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If you have an Instagram account, you have probably already noticed that now not only likes but also views are indicated under publications and videos. This innovation is very useful, because it allows you to evaluate the activity of followers on your profile. This means that you can easily compare how many people watched your video and how many of them liked it. Let us learn more about what views are and where you can buy 300 Instagram views.

What are Insta views and why are they necessary?

Instagram views – is a new evaluation criterion of the account popularity. If a video gets many views, this social network automatically brings it to the TOP-list. Therefore, many new network users, who are not your followers, watch your video publication. The main advantage of the TOP-list lies in the fact that your page becomes popular naturally and without any hype. All you have to do is decide how exactly you are going to use this popularity. For instance, some users keep their accounts just for communication with other people, and further increase of the popularity undoubtedly has some positive influence on the authority of such users, while other people earn money using warmed-up profiles.

There are two ways to monetize your Instagram account – earn money by advertising goods and services through your profile or just sell your account. The sale of already hyped-up accounts through Amazon or any other resources – is not big news nowadays. Users, who spent a lot of time, money and efforts increasing the popularity of their profiles, sell them to internet-shops or to beginning bloggers for a large amount of money. Therefore, a former owner obtains some kind of a reward for the work done, and a new owner gets a great resource with wide audience.


We should enlarge on the role of the amount of views in making money off of advertisement. The point is that, in connection with new operation algorithms of Instagram, more attention is paid not to a number of followers, but to the outreach.

The outreach is an engagement rate of followers. In other words, this is the ratio of followers on a page to views, likes, comments and other types of activity. If you have many followers, but the activity is low – the chance to attract advertisers is not so big. At the same time, if the amount of your subscribers is low, but your profile gets many likes and your stories and video posts are watched by more than half of all your followers, your account will definitely be interesting for a potential advertiser. Many current bloggers follow this strategy. They make short promotional videos or mention some product or service in vine, and advertisers pay money for it. The amount to be paid depends on how many views you collect under your posts. For that reason, in order to make accounts as attractive as possible for a potential advertiser, many users order such service.

What is mass looking?

You have already faced such notions as mass following and mass liking, but now, with the emergence of indication of a number of views under a video, such notion as mass looking came in. Mass looking is a great way to improve the statistics of a page and to increase its popularity. We are sure you have been noticing that your stories and videos are watched by a large number of people, who don’t even follow your profile. It’s noteworthy that you can even find some celebrities among these users. At first, it raises eyebrows, but the truth is that it is just mass looking in action.

Likes under publications, comments and subscriptions are quite long in the tooth of Instagram user and their respond to it is quite low. However, it is pretty interesting for them to know who watched their stories and videos. So today, services and programs that help to drive up a number of views under videos, stories and stream are very popular.

Who can benefit from the drive-up of 300 Instagram views?

People of the following categories will definitely benefit if they buy 300 Instagram views for their video and stories:

1. Online shops

If you have an Instagram business-account, which you use to offer some specific products or services, then the drive up of 300 IG views will be very useful. When a new user first visits your profile, it pays attention not only to photos and videos of products you offer, but also to the response followers give to the content of your page. If your video has many views and likes – this means that your products are in demand and your business can be trusted.

2. Beginning bloggers

Those, who have recently created an Instagram page and haven’t had a chance to attract some amount of followers, make frequent use of the drive-up services. The point is that the drive-up of a small amount of views is the best solution at beginning of the path to glory. This option allows attracting the attention to your profile and slightly improves its statistics. Your video can get to recommendations and will be watched by other users, who are not subscribed for your profile. Using this option, you can not only obtain new views, but also find new followers, who will be interested in your content.

3. Those, who want to make money off of the advertisement.

We have already told you about this category of users and about possibilities they have to profit off of the advertisement. Today, if bloggers and micro-bloggers want to quickly get the desired amount of views, they prefer to buy 300 views on Instagram.

Furthermore, the key advantage of the purchase of such a low number of views lies in the fact that it looks quite organically and doesn’t raise any suspicions about the artificial drive up.

Is that possible to get 300 new views for free?

Yes, you can get 300 Instagram views under your video absolutely for free. All you need is to follow this list of recommendations:

  1. Work hard on the quality of your content. Always improve your skills to keep your followers interested in watching your video publications.
  2. Use only top-quality equipment when creating your video-clips. Spend as much time as you can in video-editing programs.
  3. Always look for new and interesting ideas – followers care only about some fresh and catchy content.
  4. Use hashtags properly. This method, while easy in appearance, will allow you to attract the attention of other users and reach wider targeted audience.

As you can see, safe and free hype requires a lot of time and efforts. So, it’s better to resort to it only if you have enough time and willingness to work hard in the social network. Buy instagram video views

What will you get if you buy 300 Instagram views via FollowersPromotion?

First off, you will get the following advantages:


The drive up of 300 Instagram views through followerspromotion.com will take less than one hour. You will obtain the desired amount of views right after your payment.


The drive up with the help of bots or through unverified services is unsafe and your profile can be blocked if limits are exceeded. Purchasing views through our service, you can be sure that your page will be perfectly safe.


The order placement procedure on our website will not take you more than 10 minutes. To buy real 300 Instagram views, you don’t have to pass any registration, create your own profile and identify yourself through phone calls and SMS. Just choose a package you need, enter your account’s name and select suitable for you payment method. In addition, we need to know your e-mail address – we must have it in case we need to contact you.


If our service is not delivered within 24 hours or not delivered in full, you will get your money back.

On top of that, we offer you to test the quality of our service and use our free-of-charge trial package. If you need to buy 300 Instagram views quickly and safely – followerspromotion.com is at your disposal!


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