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Buy 500 high quality likes fast with a few clicks

500 likes Instagram package is perfect for small accounts, which is ruled by one person. It helps to grow the audience activity and show them, that your publications are loved by lots of people.

This package we recommend to Instagram bloggers, whose accounts are not exceeded the border of 2000 insta followers. Because if people see that your photos have more likes than your account has followers, that would be a great fail.

Main reasons to gain 500 IG likes:

  • All likes we deliver are clear and from active accounts, so you can be sure, that buying Instagram likes is completely safe for your page.
  • You can spent purchased likes however you want — like all publications or just one of them.
  • We use special program to like your photos, and Instagram reckon that all likes are organic. And all your publications would get fine boost and more shows from new visitors.

Buy 500 likes on Instagram and promote ads, which you want to draw attention to. Cause even post with advertising looks more trustable with few hundreds of likes.

Use the opportunity and increase your IG account for the price of 2 cups of coffee and gain good image of your Instagram page.


Use cheap 500 likes without filters and difficulties

The most of people doesn’t react to any posts they see in social networks. But they draw high attention of likes from others.

There are several steps:


1 Make super-cool publications every day, but you never know what publication would show good results. It takes time — a lot of time.


2 Ask your subscribers to like your posts. Some part of your audience may unfollow, because of such asks — most of people don’t like them.


3 Buy 500 likes and don’t worry.

500 likes package is perfect for small accounts, which you want to promote fast and easy.

How to get 500 likes on instagram and promote IG account quickly?

Get 500 likes for your Instagram account immediately and give a boost to any post you need to promote. Buy likes on instagram

The main advantages of this Instagram package are:

Fine price

You can get your 500 likes for the price of a few cups of coffee — just $3,99.

Easy to use

To make an order you need just few clicks and 5 seconds.

Completely safe

We guarantee the high quality — all accounts we use for liking are fine and active.

Have a great boost for your IG page and start to promote your publications right now


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«Cool ! I’ve got 500 likes under a certain post within just a few hours! What is important is that those users that gave their likes are not bots. Some of them have even subscribed for my page))) I underline that the number I got is clearly in line with what I ordered.»
«Nice ! Thanks you for this service»
«It’s great that such resources do exist) within few minutes you can order 500 instagram likes for a post and have no bother with promotion any more.»
«Thanks, you so much for this possibility. Personally, I wouldn’t wish to order something before I check the quality level of the service or product. And here they gave me a chance to test the way they do it and to see how fast it goes. I liked it and I have already ordered a paid package. We’ll see…»
«I read some feedbacks about hype-up services in the Internet and, you know, the majority of them were negative… So, when I found out I need to drive-up the number of like, I did my best to choose the best service long and carefully. I like this one because of its detailed description and comfortable menu. My attention was also caught with the fact that they give your money back in case they failed to deliver your order or executed it in a wrong way. At first, I ordered a small number of likes to test it. Well, I can tell you that they were delivered quite fast. I got exactly what I ordered. And this number has not decreased over time. So, I am pretty happy with this service. I will definitely continue to order promotion of my page here!!!»
«I am glad to get even 500 likes – that’s superb!) I got them fast and had no problems with my page after it. I believe that this feature works even better that any advertisement because you can estimate the quality level of their service. I recommend.»
«I buy 500 instagram likes cheap and now I am 100% happy with the quality of the service this company provides. I don’t really know how it works, but they did it in a very short term and now my popularity is getting stronger automatically. Of course, I have to work hard on my content as well, but still I see some positive influence after ordering new subscribers. Strongly recommended!!!»
«Benefits: fast execution, cheap, simple interface, looks natural. Drawbacks: no disadvantages so far. I recommend!»
«Must use»
«Very good»
«Nice service»
«Ilove this»
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