended to arrange contests or draw games to attract the attention of users and induce them to activity. In such a way, for example, you can advertise some product or goods in publications and offer it as a gift or for substantial discount. To improve subscribers’ activeness even more you may set a rule that the winner will be chosen not by random but by the largest number of likes under his comment. Or, for instance, the one who writes more comments than the others. Such activity on the page will simultaneously increase your popularity, attract followers and probably even lead your page to the TOP. Which is, in its turn, the direct way to new followers, likes and opportunities for making money.

6. Conduct a poll

You can do this in stories or under the publication. Polls under the posts are useful for the fact that a user is able to leave a comprehensive answer or describe his opinion in comments except for just pushing a single button. Polls attract public attention and increase the popularity of both the publication and the entire page. In case the poll is really interesting and involving, users may even share it on their pages and through direct messages to their friends.

7. Use hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most important tools of promotion in Instagram social media network. Users define the topics of publications and search for certain information with their help. Put a needed quantity of relevant hashtags under the publication - and it would be seen not only by your followers but also by other users who search some info by means of these tags.

8. Tag other users

Simply attach the links leading to the pages of other Instagram users to the publication, or as well mark them on a photography on instagram. This action will attract attention and even in case the user will not proceed to your page to have a look on the publication and will not see it in his news feed, he won’t miss the fact that he was tagged. In further, this user might follow the link to your page, tick a like or write a comment.

9. Appeal to mass liking method

It is one of the oldest methods of accounts boost. It is based on following: with the help of special application, or manually as well, you put likes to other users who are not subscribed for you and wait for mutual subscription. "Like for like” rule is an unwritten rule of Instagram and there is nothing odd in liking a foreigner’s page through, while he will like yours one. In case you perform mass liking manually, here is a bit of advice for you: like the pages of unconnected topics. After all, competition is still on here; therefore, other users promoting accounts with similar topics may simply ignore your likes, while other users might get interested in your content and subscribe for you.

10. Use statistics

Apart from instruments for publications placement and promotion, social media platform provides all the necessary tools to control the development and steps of page promotion. By means of statistics you have an opportunity to see how many users visited your page, looked through bio, and also you can find out which publications called for the biggest interest. In such a way you can fine-tune content topic and adjust it in accordance with followers’ preferences.

Additionally, keep in mind that geolocation attachment can also attract attention. Place a geotag to the place where the photo has been shot, and users who have also been there will like the publication.

Peculiarities of photo processing

Steps to Promote Photography on Instagram

How to make a masterpiece out of a conventional photo? Here are some instagram tips for photographers:

  1. Install a high-quality digital editor and process the pictures to erase flaws and emphasize interesting nuances and enhance the colors. Use first available landscape or cute kitty’s photo as draft material. By the way, some users prefer to keep the page up to a certain style or color spectrum.
  2. Prepare the list of hashtags preliminarily. Later, when you publish the post, choose the most appropriate as for your opinion. Depending on what audience you wish to capture, the hashtag can be written on English, German, French, Japanese or other languages. It is a great idea to write tags in different languages under the same publication. By the way, if you want to give a boost to the like’s quantity under the publication without artificial driving up the digits, delete the first half of hashtags from the caption and leave them as a comment under the post a few minutes after the photo is published. It is the guarantee of recurrent users’ activity.
  3. If you feel that the publication should be changed after posting, do this within the first several minutes after publication. The point is that first 5-10 minutes provide the main hike of likes, comments and views. Later activity slowly foes down and can totally stop after a couple of hours.

Bear in mind that there exist so-called weak and strong hashtags. The popular ones like #love, #day, #Insta, #mood etc. belong to the former tags. Weak hashtags have much less popularity but they can lead the page to the TOP as well. Interestingly, weak hashtags lead to the TOP in a quicker and simpler way, as far as less likes are needed to collect for topic-specified text marks. Keep in mind that the more popular the tag is – the more likes it is necessary to collect for it. Apart from this, weak hashtags leave in the TOP for much longer time than the strong ones.
As you see, it is a simple quest to make a photo popular on Instagram social media platform. All you need for this is a bit of skill, patience and surely, following our advice.

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