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If you get IG views, you are either lucky or have a market strategy. They don't always come to those who have a low amount of following. It's about how you do it, and what you do to get them. Why do you think it's such a specific and precise idea? The answer is because the Instagram Universe is made up of the determining algorithm that governs the acceptance, and nonacceptance of what can be spread through the wonderful world of Instagram.

What does all this mean? It means that there’s a certain approach to what you’re doing. If you’re simply using Instagram as a social media platform (as it began being used for in the beginning), then you’ll be doing different things as opposed to marketing toward businesses with your service. This is something to consider when you’re switching up to a different level of contacting and selling to people.

Video Views on Instagram


If you want to know how to get Instagram videos views, you’ve come to the right place. FollowersPromotion.com has something in store for users who want to learn, and want to keep learning about what the Instagram Universe can do.

When you purchase views for Instagram, you are heading in the right direction. Though, it can depend on how your strategy works out. First of all, your cheap IG views will only go so far. You need to do some things with your videos to make them stand out. I’ll give you a few points to start you in the right direction.

  1. Create original content for people to see.
    1. Keep it fresh.
    2. Keep it responsive.
    3. Keep it entertaining, funny, dramatic, or simply heart-melting.
  2. Upload a video 3 times a week or more.
    1. When you upload at least 3 times a week, the Instagram algorithms begin to circle your videos more and slowly allows more people to see them, some won't even be following you yet. Your reputation will look good to your current viewers, and followers. (This is beneficial on so many levels!) Your viewership can grow to add followers, and commenting as well.
  3. Remember your thumbnail and description for the video.
    1. Use hashtags! (They work with the Instagram algorithms more than you know.)
  4. Look at your following numbers when it comes to using hashtags.
    1. If you have less than 5,000 peeps your post is going to have a hard time being seen because of the amount of traffic if you are not specific with your hashtag usage.
    2. Be specific with your hashtags.
    3. If you are trying to target people in the fashion industry don’t just use #Fashion. Use something like #Runwaymodel or #Supermodel.
    4. You should be able to use up to 8 hashtags in your full description of the video.

A Note About Hashtags:

Hashtags get you more views on Instagram. In the Instagram Universe, hashtags have just as much or more SEO power than you might think, so used directed hashtags to where you want that video to go.

If you need an order of Instagram story views, you need to keep the above information in mind. These things are a real key to being a success on Instagram. They’re not the full secret. They are just assumptions of other regular Instagram users that have worked for them.

A few more things

Now you know how to get views on Instagram. Putting a complete strategy in place is another thing. You will experiment, and use these key actions to gain speed however, how do you handle the ability to continue to keep those same viewers looking at your new posts?

You can recognize them in hashtags. Send them private messages saying, "Hey, I posted another video, let me know what you think when you have time, thanks!" this can bring some attention of what you want them to do, and might work on different occasions. Send a message to your family members and friends the same way. It can't hurt.

Send links to your posted videos to all your other social media peeps so that they know where to go. If they’re not following you, and they know you, then they might. This is something where you can let the whole world know what you’re doing.

Since the market statistics of Instagram have shown the majority of people who use it are between 18 and 30 years of age, you should keep that in mind as to how you need to use your posts.

FollowersPromotion.com has a dedicated team that helps you through the rough spots of your journey through the Instagram Universe. We give you the tools to succeed, but you need to know how to use them and implement them in the best ways. For more information about how to apply some of the winners' techniques and using Instagram as a marketing tool, check out our other blogs and articles.



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