TOP-10 Ways to become INSTAGRAM famous fast and easy

Author: Instagram Specialist20 May 2020
TOP-10 Ways to become INSTAGRAM famous fast and easy

Despite the popular belief, it is not necessary to post professional videos from expensive private parties, trips to heavenly places on the planet, photos of overseas delicacies or video tutorials on modern makeup if you want to make your Instagram famous. As practice shows, even a simple account with culinary recipes can become very popular. Of course, if you properly work with it. In this article we will talk about a few simple steps that will quickly increase popularity and attract new followers. You'd be surprised how good can the effect of such seemingly simple advices be.

So, there are only 10 important and easy tips how to get Instagram famous. If you observe at least 5 of them, you will soon notice how quick the number of your followers, views and likes can increase.

How to become Famous on Instagram

1. A good photo takes a lot of time

The first thing the social network user pays attention to is the quality of the photos in the post. Therefore, be patient. A good angle or proper lighting turns even an ordinary photo of a cup of coffee into a masterpiece. Do not worry if you fail to make a good shot after five or even fifteen tries. After a while you will learn how to make beautiful images faster. And do not forget about processing. Not only filters may help turn your photos into a masterpiece, but also such programs and processing applications as Photoshop, Facetune, Afterlight or VSCO.

2. More naturalness

Look through the accounts of any successful blogger or celebrity and you will see that naturalness is in fashion today. Fake smiles, duck lips and fancy pose no longer attract followers. Photos with sincere emotions collect more likes.

3. Post a photo regularly

It is recommended to do this no more than three times a day. Too many posts during a day repel followers.

4. Do not forget about hashtags

This is a universal way of promotion in the Internet. Some post a photo which gets a huge number of tags but only a few likes, while other users put up to 5 tags and their posts quickly go to the top. The reason for this is the popularity of certain hashtags. With their help, people can not only designate the subject of the post, but also look for other entries on this topic. It is also helpful to tag products or other users

5. Determine the interests of the target audience

This will be useful if you are promoting certain products or services. If you have a "Life-style" page, then the audience will be quite heterogeneous and will have to ensure that the published content was/is interesting to a wide range of people.

6. Create individuality

Do not copy a style of famous bloggers or public figures’ pages. Of course, you can take part in some kind of online Challenge, but you should not design your page following the common patterns. To become Instagram famous, create your own original style and, believe me, this will attract more active followers than blind imitation.

7. Use attractive signatures

The photo attracts attention, but the content of the post generates interest to the page and it is the factor that encourages user to follow and simply flip through the news further. The signature text can be long or short. The most important thing is that it should be interesting and cover relevant topics.

8. Chat with followers

To do this, you can create polls in posts, mark subscribers or simply ask questions at the end of a reflection. It is also recommended to answer in comments (of course, we are talking about real followers - not about the bots of online magazines).

9. Do not be lazy to publish stories

Several beautiful or funny moments from your life will fast attract the attention of users. In addition, the number of active subscribers can be determined by the number of views.

10. Tag a clothing brand, food or establishment

This will make the post visible for those users who are not subscribed on your profile, but prefer clothing of the same brand or visit the same places.

Remember that there is no clear criteria for the design and servicing of Instagram pages. Experience has proven that even a very simple and eccentric blog can become popular here. To be Instagram famous it is enough only to use imagination and creativity.

How to Increase the Number of Followers in Instagram?

TOP-10 Ways to become INSTAGRAM famous fast and easy

First of all, you should keep in mind that it will not be possible to increase the number of followers by fair means, if you do not have a complete profile description and there are only a few average-quality posts on your page.

The most popular methods of cheating the number of followers is massliking and massfollowing.

  • Massliking is such a way to attract new subscribers by putting likes on their posts. To do this, you should choose the target audience that will be interested in your profile or products and services you promote. Then you need to put a few likes under any posts. A user will see your like, become curious and go to view your profile. If users are interested in offered services or products, then they will refollow and put likes under your posts.
  • Massfollowing works on the same principle. The difference lies only in the fact that you do not put likes, only subscribe to the page.

Massliking and massfollowing require a lot of time. Moreover, Insta has recently tightened restrictions on the number of likes and subscriptions per day. Therefore, today there are many services that will do it for you for a certain fee.

The main advantages of buying such services are:

  • You save time that can be spent on creating new high-quality content or another useful thing.
  • Promotions of your page will be made by professionals and the account will not be blocked for exceeding the limit or other violation.
  • You will get the result much faster than with self-promotion.

Benefits of Instagram Popularity

TOP-10 Ways to become INSTAGRAM famous fast and easy

If you wish, you can turn your Instagram account into a powerful advertising tool. Instagram was created for communication and sharing impressions, emotions and moments of live between people. But today it is also a good way to earn some money.

So, for example, if you have a promoted account on Instagram, you can start making money using one of the following ways:

  • Advertising of products or services. To do this, you must have an acc with more than a thousand followers and interesting content that is suitable for placing advertising links or reviews. In exchange for such activities, you will receive free of charge advertised products or money.
  • Promoting of the services. To do this, you shouldn’t have a large number of followers. For getting likes and views it will be enough to know the basic principles of Instagram and actively communicate with users.
  • Sale of goods. To sell goods you must have a business account. If you run a blog about fashion or travel, then branded items and positive reviews about the companies will organically fit into the posts.
  • Making of video reviews. Some public places, boutiques and beauty salons collaborate with popular bloggers for advertising purposes. If you have a popular account, then you will also most likely receive such a cooperation offer.

If you devote enough time on maintaining your page and take such earnings seriously, then Instagram can be a source of a good income.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Making Advertising in Instagram


  • Your income is not limited and depends entirely on your activity and the content you offer
  • You can get free quality products
  • You can earn some money very quickly
  • There is the possibility of getting passive income in Instagram.


  • To get the first offer, you need to unwind your page and carefully select the content for a long time
  • It is necessary to attract a sufficient number of active followers
  • If you advertise something in your profile too often, you can lose followers
  • It is necessary to carefully study the advertised campaign or products in order not to start cooperating with a brand that has a negative reputation


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