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Any user is able to get some money from their Instagram account without any hassle, just by posting something. Hyped-up account and massive following is all there is to not only boost someone’s ego, because of hundreds or thousands of likes on their posts, but also, earn money by selling (promoting) stuff, services or other people, creating surveys and competitions – anything to earn money; everything is possible.

However, anyone, who desires to make Instagram their job, has to first of all warm up their account to a certain number of views, likes and, of course, followers. Sadly, it is quite problematic to do all of that not only by yourself, but also quickly. Because of different factors, Instagram social network has made lots of restrictions to all its features. Therefore, you need always be in range of those limits. And in order not to get banned, you need to use only trustful services of bots or special real service packages. Our website is just for you.

If you are doubtful of the effectiveness of the service that you want to use, you need to try out free Instagram views. You can do that on our website and after you have ordered your free Instagram video views, you need simply hold on for a while and in instant you will notice the growth of numbers under your chosen post. The views for videos are the same as likes for photos, thus, a video-post with an immense amount of views will surely get to the top ranked videos on the platform and you will not need to promote it further. Everyone, even those who are not subscribed to your page, will see your video and will increase your statistics.

What is more, you can easily experience the high quality of our service free of charge and you can decide afterwards, whether it is worth of your time to switch to the cooperation with us on a paid basis.

Why Get Free Instagram Views

There are a few easy methods that can automatically increase the number of views under your video on Instagram:


Interesting content

Even if you are going to use some methods to hype up your page in the future, we do not recommend neglecting the quality.




You won’t succeed on Instagram without them. Mark your video with corresponding to the topic tags and add several popular ones, such as #instagood #life #love.



Video name

If you come up with some interesting and intriguing name, then the probability that the majority of people will decide to watch your video will increase.


However, with a scarce number of followers it will take much more time to reach your goal. Surely, it sounds better to accelerate the process by subscribing to other Insta users and hoping that they may notice you and watch your videos; however, this will take time away from you and will not for sure bring you the positive result that you are seeking for.

Lots of public persons, webstores, brands, bloggers and people of all kind don’t ignore Instagram services aimed at promoting their profiles. Those services provide different type of followers, views and likes: it can be fake bots or it can be real people. In this type of service you need to be careful. Furthermore, in 2019 the restrictions on Instagram have become even stricter.

If you are still not familiar with them, then please, find below the list of main limitations (can even change more):

  1. Likes – not more than 1 like per 30 seconds. If you placed more than 1000 likes, then you should take a 24-hour break.
  2. Subscriptions – not more than 1 subscription per 30-40 seconds and not more than 200 subscriptions per 1 hour. Daily subscription limit is 1000.
  3. Mentions – not more than 5 nicknames per 1 message.
  4. Comments – it is recommended to leave not more than 14 comments per 1 hour. Besides, it is restricted to leave many identical comments – your page may be blocked as a result.
  5. Description – the description you post under the uploaded videos should not exceed 2000 symbols.
  6. Photo addition rate – it is recommended to download not more than 2-3 photos per day in a new account and not more than 9-12 photos in an old one.

Those, who are ignoring these rules and exceed the limits, will be considered by auto system as spam or anything else and will be temporarily or might even permanently banned. On top of that, how can you even count all the likes you put on pictures or get from people? It is pretty harsh to keep up with it. Thus, the easiest and the best decision will be to buy the amount of likes you need through our website or use free Insta followers trial version.

Benefits to get Free IG Video View


Swift growth for your page popularity.

Time efficiency

Time and money saving.


Page safety – it will not be blocked for spam or exceeding the limits.

Boost users

Increase of the visibility and recognition of your real account among other Insta users.

We hope that you understand that Instagram video-clips are even more powerful tool for advertising rather than photographs. You should think about it. What differs a video from a photo is that a photo is only one frame, while in video there can be hundreds or thousands of frames. You can show lots of things on a video, while you a photo will display only a certain frame. On Instagram it is much shorter than on Facebook, but there is IGTV, where you can post even bigger videos. Even though, the most of videos are short and clear, you don’t need to bother to watch 10-minute videos. Even a minute will be enough for you to advertise your product or whatever you want. And our service applies for both IGTV and common videos on Instagram.

Aside from that, it will be quite useful for online-stores, medial persons, bloggers and users who just begin to earn money on advertisement to check how it works by trying our free version or right away purchase a package of views.

How to get free Instagram views

To enjoy our service, get the free Instagram likes quickly and smoothly, you need only to provide us your login and email by indicating them in the designed blank on the website. We require your login in order to be able to accomplish the delivery of the service on the chosen post and the email is required in order to have an ability to contact you when the order starts and when it will end or inform you if anything happens, but nothing bad will happen.

You should also make sure that your profile is made public. Otherwise, we will not be able to deliver this service. Whenever you want, you can come to our website and buy a service package you need, it’s all just too cheap.

FAQ & Answers

How can I see the views on Instagram?

If you have a common-user-profile, then you can see the number of free video views on Instagram under a post. The views are displayed on the same place as the likes under posts, and if you click on the views number, you will see the likes count of the video. The views count enables you to visualize the people, who have watched your video and, naturally, how many people clicked on it. On Insta you also have a possibility to see such information on all kinds of posts and on your profile.

How to get free views on Instagram?

There is no need for you to complete any kind of complex registration procedure. You need to only fill in a small online form on our website and choose the amount of views you want to attain. For a test of the service ¬ try out our Instagram views free package and attain the results in no time.

How long does it take to get free video views?

Don’t worry about the fact that you will have to wait long for the service to be executed. We operate with a daily basis and our automatic system works all of the time. You will have the results right after you have placed the order. You will attain all your free views on the same speed as the paid packages – instantly. The only difference is the number of views. When paying for the service, you can opt for any amount of views you need, but for a free package the number is limited.

Can I use your service several times?

We are always happy when our customers are satisfied with the quality of services delivered and come back to cooperate with us again. You can use free views on Instagram service only one time. Other services can be ordered as many times as you need to achieve your goal.


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