TOP 10 Tips and Ideas to write good Instagram captions

Author: Instagram Specialist20 May 2020
TOP 10 Tips and Ideas to write good Instagram captions

Although Instagram content is rather intended for visual comprehension, since recently more attention has been paid to post captions. A caption is a brief thoughtful text under a photo or a video record. Insta limitation allows posting a caption of up to 2200 symbols. Now, if you need to place much text in, you may transfer a part of the text to the comments under the post. That’s where you may also put down necessary hashtags.

An attractive sub-photo text not only uncovers the message and atmosphere of a post but also delivers certain information to a reader. Curiously enough, a well written text and original line of thought do can attract new subscribers. Moreover, a correct caption can be used to come into a dialog with followers and motivate them to write comments.

How to space Instagram captions properly?

TOP 10 Tips and Ideas to write good Instagram captions
  1. Tell how the idea of the photos has appeared and something about the very photo or smth about the photographers. Perhaps, you noticed an amazing snapshot, and maybe a picture just called for associations or flashbacks you wish to share with your followers.
  2. Use less quotation. It does not mean you should totally be done with its usage. Just don’t use a quote as a main text part. You may put down a saying from a movie or a book to confirm your thought or to attract some attention.
  3. Use posts and interesting instagram captions to congratulate the audience on holidays.
  4. Share some advice. Maybe you faced a tight situation and found a way out on your own or tried on some high-quality production and wish to share your impressions.
  5. Share information about your journeys. A rule of thumb states that stories from journeys with great photo of points of interest or, even better, outstanding non-touristic places intensively attract attention. They may be not just interesting but also useful for those who love travelling and are going to visit those very places.
  6. Tell about how your day passes. You may acknowledge users with useful habits, tell how you produce your daily regime or how you keep fit.
  7. If someone close to you appears with you on the selfies tell about him, discover your common story to the readers, or an amusing case you had with him.
  8. Share your positive impressions about a book you’ve read or a movie you’ve seen. Above all – do not uncover the whole plot in a caption, users don’t like spoilers.
  9. Publish recipes. If you are fond of cooking or even dared to approach a stove for the first time in your life you may share a recipe with the users and attach the awesome photos of the process and the final.
  10. Publish your thoughts. It may seem strange at first sight but, as practice shows, a well-recited thought invites attention and inspires to leave a comment on the case.

Additionally, you can try to attract the users’ attention with a playable concept. For instance, post a nice cityscape and suggest users guess where it has been snapped from.

What Instagram caption may also contain?

TOP 10 Tips and Ideas to write good Instagram captions

Apart from text and hashtags in great instagram captions it’s possible to use the following under your posts:

  1. Emoji. It’s plain, choose the right smiley and add it to the text. You may put down an emoji next to a word that means it, or even instead. Bear in mind that audience reacts on emoji usage in different ways. The only common is that smileys draw attention and decorate even a lengthy text as well as pictures in a book. Additionally, it’s a good idea to create elegant marked lists with the means of smileys.
  2. Marked users. It can be performed in two ways: to mark on an image or to insert a tag & login in caption. To mark someone, you have to put an @ prefix before a login. The marked user will receive a notification about this, and the very post will automatically appear to him in his account in “Photos with you” section. It’s an effective way to invite attention.
  3. Hashtags. Brief captions with bars # not only define the topic of the post but also help to promote it. The best thing is, Instagram has a search-by-hashtag function. Consequently, if you put down popular tags under your posts these records can be seen by a great number of users all over the world.

Remember not to load a caption with all elements at once. It will resemble an over spam and call for negative reaction among followers. Use a moderate number of tags, smileys and motivational marking.

What to keep in mind when creating IG captions?

TOP 10 Tips and Ideas to write good Instagram captions
  • First of all, keep track of literacy. If you are not sure how a word is spelled – better google it. Misspelling annoys users and followers may unsubscribe from the profile. In addition, illiteracy may pour into negative comments.
  • Also, be aware of what audience you keep in touch. Certain expressions or readings may appear inappropriate among certain social stratums.
  • Try to avoid politics with its influencers, surely, in case it is not your profile specific.
  • Ensure the text and photo complement each other and look consonant.
  • Do not write plain text. You’ll get a longread that will deter a reader. Divide a caption in paragraphs and use smileys.

When inspiration to create IG captions goes off

Person Using Laptop Computer during Daytime

In case you keep a lifestyle blog or page you have likely faced a situation where you have to make posts on a regular basis but ideas are gone. Everything seems banal and hacky. Here you can restore inspiration taking some of the following professional advice:

Do a timeout and read a book

Usually it helps to renew your vocabulary with interesting phrases as well as proceeds in new thoughts and afterthoughts, which can lead you to an interesting post.

Stretch your legs with friends

Maybe you will visit a new location and wish to workout a testimonial. If not, you may just post a photo from your ramble, mark people and tell where you have been, what you have seen and what was this day special for. Except for this, communication with your nearest is an excellent retreat and a successful opportunity to reload your mind.

Take a deeper look at your memoirs

Perhaps, you remember an interesting story and photo from the times you were not blogging yet.

Try new sports

Here is the opportunity to try your hand as well as to take some awesome photos and prove you are fit. Also, exercise improve blood circulation and stimulate powerful brain work, which is useful not just for your insta page but for the health as whole.

Listen to music

It’s also a perfect way to relax and reload. Moreover, you may notice some noteworthy clever phrases in a song and use them as quotes.

Take a nature trip

Beautiful sceneries have inspired great poets and artists for ages. Probably, after gazing at a spectacular riverwalk or park an interesting idea will also enter your head.

Take photos of animals

Remember, people “♥ like” funny kitties and puppies more than flashy “instagirls”.


Now, you just keep an archive of photos and captions. All is needed for this strategy - to collect photos and thoughts and gradually publish them. And when you run out of ideas but need to make post you may use the archive and start collecting likes.

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