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It’s been almost a decade since Instagram got its first active user. Over the years, it has turned out to become one of the most used social media platforms with over a billion users as of early 2021.
Instagram’s user-friendly features that promote people from across the world to connect and share their talents and experiences have caused young people to throng to the platform. The user base of Instagram consists largely of teenagers and young adults who find the app as a great place to connect and share.

With Instagram becoming the most used social media platform by teenagers, the world of commerce has realized that they need to be active on the platform to connect with the youth and get a whole new customer base. Hundreds of brands have set up their profiles on Instagram and are constantly trying to create an image that appeals to the youth all over the world.

The number of active accounts on Instagram has been increasing every day. This has led almost everyone to showcase the best of their talents and get as many followers as they can. With over a billion active accounts, those who do manage to get a huge number of followers and become famous on Instagram , are not less than a movie star. We are certain that you want to gain a lot of followers on Instagram too and let the world see your talent.

What is your plan to achieve your dream follower count?

If you want to be known amongst the people who have managed to become ‘Insta Famous,’ there are some basic things that you will have to check off your list which includes staying active. Being inactive, even for a couple of days, can make your followers forget about you.

As we've already stated, the platform has over a billion accounts. Imagine, if you were inactive for a while, wouldn't one out of these billion accounts take your place and attract your followers? Besides staying active, you also need to post an excellent content. You cannot be lazy with what you put up on Instagram. Even a single bad post can lead people to unfollow you and damage your reputation, thus, you might not be able to attract more followers. Along with being active and posting high-quality content, you also need to engage with your followers. The more you engage with them, the more they will start to like your account and promote it to their friends, thus, to increase your followers.

Even if you follow these basics by the book, it will take an excruciatingly long time for you to achieve your dream follower count. Instagram’s algorithm can be held responsible for this. It’s quite tricky because your content won't reach many people because the algorithm mostly features posts of accounts with a high number of followers on the discover page and yours might not meet the criteria as of the moment. This makes it difficult for your account to get new followers.

This might be wondering “How the accounts famous on Instagram managed to make it big?” The truth is, they simply purchased Instagram followers. We’ll talk more on this later, but first you must be clear as to how buying one of our Instagram monthly promotion packages will benefit you:


Your Instagram Career Will Skyrocket

Yes, we use the word ‘career.’ That is because as we mentioned earlier, brands are on a constant lookout for faces that are popular amongst the young people to promote their products. If you are one of those faces, you ought to have a massive number of followers and a good engagement with them.

Now, to gain this massive following   it is essential to create high-quality content and remain active on your account. However, this cannot be the only way to go about it. People who come across your content will tend to follow you only if your account has a good number of followers. This can make many people like yourself to be involved.

The solution is quite simple. All you have to do is purchase real Instagram followers. If you do this, people who visit your profile will be much eager to follow your account as the higher number of followers will validate your account as the one which is active and gives good content. And as your follower base increases, brands will start noticing you and you will get a number of offers to promote different products on your account. Not just that, you will be able to establish yourself as a popular social media influencer.


Value for efforts

You might have noticed that we are constantly emphasizing the fact that you must create top notch content in order to gain followers. To create content that will be appreciated by all, you will have to put in a lot of creativity and hours of hard work.

As we mentioned earlier, Instagram’s algorithm works in a strange way. You might be creating the best content, but it will be difficult for you to be featured. That means you will have to keep on creating good content to retain your handful of followers but the number of new followers you acquire will be pretty low. If this happens, over time you will be discouraged and tend to put up mediocre content.

This is where our packages will step in to help you. You will get a number of followers for your account. All the effort you put into creating your content will be rewarded as you will gain tons of new followers who appreciate your content.


Earn Big Paychecks

You can earn a good amount of money from Instagram. If you would have said this statement to someone a couple of years ago, they would have laughed at your face. Now Instagram influencers earn quite a lot of money simply by promoting different brands on their accounts. If you to want to get on this way too, you will need to have a massive following.

As we mentioned in the first point, brands are constantly looking for people to represent them on Instagram. If you want to be one of the chosen representatives, you must have a huge number of followers and your account should have engagement. Purchasing one of our packages will help you establish yourself as a face of several brands and earn through Instagram.

What packages can you offer?

In total, we have got five different sets of packages with each one bringing something different to the table. You should go through the details of each package and select one depending on the type of growth you are looking for your Instagram account:

1. Beginner

The beginner package is quite popular with people who are just sitting out on their journey to become famous on Instagram. If you are among them, you should definitely select this package to get a good number of followers right at the beginning. With this package, you will get 1000-1200 real Instagram followers for your account along with 100-200 likes on each new post on your profile. In order to boost engagement, you will also get about 300-600 views and 3-6 comments on each new post. This is our cheapest package and will cost you just $99.

2. Advanced User

This package is good for you if you have been on Instagram for some time and want to boost your number of followers in order to grow at a faster pace. It is slightly costlier than the beginner package and cost you $249. You will get 5000-6000 new followers for your account with 300-600 likes on each new post along with 800-1200 views on your videos and 7-10 comments on every post.

3. Blogger

The blogger package offers much more benefits than the other two packages and is perfect for you if you want your content to reach a larger group of people in less time. You will be able to get 10000-12000 new followers along with 1000-1200 likes and 2500-3000 views on every new video and 15-20 comments on every new post to boost your engagement. It costs $399

4. Famous Person

If you are looking for fast-track way to become an Instagram influencer, the famous person package is the best option for you. It costs $999 and offers you 50000-55000new followers and 2500-5000 likes on each new post. On top of that, you will also get 4000-7000 views on all new videos and 25-30 comments on posts.

5. Celebrity

This package offers the maximum number of benefits and it’s our  the best one. For $1899 you will  get 100000 new followers, 5000-7000 likes, 10000-20000 views and 40-70 comments on each new post.

FollowersPromotion offers the best monthly Instagram packages on the Market. Check it out!

Should you buy one of our packages or try to increase your number of followers by simply creating good content and waiting patiently?

The number of followers you already have doesn’t important  when you create a content. No matter if you have a hundred followers or a hundred thousand, you will have to put in a lot of effort to retain them and attract the new ones. The only difference, creating good content for a higher number of followers will help you grow at a much faster pace.

However, it is a bit difficult to get that high follower count because of the herd mentality most people are accustomed to. When someone comes across your content and visits your profile, the first thing they will look at is the number of followers you have. If your follower count is low, most people won't follow you because your account would be as one which does not have a good content and is not that active. On the other hand, if you have a higher number of followers, people who visit your profile will be more willing to click the ‘Follow’ button as your account will appear as one that constantly posts good content. Thus, you will grow at a faster rate.

Now, if you intend to achieve this high follower count for growing on Instagram, it will take you a painfully long duration of time. But if you purchase one of our packages, you will get a good number of followers in very short time. This will help you get a higher number of followers over a period of time and soon you will be established as one of the most famous people on the platform.

A major concern for people when they decide to buy our followers is if the initial engagement they will experience will stay there even after a long period of time. You don't have to worry about that. The engagement you get in the initial days will not disappear even after a long period of time.
Before you make your decision, you must know that almost all the people who are famous on Instagram have bought followers at one time or another.


Why do famous people buy likes and followers on Instagram?

Like we said, it is difficult to get a high number of followers simply by creating a good content. That’s why almost every famous Instagram personality has bought followers and likes for their account at one point in time to boost their profile and grow their accounts. Even the most popular celebrities and brands have bought followers and likes just so they managed to fast-track their fame and establish themselves at the position they are at present.

A Clean Chit

A very common misconception for those purchasing Instagram monthly packages is that it is prohibited by Instagram and that your account might be banned for doing so. However, in reality, though Instagram doesn't officially encourage people to buy followers and likes, it understands the need for it and therefore, you can do so without any hesitation. You won't be violating any of the platform’s guidelines and your account won’t be disabled.

We suggest that you go through the details of each of the packages we have mentioned above. See for yourself what you want for your Instagram profile and purchase one of the packages accordingly. Once you purchase any package, you will see for yourself the benefits it brings for your profile and you might even want to purchase it again after some time.


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