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It is no secret that today Instagram is not just a network for communication and publication of nice pictures and videos. Nowadays, Instagram is a powerful advertising tool and a pretty good source of additional profit. Why do people earn money in Instagram? That’s because they don’t need to get some specific knowledge, make investments and spend 8 hours every day sitting in the office. It is quite enough to have a warmed up page with a couple of creative pieces on it and some wish to earn money. The fact is that a number views on a page is very important in the Instagram monetization. In this article we are going to describe what it is, why it is necessary and how to buy 100000 Instagram views.

What are Instagram views and why are they necessary?

First of all it should be mentioned that views in the Instagram social network could be divided into three groups: profile views, video views and stories/stream views.

Video views became popular rather recently. Before that, Instagram used to allow only likes under videos and published photos. The situation has changed over time and now users can see under videos a number of people, who watched it and put likes. This is quite comfortable option, because it allows comparing a number of those users, who watched it with a number of those users, who liked it.

A number of views under a video, just like a number of likes under a photo, has a direct impact on the popularity of a post, thus pushing it to the Instagram TOP-list.

Profile views give information not only on how many people saw your post and liked it, but also on how many users found it interesting and switched to your page. You can see a number of views of your profile in “Statistics” section - to get there just click an icon with four vertical bars on your page.

Stories and stream views can also be checked out in “Statistics” section or directly in stories itself. On top of that, you can evaluate how many of your followers are really interested in the content of your page.

Why is it necessary to buy real 100000 instagram Views? Plain and simple: the more people watch your video posts and stories and visit your profile to see other publications - the greater the outreach. If you show some good activity in your profile and have sound view statistics - your page turns to an excellent advertising tool. An advertiser will be sure that, in case you post a link to a product, service provider or advertise it in any other way, it will be noticed by the majority of your customers.

For that reason, many users of this social network prefer to buy 100000 Instagram views. After all, the higher a number of views, the more employers are ready to pay. Consequently, your income grows.


How to get 100 000 views in Instagram?

Let us begin by mentioning that it is pretty hard to attract a huge number of people and get them watching your publications and stories. It is nearly impossible to do that alone. Perhaps you have already seen that some bloggers and online-stores indicate in their posts that the detailed information is contained in stories. Why do you think they do it if they can easily indicate everything in their posts? It is just because this way they make attempts to increase a number of views on their pages without resorting to a possibility of the artificial drive up of a number of views.

Of course, you can try to get the desired amount of views by natural means. This will require attracting new followers to your profile, working hard to bring high-quality content, using hashtags and doing whatever is necessary to make your profile look as interesting and nice as possible. Besides that, you can use SMM and targeted advertising services. In this case, professionals will handle the hype of your page. A number of views will be increasing naturally, but top-quality SMM and targeting are not cheap.

As you can see, the increase of a number of views by natural means is quite a time-taking and labour-intensive process that does not guarantee the desired effect in the final outcome.

So, if there is a need to increase a number of views at the earliest possible juncture - Insta users resort to bots and buy 100000 Instagram views through special services.

The drive up of a number of views with the help of fakes, bots and offers is the most effective and easiest method.


A bot is an empty account, created solely for the purpose of carrying a number of simple actions. In other words it is able to subscribe for a certain profile and leave comments, likes and views. Bots do not have any content, personal followers and don’t even have an avatar.

The main disadvantage of bots is that Instagram is actively combating them by unsubscribing inactive users from your page, implementing limits placed on the number of views within a certain time and by even blocking your profile for exceeding them.


A fake is a hacked page of a real user, on behalf of which the activity is automatically carried out. Some irresponsible companies use only fakes when provide the hype-up service. But as soon as such a user understands that its page is hacked and regains control over its account, all your driven-up fakes will disappear from the list of your followers.


An offer is a user that, for a certain fee, follows other users and carries out some other actions. This type of hype is effective as long as it is paid.

Paid services

There is also a third way to drive up a number of views - to buy 100K Instagram views through a reliable and time-trusted service that is able to ensure views by real people. In this case, you will get the desired amount of views fast and without any bots or fakes. There is a chance that some part of the attracted users will enjoy content, they will subscribe for your profile thus increasing a total number of new active followers. The only downside of such services is the charge. Moreover, there are many cheaters that act under the name of such companies and you risk to lose your money. To avoid a situation like this and buy 100k Instagram views cheap, we recommend using only reliable resources that are popular among other Instagram users.

Never forget that, when increasing a number of views, you should also focus on a number of likes. comments and, of course, followers. If your posts have 20-30 likes and do not have any comments, and the amount of subscribers is barely 5 000, the sudden appearance of 100 000 new views will look untruthful and a potential advertiser will immediately notice it. So, we suggest you to drive up a number of views, likes, comments and followers at the same time. Buy instagram views instantly

Why should you buy 100000 Instagram Views in FollowersPromotion?

Here are some strong arguments that will show you why you should deal with our service to buy 100000 Instagram views:


Our team consists of only top-level specialists, who perfectly know all existing limits of this social network. This means that your page will not be at risk of being blocked for exceeding some limit.


Easy order placement procedure. You only have to choose an optimal set, fill out one simple form indicating your page login and e-mail address and select the most convenient for you payment method.

No registration

You don’t have to pass registration and create your personal account on our web-site. All actions on our web-site can be carried out by a guest.

Affordable price

Check out prices of different service packages. Here you can purchase new views for your page at the cost of a cup of coffee.


Do you want to see how the drive up of 100000 IG Views looks in reality without paying a dime? Well, use our free trial package and evaluate the quality of the services we provide.

followerspromotion.com is a safe, fast and cheap hype for your Instagram profile!



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