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What is auto Instagram likes?

To answer this question, you should first of all determine why you have an account in this social network. From the beginning, Instagram was meant to be as a medium, where people from all over the world could exchange their photos and impressions, as well as to communicate with each other. But, as other popular social networks, this one also drew attention of those who wished to sell something or to earn some money. Unfortunately, if you look closely to trends of the day in the field of Internet communications, it becomes obvious, that any popular social network will sooner or later turn into an advertising and business platform. The Instagram has not become an exception.

Today, the users of IG can be divided into two groups: sellers and those, who keep their accounts just for likes and communication. For the first and the second group likes are essential. For those, who use Insta to promote goods / services, likes are indicator of the target audience activity and help increase the demand. And for those, who don’t sell anything (for instance, for those, who just have a life-style account), it increases the popularity level. Moreover, the Instagram has one peculiarity in news feed - the more likes you have, the higher the chance that your post will get into the TOP-list and lots of users will see it. Except getting more likes, the post from the TOP-list also stimulates users to go to the account of the one who made it. And this is the way for fast increasing of the followers’ number.


Besides, Instagram users with a great number of likes under their posts and active audience, frequently get offers to advertise some product in exchange for money or some good discounts. Thus, Instagram likes are not just a popularity marker – it also helps to earn good money. That’s why many bloggers or groups ask to like their posts or make up the ways on how to get auto likes on Instagram.

Why buy Automatic Instagram Likes

If you are interested in the increasing of your account popularity and the number of likes under your posts, it can be done by two ways: by yourself or you can buy auto Instagram likes.

In the first case you will have to:
  • · Like your friends and all of other users, hoping that they will do the same in return.
  • · Write about likes in each post, it can lead to thumbs down from the followers.
  • · Download Instagram auto like bot, perform fake hype up and endanger the account with ban because of limits violation.
  • · Spend a lot of time to create a new and interesting style of your profile, and also select and post the content which will be appreciated by your followers and other users of this social network.

As you can see, all the above-mentioned methods are time-consuming and have low efficiency. Prior to start the description of pros and cons of auto likes IG, let’s talk about what it is, and about its purpose in details.

Autolikes – is a service of the account hyping up, which is popular among bloggers, online stores and users seeking to get money from the advertising. The nature of autoliking is the following: for example, a user buy 100 likes on a trusted source for its account or post. Then, the number of hearts under the picture starts increasing very fast. There is no need to be online for the user at this time. Automation of the service will do everything without user’s part.

Likes can be added to each new post within several minutes after its appearance. They are necessary to push posts to the TOP-list. The social network registers the speed of likes under the new posts. The higher speed, the higher probability that post will reach the TOP.

Advantages to buy Instagram auto likes:



It is enough to order the necessary number of likes and service will be provided to you right away.



Your account will not be banned for limits violation, and the increase of likes’ number will look natural.



The service automatically tracks new posts or videos and sends likes.

But there are some disadvantages as in any other option. So, for example if the autoliking service is ordered in a wrong place, there is a risk for your account to be banned, because of violation of the social network rules. To avoid such situation, it is necessary to address only to trusted specialists, who knows everything about trading. Buy instagram followers and likes package

How to Get Auto Likes on the Instagram

To get cheap and fast Ig automatic likes, you have to do the following:

1 Choose the required number of likes on our site


2 Choose the convenient payment option and perform your payment.


3 Indicate your account login and keep your profile open. Otherwise, we cannot provide the service.


4 Indicate your E-mail to stay in touch.

5 Choose algorithm of the service provision (one or several posts).

Then you can watch how your profile’s popularity increases.

Why You Should Choose FollowersPromotion



A post gets lots of likes and then goes to the TOP-list. After that there is no point in the additional hype up. Users from all over the world see your post and like it.


High speed

Automatic systems are good because they allow getting the necessary number of likes fast and with consideration of limits.



Pay one time for auto likes for Instagram and you can significantly save on other advertising tools.

Our Advantages

Our Company is focused on modern, efficient and safe methods of promotion on Instagram social network. We offer to our customers the following:

  • Free trial versions of our services, and Insta-liker.
  • Fast results. The number of likes starts to grow after a couple of minutes since your order placement. Buy auto likes Instagram and convince yourself.
  • Guarantee. If you don’t get ordered automatic Instagram likes within 24 hours – contact us and we will make a refund. However, we ensure you that everything is done on time and with the highest possible quality.
  • Competitive prices. Our pricelist will surprise you.
  • 24/7 support. On top of that, our customers can use our VIP-support at any time or day.
  • Flexible settings. Our client can choose the algorithm of our service provision. If you need auto likes on Instagram or to add new users – just contact us.
  • Simple order placement - buy Ig likes, it will take a few minutes.

Now you don’t have to go through a long and complicated registration procedure, endanger your Insta account or use bots. Just choose the necessary number of likes on our website and enjoy fast results.

FAQ & Answers

How many uploads can I make monthly?

Monthly you can make as many uploads as you need to increase the popularity of your account to the required level. Autolikes quickly push your page or post to the TOP-list of Instagram recommendations.

How fast do you deliver the Order?

As all paid services, our liking service starts its action right after the payment. You even don’t have to be online. Just indicate your network login and when you sign in next time, you’ll see the significant increasing of the likes’ number under your posts. The likes number increase service will start within 5-10 minutes after you post a new photo.

Do you need My Password? Can my profile be private?

No, you don’t have to tell us your password or other confidential data. Login is required in order to find your profile. Moreover, your profile should be open to make liking procedure possible. We don’t trench on the personal data of our customers. Our job is to provide the service proficiently and effectively.

How can I update/downgrade my subscription?

Yes, you can control the process of service provision. To do it you will have to contact us via E-mail or online chat on our website. After remedy of the issue, we will correct the likes’ number or stop provision of the service if needed.

What happens after I run out of posts?

Even after you stop posting new entries, your likes’ number will not decrease. The purchased number of likes stays on your page, but at the same time, thanks to the increase of your popularity, new interested users will increase the number of your likes in organic way.

Will this put my account at risk?

Purchasing on our website doesn’t endanger your account with ban. We know the operation principle of Instagram social network and all the existing limits. So, your page will not be banned, and your popularity will grow fast due to the sensible autoliker.