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If you have an Instagram account and follow a couple of entertainment pages or popular bloggers, you must have seen some proposals offering to drive up a number of views for your profile. At first glance, Instagram views bring no benefits, because likes, comments and the amount of subscribers are much more important things. But in reality it isn’t like that, because, with regard to the latest changes of operation algorithms of this social network, the priority is give to the audience outreach, its engagement and the activity of users.

Let’s get into how Instagram views could be useful, why it is beneficial to purchase them and where to buy 20000 Instagram views quickly and safely.

How can Instagram views be useful?

The most important thing the views of videos, stories and Insta profile do is the reflection of page statistics and user engagement. Views are what an advertiser aligns itself with, before it makes a partnership proposal to an account owner. If a user has many likes under its posts and many many followers, but its videos and stories collect not many views, its chance to earn some money is zero. It’s quite important for an advertiser to have its products and services seen by as many people as possible. That’s the reason why it will never deal with the account that has low view statistics.

On top of that, materials with a huge number of views get to the Instagram TOP-list and recommendations. And that means that this publication will be watched by many users, who are not your subscribers. Moreover, this is a great tool to attract new followers. Buy instagram video views cheap

If you keep a page where you offer other users to buy some goods or services, then every view of your video is a great possibility to introduce to your followers and to other users some information about events, news and advantages of a certain brand.

On the basis of the above, we can conclude that it will be quite useful to buy 20K Instagram views for

  • Attraction some additional audience;
  • Getting some additional income from advertising;
  • Increasing your account popularity.

It will be beneficial to buy 20000 Instagram views not only for those who sell some goods or services, but also for common users. High amounts of Instagram views not only bring a page to the TOP-list, but also boost self-esteem and authority of its owner in the virtual environment.


How to get 20 000 views in Instagram?

There are three ways to get additional 200000 Instagram Views:

1. Make it by yourself

To promote materials by your own, you will have to come up with some interesting way to present your content. If everything is done properly and successfully, followers will not only watch your videos and stories, but will want to share it with their friends. This is the way a “viral content” is made and a video gets to the list of popular ones. The disadvantage of this method lies in the fact that if you don’t have too many subscribers, then you won’t collect many views. That’s the reason why you should work on attracting new active followers first. Remember that, in addition to a number of followers, view statistics are also influenced by the proper usage of geolocation and hashtags. Geolocation will help attracting new users from a certain city and hashtags may help to indicate your publication in the TOP-list.

2. Use special software for automatic hype

Such programs have one huge advantage - speed and simplicity. It’s not a big deal to drive up a number of views using bots even for the most boring user in the whole world. But this method has its disadvantages. For instance, to use bots, you have to install special software on your smartphone or PC. This might be not safe, because the program may contain viruses and damage your gadget. Besides that, the drive up with bots does not give any lasting result. You will increase a number of views for one certain publication, but further on the activity on your page will remain unchanged.

3. Use paid service and buy 20k Instagram Views Cheap

Paid services do away with the need to install bots and allow making hype quickly and smoothly. The main disadvantage is, of course, the price. Moreover, careless employees may use bots to get some results. In the end, you pay money and get the same result as if you did it by yourself. For this reason, we suggest you to be attentive when choosing a service provider. Study all resources available in the Internet and read feedback of other users.

If you don’t like either of the proposed options, we offer you to use services of some popular blogger. This man, for a certain fee, will place on its page your content with the link to your profile and proposal to watch your videos and stories. You have probably seen how it looks in large societies when facing a part of vine with a caption saying “to watch to the end, follow the link in the description”. This method is pretty expensive, but quite effective.

What makes the purchase of views more beneficial than the natural hype?

After we discussed three main ways of increasing a number of views for your page, we can summarize why it is more beneficial to buy 20000 views on Instagram than to use natural hype:

1. Speed

A user gets 20000 IG Views for a short period of time. Accordingly, the drive up is an optimal way only in case you need the authority of your page and its attractiveness in the eyes of potential advertisers to be enhanced in a fast way.

2. Minimum labour inputs

You don’t have to spend your time working with contents and warming up your page. The resources saved can be moved to a new direction. It will also give you a possibility to think how to make your profile even more attractive for advertisers and new followers.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Strange as it sounds, but purchasing views you will spend less money than trying to warm up your page by yourself. Everything is pretty simple - buying views you pay once, but get lasting effect - new followers and higher popularity. At the same time, if you try to hype up your page alone, you risk to waste many working hours and efforts and miss some favourable offers, delaying profit earnings.

Where to buy Instagram views?

To achieve good results without endangering your page, we recommend you to buy 20000 Instagram views through our service. followerspromotion.com offers the following:


Rapid and effective drive up of a number of views for your stories and IGTV videos, as well as for your video publications and profile.


Safe work without any damage to your account. We provide services swiftly and smoothly, and we always take care to ensure that your page don’t get banned for exceeding the limits set by this social network.

Affordable prices

If you decide to buy real 20000 Instagram views, it will cost you not more than a cup of good coffee. You must agree that this is quite cheap but effective investment in your own business.


If after the order placement, we do not deliver our service within 24 hours or do not deliver it to the full, you will get your money back.


When you place an order, there is no need to enter your personal data or pass any long registration procedure. You need only to fill out one simple form, indicate your Insta login, e-mail address (in case we need to get in touch with you) and choose the most suitable payment method. Once you are done with that, the only thing left to do is make payment and watch a number of views under your videos and stories getting higher.

followerspromotion.com is a top-quality, fast, cheap and safe method to drive up a number of views for your account.



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