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2500 likes series — great tool to improve your account

Do you need fine like-boost for your IG account? Get 2500 Instagram likes just for an hour and promote your page as quickly as it possible.

2500 Instagram likes package is one of the most popular offer, because it helps to promote your account completely.

Main reasons to gain 2500 IG likes:

  • You can distribute likes to all your posts you need to up in a feed. Due to this real people would see your posts in the feed more often, so you would gain more contacts with your target audience.
  • It’s simple to buy 2500 Instagram likes. You need just few clicks — and after you payment all likes would be delivered in an hour. followerspromotion.com is one of the fastest service in the market — check it by yourself.
  • Fast 2500 likes for instagram are completely safe for your IG page. All accounts that we use for likes are active, so system reckon that all of them came by organic ways. It help you to boost your account and keep high activity under your publications.

And the price of this insta offer is the best on the market. You can get your 2500 likes just for $17,99. It’s really cheap, isn’t it? So don’t waste your time and increase your account with FollowersPromotion.


How to purchase the 2500 likes package?

Want to boost your IG account and add some new likes to your publications? It’s simple — just use followerspromotion.com and get as many likes as you need.

How to get 2500 likes on Instagram? You need to make just few steps:

1 Choose the package and push ‘Buy’.


2 Pay for it in a any convenient way.


3 Distribute your likes among posts you want to up.


4 Wait an hour for delivery.

This package is enough even for big and popular accounts, but its price will surprise you, because 2500 likes costs only $18,99. Make an order and promote your account quickly. Buy instagram likes cheapest


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«A great experience. This was my second time using this service for my instagram page and he didn't disappoint. Thank you!»
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