What is the best time to post on Instagram?

Author: Instagram Specialist20 May 2020
What is the best time to post on Instagram?

Is it possible to publish Instagram posts in such a way that they get most likes possible? Surely it is! Today you don’t have to use a great number of overspam hashtags or perform a boost to make as many people see your publication as possible. All you need is to choose the best time to post on instagram. No, this is not a joke: numerous researches and investigations have proven that users’ activity varies depending on the time of the day and hours. It means that if you publish information at the most peak of users’ activity a lot of people will see it and click likes. On the contrary, in case the post is published at hours of low activeness fresher publications will move it down to the end of feed. Furthermore, if a user has much news in the feed, he can simply stop watching it before he can see your publication. That’s why timing is essential for Instagram publishing. So, in this article we will tell you how to realize this and what is the best time to post on Instagram.

Time to publish on IG depending on the content topic

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

Whatever odd it could sound but publication topic does strongly influence the time for its placing. For example, the best time to post a pic on Instagram for tourism and journeys topic is on Friday from 9am till afternoon. At this time the post will attract maximum attention. People plan where and how they will spend weekends on the last working day of the week. It’s highly possible that your publication will inspire audience on outdoor activities or a trip to a definite place. The next best days after Friday are Monday and Tuesday. The beginning of business week is the time when people are still under impressions of holidays past and might be planning the following ones.

Tuesday and Thursday afternoon to 3pm are the best to publish some media on entertaining topics. This time shows the maximum amount of reactions to the content of such type. Users relax at lunch break and wish to have a bit of rest from work so they positively react on motivating or entertaining publications.

Publications with recipes or a food-dedicated photo would be most popular at the lunch time. They help to take mind off work and call for appetite. Additionally, posts of such kind are most frequently liked on Friday afternoon.

In case you offer professional service of any kind on a business page, the best time to post on Instagram are Friday’s, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. These are the days when users feel up to productive work and will definitely pay attention to some useful information.

As for the publications with information about cosmetics and other care products, Thursday and Friday 1pm to 3pm are considered the optimum time for them. Users scroll through such information while a lunch break or when business load at work calms down and there is a moment to have a cup of coffee.

Time to publish depending on the target audience

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

Age, gender and social activeness of your subscribers also have a strong influence on the time to publish posts. For instance, in case your target audience is people of age, orient on working and studying hours and publish information in the morning, at lunch break or at evening hours after work.

If your followers are mostly young people, you may try to publish posts at night. High school students and those who sit at the PCs late at night will click likes on the posts.

Time of publication depending on the day of week

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

• Monday

Monday is the start of the working week. However, it is not recommended to publish thoughtful posts with information complicated for comprehension. Users treat publications of entertaining and motivating kind very well.

• Tuesday

Users who work or study have already used to the course of work and switched from relaxation to intellectual or physical work by Tuesday. Therefore, they will easily get complicated information, statistics or news.

• Wednesday

Wednesday is the peak of a business week. This day is good for sharing your achievements, planning the future, competition with subscribers or telling about your role in social activities. Most of such business activities are comprehended far better on Wednesday than on the other days of week.

• Thursday

A lot of companies share information about their customers and progress in communication area on Thursday. You can follow in their footsteps and communicate with subscribers. The best option for this would be publishing a post with some survey or a request to share some information.

• Friday

This day is not recommended to place serious information related to work or future plans in news feed. At the end of business week subscribers prefer light entertaining content tuning them up to holidays. You may make a summary of the working week, tell about your latest achievements. These can be some modest though inspiring things.

• Saturday and Sunday

Saturday and Sunday can be considered together. Holidays are the best time to publish some simple entertaining content. You can tell how you are going to spend your holidays, give some advice on how to get ready for daily routine or just communicate with followers discussing the ways they spend their leisure time.

Publication time depending on the post type

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

All the publications on Instagram can be classified into the following groups:

  1. Photo posts
    Photo posts gather most of all likes if published at 12pm, 5pm to 6pm or at 9pm. Usually at this time most Instagram users have lunch, take rest on a business break or return home from work or high school. Also, researches show that picture posting between 5am and 8am on business days also collects many like clicks. This is the time people get up from beds and scroll through a news feed at breakfast or prepare for a working day.
  2. Video posts
    The choice of publishing time depends on where you upload the video. If to Stories, its length will be round 15 seconds and it will be saved for 24 hours, later you will be allowed to add it to current. Therefore, it can be uploaded at any time of day and night.
    Now, if you upload the video to a post, you have an option to make up a carousel of several videos at once, and overall timescale may rise up to 10 minutes. In such a way you can place some lengthy material. It’s a good idea to publish video in the evening, best of all – after 8pm. In case you have subscribers from different clock zones, take trials and try to publish videos depending on their reaction.
  3. On-air streams
    Better launch live broadcasts in the evening or at the end of business week. If you launch a broadcast, say, on Wednesday business time, it’s highly possible that really few people or even nobody will see it.
  4. Stories
    Thanks to the fact that Stories keep saved round the clock, they can be published at any time. Surely, you can look forward to the greatest followers’ activeness but in any case, the story will be available for them in the feed for entire 24 hours. Another thing to consider is that fresher stories may push it back.

As for the time of day, there are the following recommendations:

  1. Morning is the perfect time to place a fresh post. Huge masses of people in the USA and in other countries wake up, have breakfast and scroll through the feed.
  2. Midday, more correct to say – lunch break, is the best time to publish simple entertaining content. Officers and students scroll through the news feed click likes on selfie and share posts they liked with colleagues and friends at lunch.
  3. Evening – situation is almost same as lunch. People have a rest after a business day. This is the time when social media visit stats have a rise.
  4. Night. A rare one publishes posts at this time. However, in case you continue placing information up to 2-3 hours after midnight, you stand a chance to have late-sitting youngsters seeing it and liking. Apart from that, low competition makes your publication more noticeable.

Some useful tips for publication on Instagram

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

When you choose the perfect time, don’t ignore the following rules:

  1. A record captures maximum likes and views quantity within the first 4 hours. If you want to lengthen this time – edit and update hashtags.
  2. The speed of like clicks and views under publication has a direct influence on its movement to the TOP. That’s why do your best to gather the most involved and active audience on the page.
  3. Use hashtags correctly. Pick them up depending on post topic and do not use too many of them. It may distract users.
  4. Use Instagram notification tools. Unlike most modern social utilities, this web resource does not allow users publishing news without the author’s participation. So, if you have to make a publication at a certain time, simply prepare it in advance. When the time is due the system itself will suggest you place it.

Finally, a very simple but very important advice: do not disregard content quality. If the posts are not interesting, neither boost, nor targeted promotion, purchase IG followers cheap or perfect timing will help you collect many likes and reach the TOP.

In addition to the tips enlisted hereinabove, you have an opportunity to use Instagram audience activity analysis feature. This tool shows the time and days when your followers are most active.

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