What is an impression on Instagram?

Author: Instagram Specialist17 February 2020

The social media is so wide-spread and widely used that we can’t imagine how a life of a man was in past without it. Even more we can’t live without Instagram. But, do we all actually know about Instagram fully? Do we know everything that Instagram offers us? We don’t think you do. We will tell you about one of the small, yet strong, features of Instagram. We will tell you the answer on your question: What is an impression on Instagram?

Instagram impressions are a part of Instagram insights (Instagram analytics), which is generally an analytic tool for Instagram. It allows you to find out how many impressions, reach you have and much more.

An impression is data, which is measured by the total numbers of time users saw your post or story. They show you the exact amount of times your content was displayed and it doesn’t include the times, when it was clicked on, liked or saved.

Instagram insights Impressions are data that tells you that your Instagram post or story was delivered to someone’s feed. The viewer doesn’t necessarily have engaged to your post in order for it to be counted as impression. Another thing to note, that one person could have multiple impressions for a single piece of content. If the viewer actually engaged to your post content or story, then it would considered as reach.

If you want to check your analytics, if you want to know what are impressions on Instagram for your account, then, firstly, you need to have a business account. If your account is already converted to a business account, then you need to go to your profile and click the top right button and go to your insights. Users will be redirected to their analytics in no time, and in there they’ll find all sorts of data. You can find out how many people checked out your account and how many views you’ve got in the past week. You can also find out how many followers you’ve got and how many people followed you in the past week. You can also check insights per each your post or story.

What about Instagram reach vs impressions? What is the difference? While impressions are about the total number of times users saw your post or story, reach is about the total number of unique users who have seen your post or story. Also it is quite debatable, what is more important, reach or impression. It all depends on what type of information you are looking for, your goal. If you aim to have interesting content that people will want to see more than once, then you need to watch your impressions. If you aim to have unique and widely popular content, then you need watch out for your reaches. The more reaches, the more unique people have seen your post; the more impressions, the more people are interested in your content and it doesn’t matter, whether they are diverse or it’s the same 100 followers that love you.

What are impressions on Instagram story? Almost the same as with ordinary posts. You can check how many people saw your story and who exactly saw it. You can access your story’s insights by swiping up and checking the people who have seen it. You can even see how many people forwarded the story, swiped to the next story, how many people found the story from hashtags and how many people visited your profile after seeing the story.

Impressions and reach are two of the most important indicators when it comes to brand awareness. If you want to increase brand awareness on Instagram, then you need to pay attention to impressions and especially reach.

And to conclude, now that you know what are impressiong on Instagram, you will surely reach your goal. After all, impression and reach give you the idea of how many people are actually being exposed to your post or story and how much people are actually engaging with it. Of course, most people want to become popular on Instagram and thus, need as much exposure to their page as possible. This data, Instagram impressions and Instagram reach, give you a general idea of how many people are aware of your content. You can always use this information in order to increase it and plan your future actions.

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