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It is 2021 now and youngsters who are kick-starting their careers now are surely not looking on conventional topics. Those days are gone when youngsters picked options like accountants, clerks or engineers. One thing is for sure now, they have decided that they won’t settle for their lives, but rather choose it. And this explains why so many people blog.

Either it for their passion of food, clothing, fashion apparel, travel or photography, or to simply earn something, blogging has certainly become career for many successful individuals, including people like Chiara Ferragni, who has been blessed with an ever growing followers of over 15 million, or Kirsten Alana, who believes he is an Aviator with a camera, probably the biggest travel blogger out there.

On the other hand, blogging has a lot of benefits too. You connect with a lot more people, do what you love, from travelling to eating and writing. Bloggers often turn into authors and write their own books narrating their journeys. They not only make money from their massive following and popularity on Instagram, but monetize it further, and sell products of their own, or others. But most importantly, the benefits that matter most to us is the fact that you have an online or social presence, an identity of your own, for people to look up to you.

Now that we have talked about the benefits of an online presence or identity, how long will it take for you to do so? When we said this is the most important one, we said it for a reason. If you don’t establish your identity on the world wide, you will not be able to reap other benefits of blogging. It is what it is.

Let’s talk about Instagram today. To grow on Instagram, that is, to have a huge following, get high engagement rates and more, you need to do a lot of things other than just staying active and use hash tags. It isn’t that simple. But even if you think , you can just go with the flow, how long do you think it will take for you to achieve the desired growth? Just to reach an acceptable number of followers, leave apart likes and comments: at least two years!

But how do others do it? How do they grow so fast? Are we misleading you? Are they better than us?


We have answers to all of your questions.

When a new brand comes to existence, to make a voice, they need to promote their business first. They do so with advertisements, offers, discounts and more. With your blog, you need to do the same. Only if you don’t want be another blog with 1000 odd followers. You want it to be big.

So, will you also have to advertise, and give offers? Hell no. You need to look for a different way of promotion. Here’s your best bet: Invest in real Instagram followers, likes, comments, or our Blogger Instagram Package. Why? What? When? We have got everything you need to know about this, so stay with us until the end and we are sure you wouldn’t be able to turn your back to this extraordinary offer.

Benefits of buying the Blogger Instagram Package


Nourish Your Blog with an enhanced social presence

What you are basically doing is giving an ultimate boost to your followers but that is not it. Once you do so, you are calling for an increased client base, because that is how the Instagram algorithm works. Although we will discuss that in details later, one simple example will explain better. What is the first thing you notice when you visit an account on Instagram? Of course, the followers and the following ration.

So, if there are two accounts, posting similar, appealing content, but one has more followers than the other, which one are you most likely to follow? The one with more followers. That is how human psychology works.


Seek to Growth

This is the topmost reason why people buy followers on Instagram. This includes everyone - celebs, top athletes, advanced users, beginners or even amateur bloggers like you. No matter how different their professions are, one thing which binds all of us together is we all seek to growth.

People are often misguided with the concept that buying followers is not organic growth. But what people don’t understand is that it does not avoid organic growth, but finds ways to grow faster. It is like giving you a head start. Efficiency, speed and a positive effect are the side benefits.


Play it well with your competitors

Like we said, there are so many people out there blogging, and to come to the top, you need to be better and more creative. Bad thing for you is that they already have started their journeys before you and are ahead of you.

Our package allows you to be at the same level with them so that you can make up for the lost time. We can’t promise you on surpassing and predominance over your competition, because most probably they are also investing to play well in the industry. But yes, remember, there is nothing as important as posting an eye catching content. Our package will certainly help but nothing can replace quality content.


Monetize your blog and account

We told you about how bloggers just not stick to their blogs, but start to monetize themselves, by being authors, advertisers and promoters. But all of this starts with their blog, they start to get sponsorship deals and publishers once their blog hits a mark of followers, engagement and they become a thing for the audience.
But as we said earlier, this takes time. Once you start to get sponsorship deals, it becomes a legit career, and not just a source of passive income. It will still take long, but a head start will definitely reduce the labor and shorten the time span.


Concentrate solely on your content

This is what most people don’t really talk about. You will often find people discussing the meet authenticity of bought followers and stuff, but they don’t talk about the positive aspect.

When you have a blog, your top most priority must be your account. Appealing, energetic and eye-catchy content should be your goal. But, Instagram with so many other aspects, like engagement rates, followers, promotions and more, draws your attention to other aspects, which are important too.

Drawing your attention to them reduces the quality of your content. One needs to understand that at the end of the day, it all comes down to your content. If that isn’t good, nothing great would come to you. We understand that, and  buying our package would take care of all the other aspects for you.

What exactly does the Blogger Instagram Package offer you?

Well, one thing is for sure it is a total value for money. For $399 we bring you 10000-12000 new followers, accompanied with 1000-1200 likes on each new post for a month. We also understand how important video content is, and offer you 2500-3000 views on each of your new videos, with 15-20 comments on each new post you make. All of this with guaranteed results and no upper limit on the number of posts. Make as many posts as you wish within a month. Unlike others, we don’t require passwords and actions, and provide VIP service to you.

Now, you must have understood that our package majorly focuses on 4 aspects. That are, followers, likes, comments and views. They all are equally important, and we pay attention to all of them. Below, we have rounded up as why they are so important , keep reading to understand their role.


Buy Instagram Followers

How long do you think it will take for you to grow to 10000-12000 followers our package provides you in 30 days? For a matter of fact, any blog at an average will require a year, at the very minimum. What this does is, slows you down because you are time bound.

So, everything you would have been able to achieve a year earlier is delayed by a year. Why do so? You need to understand that we are asking for a price, but even if you don’t wish to invest, stick to grow by yourself, a year costs a lot. On the other hand, things like staying active are hard labor. As having a blog would cost you something, we are just making it much easier for you, with guaranteed results.


Buy Instagram Likes

One thing you must have understood by now is we reduce your effort. Now let ‘s discuss the popularity aspect in regard to likes. You might follow someone on the basis of their followers but to get sponsorship deals, you need to have an account which is not just majorly followed, but is also liked. If followers are your cake, then likes is your icing. In fact, to be a top blogger, one needs to hit the top consistently with their posts. We all know the value of most-like posts. It not only garners attention but also sparks engagement.


Buy Instagram Views and Comments

How do advertisers make money? It’s usually via viewership model. Once the ads get posted, they are paid on the basis of the views. Although they aren’t as much emphasized as much as likes and followers, we find them as the real deal.

You see, once you get more and more views, there are more chances that a business agent  will check upon you and consider you for the position of brand ambassador for their business, and offer you a deal. If that is successful, you on your way to earning revenue. One more thing that makes views so important is that it helps you reach top popularity marks. Something which is already popular will grab and draw more attention towards it.

Having positive comments, appreciating your posts is something what we all want, but can’t have. Such is their impact. They take an effort and that is why rated at the highest point while measuring one’s engagement. This is one way of communicating about how awesome your content is. Especially for bloggers, this is very important. Exactly why all of our packages contain good amount of comments in the offer.


Resort to buying or naturally grow?

You might think that buying followers is just the easy way out and betray your own efforts. No, that is not right. You are not going through the convenient way. What you are doing is concentrating on thing , which is one of the most important, your content. Your goal is to still grow further. You are still chasing growth. Buying the Blogger Instagram Package would be the best for you. Besides that, you aren’t just stopping at 10k followers. You still want to grow further, and this package will offer you a smooth start.

Why does a blogger invest in this package?

If you think to show off or take the easy route, think again. It isn’t an easy way. There is a hustle you got to do. And if it was for showing off, you shouldn’t sign up for a career like blogging. Bloggers invests in package deals because they understand the importance of quick growth in this fast-pacing world. They don’t want to be pulled back because others have been in the business since a long time. They want to produce genuine content, invest in their dreams and wish to take this a long way. They also hope for an enhanced social presence and increase their online visibility.

A 100% SAFE

Just because you read somewhere you shouldn’t buy followers because that isn’t right or is illegal, doesn’t mean that it is true. Instagram has got no problems with you for buying followers, likes or views. It pitches against bots and fake profiles. But that shouldn’t bother you because we don’t use  either of them. We offer you real time followers as we promised earlier. Now, what’s the waiting worth for? Let’s blog together!



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