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Buy 5000 Instagram followers cheap and easy

Our best and the most purchased offer for business, which can help you to promote any account quickly and easily.

It’s perfect way to enlarge the amount of subscribers and to boost the popularity of your account. New visitors would see that your profile has success, and most of them would want to join it.

There are a lot of benefits to grow 5000 IG followers:

  • You can get 5k Instagram followers just in an hour. We need 60 minutes to deliver all your new subscribers to your account. For comparison, most of our competitors need 24 hour for that process.
  • Buying 5000 Instagram followers cheap is real. followerspromotion.com has the lowest prices for followers, likes and views. This package will cost you just $29,99. Much less than you’d spent on ads to get this number of followers. All accounts that we use are clear and active, so there would be no unsubscribes or empty pages.

If you want to boost your IG account fast, take 5000 followers for Instagram package and watch how profile is growing. We give a 100% guarantee that you will be completely satisfied.


3 steps to buy 5k followers on Instagram

Do you need a great push for your account to promote it as quickly as possible? Order 5000 Instagram followers and create a powerful image of popular page.

There are 3 steps how to get 5000 followers on Instagram fast:

1 Choose the package you need and click on it.


2 Make a payment and mark your account.

3 Wait an hour for followers delivering.

followerspromotion.com is one of the most reliable service on the market. Buy followers for instagram. More than 20 000 clients trust us the promotion of their accounts. And now it’s your turn.

Track how fast your account grows with new 5000 IG followers

The best and the most popular offer for doing business in Instagram. Buying 5000 Instagram followers would help you to create powerful business account in an hour.

The main advantages of package are:

Lowest price ever

Just $29,99 for getting 5k Instagram followers. Such offer just can’t be cheaper.

Fast delivery

All 5000 followers would be delivered just in an hour.

It’s safe

We use only active accounts, so IG system would reckon that all new subscribers are organic.

Great boost for your business account

5k Instagram followers that is a fine amount which helps to develop your brand fastly.

Buy 5000 Instagram followers cheap and promote your business account in a proper way.

FAQ & Answers

What is the fastest way to get 5000 followers on Instagram?

followerspromotion.com is the fastest service on the market for instagram account promotion. All new followers you purchase, even from 5000 package, would be delivered in an hour. We provide a guarantee on it.

Does buying 5000 instagram followers work?

Yes, it works perfectly. Buying Instagram followers helps to promote any instagram account and give it fine boost for organical development. It’s one of the most simple and fast ways to improve IG account.


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«I Like You.»
«Only real followers !»
«Wow good»
«Fast and safety service»
«Cool service ! Thanks guys»
«I keep my own blog about oriental cuisine! Not pretty wide audience, so I always have to look for some new followers and it’s pretty difficult as you may understand. Like it or not, but hype-up service is an ideal solution in such case. Once I placed my order for +5K followers, the popularity of my page started to grow. Users from neighboring states and even other counties began to subscribe for my profile! For instance, one user left a comment saying that she had seen my blog among her girlfriend’s subscriptions and added me. So, only for 22 dollars I got amazing outcome. I recommend!»
«Good site !»
«Cool!)) As for me, I liked doing business with this service.»
«I had to pay just 22 bucks (21.99 to be exact) for this hype, and I think that it is much cheaper than any advertising campaign. Besides, it is more effective. Advertisement will hardly do this job, so 5k instagram followers cheap will subscribe for my business-profile. I believe that such a great amount of followers will boost the prestige of my account and, of course, will bring me to the TOP. Aside from that, after the delivery of this service, the credibility level of my customers has increased and new followers come every day without any additional hype.»
«I read survey and some reviews. The majority of people write that they like the execution speed. As for me, the most important was their quality level)»
«It’s great that I found this cool website with a possibility to take some trial set before ordering a full package. Benefits: comfortable and quick growth )»
«Five-star work! They did it quite fast and on high quality level. I was watching the instant growth of my followers and everything was pretty natural, I am telling you.»
«Those, who haven’t tried this service yet, but think about it – just do it) These guys know how to treat their customers and do their best to delivery it fast. With regards to their cashback promises – I have no information. Never faced any problems with that, because every time I order their service they do it in the best possible way. I recommend!»
«Nice service for those, who want to buy 5000 followers on instagram by just a couple of clicks. The whole order placement procedure (including selection, payment and other stuff) took me not more than 10 minutes. And I paid only $21.99.»
«There are dozens of services like this, but I always work only with FollowersPromotion. I prefer to trust my money and time to proven companies only.»
«Company gives guarantees and, in my opinion, they have awesome service providing fast and cheap hype.»
«Buy 5000 instagram followers cheap is a good idea to increase your account ! So, I was a bit nervous before ordering this service. I know that now Insta has very strong restrictions and your page can be banned because of any little thing. So, I was afraid of ordering this promotion. Actually, I spent several days selecting the right company to deal with. I chose this one because they focus on their customers’ safety, as indicated in their description. So, I decided to give it a try) As a result, they did everything in accordance with their promises. Once I got 5K new followers added to my profile, I gave a sigh of relief, I can tell you))). My page hasn’t been banned and everything looks quite organic.»
«I decided to try because I liked what they promise in their service description. Plus, I noticed that their website has FAQ section. This demonstrates that these guys take care about their customers and always work on different optimizations of the entire process. I felt comfortable using their hype service. I just chose the package I need, read their terms and conditions, indicated my login and email address and paid money. That’s all they need. The service started to deliver followers in several minutes after my payment. I don’t regret I ordered it.»
«I purchased 1000 new followers for 6.99 dollars. I ensure you that they didn’t disappear after the execution. On the contrary, my popularity has been growing rapidly day after day. Thanks!»
«Very easy menu and polite team. I had some questions so contacted their advisor. Only positive impressions.»
«What differentiates this hype service from other companies is their top-quality execution. The give security guarantees and cashback. I recommend!»
«Reasonable prices, good service and user-friendly menu. I like that there is no need to contact any advisor and I can select what I want by myself. They also ensure easy payment methods and you’ll receive your followers in just several minutes. This is what I call an instant effect. I am happy.»
«I’ve read a lot of reviews and feedbacks about this service, so I want to leave my own. The service is really cool. That’s true). Everything is simple, easy-to-understand and no need to spend hours to figure out how it works and where is the service you need. It’s quite comfortable that the number of followers is sorted by packages and you can easily check the price for a certain amount instead of clicking on dozens of links. As for the rest, everything is standard – you pay and then wait for new followers. I was surprised that they don’t make you wait for a lot time.»
«Upon entering a college, I ordered 5K of new followers with a view to look more popular. Now I can tell you that my impressions were quite positive. Gain fast, unblocked profile and low price. The most important thing is that it looks like I am a really popular person. Everything is organic, and new followers don’t act like bots, but like real people. Thanks a lot, guys)»
«lets gooooo!!!»
«Woowwwww god»
«it really works. have fun and thanks»
«If you have a new business and want to spread word about your business fast and in a easy way, this is the best way to do it»
«Amazing. Reordering. Thank you sooo much!»
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