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Buy 500 Instagram Followers for USA


You’ve bought 100 peeps and learned how to work them a bit. Now, you’re looking to buy more and see what you can do. Go up another level and buy 500 Instagram followers from USA and do a practical test on your technique. See if it really works, or you just got lucky with the first 500. Be a scientist and be diligent with your research. When you get 500 USA Instagram followers, it’s a serious jump about starting a solid set of real peeps.

Referring back to another article written when talking about 100 followers, this many can be overwhelming. So let's break down how to sort the full five hundred out shall we?

Here’s a simple way of getting it organized:

  • Sort your new 500 peeps into categories of 100 each.
  • Break down each set of 100 to stacks of 50 each (You should have 10 sets).
  • Figure on working with one stack a day contacting your new peeps
  • Set aside the followers who have little or no interest in you and keep going. (There’s no need to worry about them, or try to convince them more than just a few minutes of what you want them to buy.)

Eventually, you'll get through them. As they come in, keep setting your stacks up in an organized fashion to make sure it's not confusing. It's not overwhelming, just a lot of keeping track. It's like taking and making an inventory list. Why do I refer to this as inventory? Because in a store, or market, inventory makes money when it sells. This is the same. Think of your followers as possible profit makers when they buy what you're selling.

Never Take Your Purchase For Granted

Because you have a set of cheap 500 Instagram followers on your list, it doesn't exactly mean they're cheap. It's not something where you just add water and stir until dissolved. You simply bought them for a good price. They're still real and have active profiles. This means more than you know now, but if you work with your new peeps long enough, you'll come to respect that.

As far as using your new followers to your advantage, take the small checklist above and memorize it. It’s a good way of getting started.

When You’re Buying 500 IG Followers

  • Have a Strategy
  • Be Ready to Work
  • Follow the Plan
  • Get Results (or keep pushing until you do)
  • Be ready to adjust your plan to increase results

It can take a while to see results. The reason why is that the average in seeing results is between 1% and 3% that your new peeps will suggest to friends that they should follow you and/or buy your products. Those that do you need to keep in touch with and retain their business.


Here’s one way of thinking if you buy 500 real Instagram followers

Let's say you are an underwater horticulturist and you're growing an underwater garden. In that garden, you need to keep predators out, cultivate it, and protect yourself so that you can be safe. Keeping your garden free from bad things happening to it is the number one priority. Eels and sharks come by to eat your plants. Different other fish come by to hide in them. Scallops find their way there and you have a fine dinner once a week. A sea crab comes and eats the scallops.

Your followers are the scallops. They are the main ones to protect because they are your source of income if you have a business, and your source of credibility if your passion is just showing others what you do. Your peeps wave in the current of the water and are fickle. They don’t always come back to you when the water sways them another way. That’s why you need to keep them thinking about you.

When you connect with them, it can keep them buying your product, or watching your posts or videos. They’ll tell friends about you if you have that kind of value to them. The plants in the garden become your strategy to keep the scallops happy. If your followers are happy, then they will stay with you. Your job is to figure out keeps them happy on how you do things. The trick is to not be a total people pleaser. Remember it’s a business. Success depends on the smart decisions you make as well as the time you save in your work.

Buying 500 IG followers is a good plan when you keep your strategy. Take advantage of your new peeps and explore possibilities to complete your following. You will have results.



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