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Buy 1k Instagram followers in this place

Popular Instagram bloggers say that it’s hard to get only first thousand of followers. Further new visitors just look at the number of your subscribers and think that the channel is worth to follow.

But this first 1000 is really hard to goal, if you use just organical methods of account promotion. It may take a year or even more.

But followerspromotion.com can help you to reduce this time to just one hour:

  • Yes, you’ve got it right — to gain 1k followers for Instagram you need an hour and not a minute more.
  • It’s safe and fast way to promote your business page in IG, because we use only active accounts. So system reckon that all new subscribers came by organic ways.
  • You need just $8,99 to buy this package. And yes, that are the lowest prices you’d ever see on the market. We’ve checked.

Click on the “Buy” button and make your profile grow instantly. Get thousands of followers on Instagram right now and start doing business with great boost of your IG page.


How to get thousands of instagram followers instantly

It’s simple to get 1000 new followers in a short time with FollowersPromotion. Expand your account just in an hour and give it a great boost.

followerspromotion.com is one of the simplest and cheapest service on the market. With its help you can give a great boost to your account just in a few steps.

Steps to increase 1000 followers for your account:

1 Click on the package you want to buy.


2 Pay it for any way you find at our site.

3 Wait an hour — that’s time we need to deliver all your followers.

Promote your Instagram with followerspromotion.com and create fine image of your page instantly. Buy instagram followers cheap

Buy 1000 real followers with a few clicks on your computer or iPhone

Want to get 1000 followers on Instagram, but your account grows slowly? Give it great boost for promotion and gain them in an easy way.

The main advantages of this service are:

Lowest price on the market

You can get thousands of followers on Instagram for $8,99.

Fast delivery

All your 1k followers would be delivered in an hour.

High quality

All subscribers are real and active accounts, so it’s safe and fast way to boost your IG

It’s a great opportunity for small business of personal accounts, whose owners wants to develop them instantly. Buy your 1000 followers and watch how your account grows.

FAQ & Answers

Will Instagram delete my account if I buy 1000 followers?

No, if you buy followers on FollowersPromotion. We use just clear and active accounts with the help of specific algorithms which deliver them to your account. IG system reckon that all new followers are coming by organical ways, so everything is fine.

Does buying 1000 Instagram followers work?

Yes, indeed. Buying it helps to promote account, create fine image of popular page and keep level of high organic shows and subscribes. It’s complex tool which help to promote IG accounts from different directions.


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«Awesome! it worked!»
«fast service. Thank you for improving my business impression.»
«Thank you luv»
«Like the your website thanks for the service»
«Just add thx»
«Thank you for cool service ! It is really fast»
«Well, I’m satisfied with what I got. They’ve done the boost really quickly, I didn’t even notice the process cause I went online only when everything was done already)»
«Even if you are a big dawg you can still use this hype-up service. If you do it in a right way, it will bring some additional benefits to your profile. I ordered 1000 instagram followers and then paid package, so I know these guys do everything quite nice. If you don’t know that a certain account was artificially hyped-up, you will never guess. I think this is an excellent way of promotion for those, who are concerned about being busted for this. Everything is executed fast, cheap and with high-quality.»
«I liked that this hype was done quickly and there was no need to stay online. It really saves time. You can place an order and go about your business without worrying about problems with your ig account. I tried story views and so far, my page is OK.»
«Nice service to buy 1k instagram followers. Good idea if you are looking for some cheap and fast way to hype up your account without having it blocked.»
«Ordered 1K new followers set. Delivered fast, price is good. No problems detected. Their website is constructed to save your time: they have FAQ section and all services are sorted by packages. Plus, when you choose a certain package, you can read its full description and see its price.»
«Guys, if your girlfriend virtually spends all her free time in ig and always posts something or makes videos with you for her stories, please, get her 1K of new followers. That’s what I did, by the way)))) It cost me 7 bucks and my honey was so happy. She was checking whether the number of followers remained the same every five minutes. Well, the service is cool and I am gonna buy a couple of hundreds for my acc.»
«I have many followers and big future plans for my profile, so it doesn’t make any sense to buy less than 1K. I’ll be honest with you, I was so afraid these guys would do something wrong and my artificial promotion would be obvious and, thus, my page would be blocked. But everything is fine) I have my thousands of new followers and it doesn’t look like some cheap hype. And all these options are only for 7 bucks (6.99 I am honest). Thank you FollowersPromotion for your high-quality and fast job!»
«I chose this site because they have very simple and user-friendly interface. No need to spend a lot of time searching for a certain service, pass registration process and send money through some payment systems. Everything is pretty easy – you choose a package, you indicate your page login you pay money and wait. Some fellows say that if you don’t get this service it time, they will give your money back. I haven’t faced such a situation yet. I bought new followers several times before and everything was smooth even when I placed orders for thousands new subscribers.»
«This is a very good investment if you need Instagram views immediately. I will be certain to tell all my friends and family about this site»
«very happy with this service. very professional guys running this website.»
«It's real magic!!! I ordered followers couple minutes ago and my phone gone crazy! I started to get them almost instant and got them all within minutes!»
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