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Buy 1,000 Instagram Active Followers


Buying 1,000 Instagram followers is at an intermediate level of using your account. You can purchase them and then go through to find the followers most likely to have some interest in what you do, what you sell, or what you have to offer. At this point it can take you a very long time to do this, so what do you do about it?

How you do this can overwhelm someone, but I have a simple suggestion that may seem easy enough.

  • Make a list of your 1,000 followers
  • Separate them into groups of 100 (10 groups)
  • Separate those into groups of 50 (20 groups)
  • Go through every other follower in every group skipping every second one
  • Begin a process of connecting with them and ask provocative questions to see if they like what you are offering (basically a survey). Don’t spend too much time with them but simply 2 or 3 questions should tell you what you need to know.
  • Some you won't be able to contact because they have no interest in you. That's ok because you have 1,000 followers.
  • Keep doing this process until you’re finished with your survey, and separate the followers that you have a good response from.

That’s part of how you keep a network of people working with you.
In a week, send emails out to them. Then contact those you haven’t contacted yet. Use the same method. Keep doing that until you finish the 1,000 and you’re good to go. Then you can buy more at a discounted price from FollowersPromotion.com.

Get 1,000 IG Followers and Get Working

Here’s the deal. When you buy 1,000 IG followers, you’re getting real accounts. You can be sure of the quality, and the usefulness of that follower. But you need to qualify them to see what they are looking for from you so that you can deliver what they may need. This was all written above as simple as could be explained. As you go on through the Instagram Universe journey, you will learn your own techniques to work with your account and qualifying the best followers you have. This has the possibility of leading to better business, more support from others outside your network, and even a great income.

It's how you make it happen that makes you or breaks you. For example, if you buy 1,000 real Instagram followers and do nothing with them, quite honestly, you're wasting your time and money. It's just like if you go to the market and buy seeds for your garden. When you take your seeds home they need to be planted, the ground has to be prepared already, and then you water and take out the weeds when you see them. Instagram is the ground, it's prepared. Now you have your cheap 1,000 IG followers. They would be seeds. Then you plant them in the ground and watch them grow. However, the seeds (followers) have no certain direction to grow without some help from you. In a garden, you would take your tools and work inside making sure all seeds have water, nourishment and that they don't have weeds growing around them. The same with your followers. You need to cultivate the growth of your followers so that none of the seeds (followers) die off and leave you with a garden that doesn't produce.

Be Serious Minded

One thing you'll need to do is find a good copywriter who can write a great letter for your prospective clients once a week. The plan includes sending all the great news about what you are doing, want to do, or are offering. If you can do the job yourself, and you can send out your product, or information very efficiently. You’ll be using all sorts of methods to keep your peeps engaged with your news. The key point in all this is that you begin to treat your Instagram account like a business. Figure out how to bring those little puppies to your page regularly, and learn the business of "Being in Business". It's a certain type of professionalism at this point in the whole Instagram Universe.

You’re at the next level of growth with your new followers. Remember to always keep in contact with them, and keep track of those who stop following you. You can always learn something about why, or when they stop. You may want to change your marketing technique, tweak your emails, and contact users to see if they still feel good about what you’re doing on Instagram. If you’re working for the people, make sure that the people you work for, also work for you!



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