TOP-10 Tips to Make Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

Author: Instagram Specialist20 May 2020
TOP-10 Tips to Make Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

When someone looks through your insta profile the first thing to catch his eye is your photo. It messages a visitor who you are and what brand you represent. What your pictures look like – that’s what defines your image. Except for this, your Instagram profile photo allows you distinguish yourself in the feed.
A choice of Instagram profile avatar image often seems as easy as winking for people and not worth substantial attention. However, in case it is a photography for a business account or you have to create a personal brand, you should have a serious attitude to choose the appropriate image. It can be compared with, so to speak, a product image on a website. Perhaps, it is quite a rough example, but let’s face up to reality, it actually is: you shall be sure that the image is definitely attractive and call for exclusively positive emotions. Otherwise nothing will help you out, even if you buy likes: account will not capture followers, it won’t create an audience loyal to the brand.

Find main tricks how to make an instagram profile picture

TOP-10 Tips to Make Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

Trick №1: Brand over the image

Whether you work for a large company and promote its services in Instagram, you should place your logo instead of the profile photo. It can be either full or shortened name of the brand. Such attitude will improve brand recognition and will help you reach audience loyalty furtherly.
If you make up a personal brand, then better use a headshot. As far as in this case you are the very business. Here you shall directly introduce yourself to a profile viewer at once: customers and clients have a contact not with a company but with a human being: face ought to be on the photo. Such attitude does work for freelancers, photographers, for a prefect, a personal coach or an opinion leader, for celebrity.

Trick № 2: Don’t forget about aesthetic

TOP-10 Tips to Make Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

When you make a profile picture, bear in mind that your photo has to be not only beautiful but fit the overall aesthetic of your Instagram account as well. It has to be harmonized with the whole insta grid and to complement the profile: you should process the photo with the same filters and effects as the other pictures. In case you keep up to a definite set of colors in your account, the profile’s avatar image should be made with the same background as the other images. The single template will help you capture more highly active followers who will leave comments and tick likes.
If you have just recently decided to edit the profile and are dimly aware of what Instagram aesthetic is like, have a look on several pages of popular companies or people as examples.

Trick № 3: No seasonality

TOP-10 Tips to Make Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

Profile’s photo does not look professional if there’s summer outdoors and the picture images you on the background of a Halloween pumpkin or if you decorate a photo with a Christmas wreath-like frame.
The thing is, a new friend looking through your page assume that you don’t keep your blog in an active way. For this reason, it’s a good idea to never create season photos as profile image in Instagram: the background should be neutral. To upload an image of yourself in a birthday hat in front of a candled cake is not a good idea either. It works well in case you are a birthday party event planner. You can choose either monochrome background or a conventional photo picturing no special occasion.

Trick №4: One photo for all social media

TOP-10 Tips to Make Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

If you are leading several business accounts on different social media platforms and have changed a profile image in Instagram, you can update profile photo on other platforms as well:

  • Facebook;
  • Pinterest;
  • Twitter;
  • LinkedIn.

The same image on all social media allows you capture a large audience and increase brand recognition. Moreover, those who are subscribed for your pages on different platforms will just be reassured that your words meet your actions.

Trick № 5: Optimize the image size

TOP-10 Tips to Make Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

All the photos of your profile must be of the same size. It would be perfect to download an image that makes up a square of 110 x 110 pixels. However, you can choose a larger picture – 500 x 500 pixels, for instance. But you still have to edit it. The point is that Instagram crops the image in the feed embracing it with a round frame. If the size does not fit perfect, even your pose may look different: After cropping such photo will look not excellent but awkward.
You can check whether the image will look good in IG circle in website section for profile editing. To do this, click “Change profile photo” and choose it in the gallery. Alternatively, you can import the image from Facebook. Preview option will show how your photo will appear after Insta crops it in circle. You have to make sure that nothing important is highlighted gray – these parts will be cropped.

Trick № 6: Try to find a fine background image

TOP-10 Tips to Make Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

Background design has a substantial meaning if you apply a headshot as an image profile in IG. To make a brilliant picture you have to keep the balance: you need quite a noticeable background to distinguish yourself in the feed but you don’t have to melt in it.
Try various textures and backgrounds and choose from instagram profile picture ideas a truly great variant for yourself.

Trick № 7: Accessories are a reflection of your activity

TOP-10 Tips to Make Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

An image should not only look pretty but express your kind of activity as well. Let the people see what you are successful in. If you are a photographer – place an image with a camera, a soft toys hand-tailor – let a funny one fall into focus with you on the photo. This will help you create the necessary associations for your followers, and so they will remember you.

Trick № 8: Place a logo of a headshot at the center

TOP-10 Tips to Make Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

You should keep in mind that a photo of your Instagram profile should look perfect on a desktop monitor as well as on an Android or iOS device. The thing is that aside from the fact that it looks smaller on mobile gadgets’ displays, it’s also impossible to zoom it in.
1.    If a profile’s photo is a logo
You have to do nothing special to make a logo cool-looking: all it takes is to be sure that it occupies the most of the circle area and is easily readable.
2.    If a profile’s photo is a personal photo
Before you post a personal photo make sure that you have chosen the image where your face is distinct and vibrant or you are at the photo’s center. Also, you don’t have to be too far on the image

Trick № 9: Pick fine illumination and show emotions

TOP-10 Tips to Make Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

In case you place not a logo but a personal photo, pay special attention to illumination. To get an amazing photo you have to do as follows:

  1. Take a photo of yourself in the afternoon in the street or near a window. Important: the light source should not be behind you.
  2. Do not overuse the flashlight. Too bright flash makes sharp shadows, and the face will look tired.
  3. Do not make selfies. If you want other people to treat you as a professional, pay more attention to camera angle, to the surrounding. Sketchy photo is never apprehended by the followers as an image of a serious business person.

To make a good-looking photo, better hire a photographer: he will definitely make an awesome image. If your budget is too low for this, ask a friend who is familiar with camera operating. As an option, you may take a photo on your own using the camera’s timer. Better choose a photo camera instead of a smartphone: phone camera, being directed to yourself, warps face features.
Some tips:

  • A photo from beneath is a bad idea. A photo shot from the lower angle draws a turkey neck and the nostrils seem larger.
  • Do not crop too much: a too close up face looks strange
  • Do not crop too little, for instance, to your mid-hips. In this case the focus in on the body and the face remains slightly noticeable
  • Don’t be too harsh but also don’t overwhelm with emotions. You shouldn’t look like emoji: a slight smile will be fully enough.
  • Don’t forget about retouching but remember that too much water drowned the miller.

TOP-10 Tips to Make Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

Trick № 10: Choose relevant clothing

Although the whole costume is not usually demonstrated on the photo, it is still worth paying attention. Surely, to all effects and purposes, it’s not a good idea to place your photo in a swimming suit (unless you sell beachwear) or topless as your profile photo. However, a conventional “decent” photo is not enough to improve recognition. Depending on the type of your activity, you have to choose appropriate clothes.
For a kind of your profile picture ideas for Instagram may be following;

  • If you are a life coach or a corporate consultant, dress yourself as if you are just about to conduct a seminar or come forward on a presentation in front of investors.
  • A fitness or tennis coach would rather take on good-looking sportswear.
  • If you sell tailor-made knitting – put on a handmade kerchief or a breastpin of your production.
  • An in-store consultant on electronics will likely choose a sweatshirt with his company’s logo.

It’s always good to remember about accessories which reflect your occupation. It would be great if your clothes color expresses the aesthetic of your brand and Instagram account.
This article covered 10 well-working ways which will help you choose the best photograph for Instagram profile. It is recommended to use all of them: in such a way you can improve brand recognition and attract more followers to your page.

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